108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 23 – The Dances of the Three Stars [Preview]

The Dances of the Three Stars [Preview]
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: Istaripanda

Elder Xiu’s Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire Sword shook, its fire lightning continuously strikes down upon the ground. He completely ignored the damage he was causing to the Grand Border Fortress. His greed for Shu Jing’s Astral Artifact made Elder Xiu want to kill Shu Jing at any price.

“Let this old man see how much longer you can struggle.” Elder Xiu’s Divine Intent was completely locked on to Shu Jing. While fighting against a star cultivator with higher cultivation, running had no meaning. The Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire Sword swung up, releasing a single bolt of red lightning that demolished another area. Everywhere, commoners and soldiers alike were screaming while trying to escape, their pitiful cries echoing.

Shu Jing hid behind a statue to catch his breath. His Star Energy had been quickly drained and the Astral Artifact in his hand slowly dimmed.

Is this my limit?

Shu Jing glanced at Elder Xiu who was standing atop a roof. This Nebula Middle Stage cultivator did not leave Shu Jing any opportunity to run away. Not only was the Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire Sword was being used all out, a lightning aura of light was currently surrounding his body, guarding him. He was afraid of Shu Jing getting close to him, and with Shu Jing’s current cultivation and Star Energy pool, there was no way for him to get past the Nebula Middle Stage cultivator’s defense.

Is there no way out of this?




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