Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs Glossaries


林珊 – Lin Shan
Our main protagonist. Her soul has transported to Song Luo’s body after she fell asleep on her exam.

宋洛 – Song Luo
The original female “Prince Consort” who was a male soul stuck inside a female body. What happened to him/her after our protagonist replaced them is unknown.

宋贤 – Song Xian
Song Luo’s father, the Kingdom Minister

半仙 – Fortune teller
Literally translates to Demigod or half gods.

阎王 – Hell’s Ruler
Translated as Hell’s Ruler, but you might also know him as Yama or King of Hell. He is a major character in Chinese mythology, and he oversee all matters relating to Hell.

宋临风 – Song Lin Feng
Song Luo/Lin Shan’s older brother, and the First Young Master of the Song Clan. Feng literally translates to Wind. Lin Feng has many possible meanings, but it is the typical “suave, handsome guy” name.

杜明月 – Du Ming Yue
The Royal Princess who was married to Song Luo by accident.

杜景 – Du Jing
The playboy Prince who stops at nothing for beautiful ladies.

杜灏 – Du Hao
The crown prince.

小绿 – Little Lu
Literally Little Blue/Green, changed to Lu Pinyin for better flow, and because she’s an actual character.

连风 – Lian Feng
The male lead of the novel. Serious and heroic, he owns the Holy Golden Sabre.

白莲 – Bai Lian
The unfortunate girl who was saved by Lian Feng while she was younger. Literally White Lotus.

福全 – Fu Quan
The unfortunate eunuch who was passed out from Lin Shan’s misleading words.

福子 – Fu Zi
Du Jing’s Eunuch Servant.

倚红楼 – Leaning Vermilion House
The most luxurious brothel in the Capital.

校草 – College Hottie
A College Hottie/College Hunk/School Grass is the prestigious title belonging to the most good looking boy of an entire school.



  • vx

    May 24, 2016 at 9:13 pm Reply

    Oh i didn’t think that lian feng would be the male lead. I thought it was going to be the crown prince! I guess i was wrong…

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  • DaLinLin

    September 4, 2017 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Hi Grace!

    I am interesting about this novel so much and need to translate online in to my language (Thai). so i would like to know about the original novel, Who is owner this manuscript? because I would like to ask for permission from him or her who is owner this Novel ” Your Highness I Know My Wrongs” and you as a translator who translate this novel in to English to translate this into my Thai language. Thai reader, they would like to read novel from Chinese so much and when i found your translate i think it made me feel interesting to use this novel to translate in Thai. because i would like to improve my English and translate skill to be better.

    Best regards,

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