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Translators of ANY language:

No reason why we have to release teasers for only Chinese web novels. Japanese, Koreans, Indonesian, Vietnamese, or even Russian. We welcome all.

Checkers of ANY language:

If translating is too time consuming, but you still want to get involved in creating better translations, offer your help to read over translated chapters and check for their accuracy!

Editors & Proofreaders:

You guys are always desperately needed, the more we have the faster we can push out translations.

Readers with a large light/web novel-reading history in ANY genre on ANY language:

We can’t comb through thousands upon thousands of novels out there, as much as we wish to, and having readers who are willing to consult us on good reads from various genres, themes and subject matters from various languages would make things much easier.

Normal Readers:

Vote in Polls! Everything we do is depending on your votes, and it will take, like, 2 seconds. Also always feel free to point out mistakes in the translations to help us fix it.

Drop us an email at [email protected] to get the ball rolling.