108 Maidens of Destiny Glossaries


苏星 – Su Xing – Shu Jing
108 Maidens of Destiny’s main character. Number one pilot of the country transported to another world. His name literally translates to Revival Star.

天雄星 – Majestic Star/ 豹子头 – Panther Head/ 林冲 – Lin Chong/ 林英眉 – Lin Ying Mei
Shu Jing’s first Star Knight. She is the descended incarnation of Lin Chong.

荀或 – Xun Huo
Liu Tang’s Star Master, the first antagonist of the series.

天异星 – Deviance Star/ 赤发鬼 – Red-Haired Devil/ 刘唐 – Liu Tang/刘清儿 – Liu Qing-er
Xun Hou’s Star Knight. She is the descended incarnation of Liu Tang.

筱儿 – Lil’ Er
The nickname of the mysterious Star Knight without a master who lead them to the Relic Blade Legacy. Her nickname literally translates to Little Girl.

天魁星 – Leader Star/ 呼保義 – Protector of Justice/ 宋江 – Song Jiang
The leader of the 108 outlaws in Water Margin.

宋露 – Song Lu
A young village girl who Shu Jing saved from a Blossom Steel Tiger.

金蟾真人 – Golden Toad Spiritual Master
The creator of the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique.

明儿 – Ming-er
That Young Master of Clear Wilderness Castle who was castrated by Lin Chong.


梁山大陆 – Liangshan Continent
The Liangshan Continent is the place Shu Jing was transported to from Earth.

千乘国 – Thousand Mounts Kingdom
A kingdom in Liangshan Continent.

清野原 – Clear Wilderness Highland
A Highland in Thousand Mounts Kingdom.

坚壁山 – Unyielding Wall Mountain
One of Liangshan Continent Five Great Mountains.

女良山地方 – Maiden Liangshan Ground
The place where the ultimate battle will take place.

昆吾遗迹 – Relic Blade Legacy/ Kun Wu Monument
The first legacy Shu Jing encountered at Unyielding Wall mountain.

山水遗迹 – Mountain Lake Legacy
The second legacy located at Mountain Lake Valley.

宋家村 – Song Clan Village
The village Shu Jing resides in to heal his wound.


寒星冷月枪 – Cold Star Lonely Moon Spear – Arctic Star Serpent Spear
Lin Ying Mei’s weapon. Liberties were taken in the final translation for a shorter/smoother name. Lin Chong’s spear is specifically a serpent spear.

炙炼九狱刀 – Blaze Refining Nine Prison Sabre
Liu Tang’s sabre.

Stars Terminology

斗星契约 – Star Duel Covenant
( Possible Alternatives: Star Battle Contract, Star Clash Agreement, Astral Trials Pact )
The contract between Star Masters and Star Knights, linking their fate and strength together.

降星者 – Star Master
The male partner of a Star Maiden.

星将 – Star Knight
Warriors descended from a higher realm.

斗星 – Star Duels
The great battles between Star Knights and their Star Master against each other that happens once every 108 years.

星力 – Star Qi/Star Force
The power Star cultivators call upon.

星力人 – Star Cultivator/Star Force User
Cultivators in the Liangshan Continent.

星少女 – Star Maidens
Another term often used when referring to Star Knights.

星宝 – Star Artifact
Artifacts from a higher realm. More powerful than the most powerful ordinary artifact.

Star Cultivation Realms

星尘 – Stardust

星云 – Nebula

星河 – Galaxy

星海 – (literally Star Ocean) – Stellar/ Supercluster ( a cluster of galaxies )

星空 – (literally Star Void or Starry Sky) – Oblivion/ Supervoid ( an extremely huge empty void in space )

化星湮灭 – Annihilation/ Transforming Star of Annihilation

吞精蛟 – Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragon
Strange beasts who absorb all the energy around them.

花金虎 – Blossom Steel Tiger
The colourful and metallic tiger who attacked Song Lu and Shu Jing.

Treasures & Items

寒云冰魄 – Freezing Cloud Ice Crystal
A precious material stolen by Lin Ying Mei from the Clear Wilderness castle.

昆吾砂 – Relic Blade Sand/ Kun Wu Sand
A precious material used to improve the toughness of weapons. Kun Wu is often a reference to the legendary ancient sword capable of slicing through jade stone like it was mud. Liberties were taken for the final English translation.

沉星壁 – Profound Star Barrier
The Star Artifact Shu Jing acquired at the Relic Blade Legacy.

星界宝石 – Astral Gemstone
Gems that came from a higher realm. Used to create storage bags in Liangshan Continent.


黄阶战法 – Phoenix Step Tactics
Liu Qing-er’s martial art.

九连环地火鬼斩 – Nine Consecutive Hell Fire Demonic Slash
Liu Qing-er’s technique from her Phoenix Step Tactics martial art.

烂尾遁功法 – Chaotic Tail Escape Technique
Shu Jing’s movement technique.

九转金身不灭决 – Indestructible Nine Revolution Golden Body
Impressively named useless cultivation manual.

翻江倒海发浪诀 – Overturning Oceans and Rivers Wave Unleashing Tactics
Impressively named useless cultivation manual.

灰飞烟灭脑残掌 – Annihilating Brainless Palm
Impressively named useless cultivation manual.

上天入地唯我独尊功 – From Heaven To Earth Lone Supreme Manual
Impressively named useless cultivation manual.


星见 – Star Sight
The name of the current calendar – eg. Star Sight Year 975

法器 – Artifact/ Artifact Weapon
Weapons and artifacts used by Star Cultivators. Star Knights are unable to control them.

法诀 – Artifact Arts / Artifact Technique
Techniques used by cultivators.

剑诀 – Sword Arts / Sword Technique
Sword arts used by cultivators.

巨金槐 – Gigantic Iron Trees
The large trees in Unyielding Wall mountain.

完筋散 – Exhaustive Tendon Powder
The medicine used to heal Shu Jing’s wounds.

周天循星结界 – Sky Enveloping Star Obeying Formation
The protective formation outside of the Relic Blade Legacy. Requires three Star Knights to unlock.

赤星 – Crimson Star
The bright 108 crimson stars in the sky representing the 108 Maidens.

宋村秘文 – Song Village Secrets
The book Shu Jing found in Song Clan Village


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