Honey, Let’s Go! – Chapter 1

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When Qiao Er woke up, she was surrounded in darkness. All she could see in front of her was a pair of glowing firefly-like green eyes inches away from her.

She immediately raised her hand to touch them. She didn’t do this because she was a brave person – when she was a child, a powerful fever had affected her brain. She wasn’t dumb, but her reaction speed was much slower than a normal person.

As her hands caressed the face of the foreign creature, she could vaguely tell that it was male. Its skin had a cold and hard texture, lacking any sign of life.

Her fingers brushed past its lips, briefly touching the icy fangs that were extremely sharp.

Qiao Er withdrew her hand quickly, only now did the various problems with this situation hit her. The main issue was – Where was she? Who is this man?

Before she had the time to figure it out, the pair of fangs shrunk back. The man slowly bent over her, skin to skin, the temperature inside the coffin also dropped.

Qiao Er’s brain was still attempting to decipher the current events. She tried to widen her eyes and take a good look at the creature in front of her, but truthfully it was so dark she couldn’t catch even a glimpse.

In contrast, the humanoid creature seemed extremely curious about her. It toyed with her head, shifting it from left to right while seemingly enjoying it.

Qiao Er wanted to ask who it was, but unfortunately when she opened her mouth, it discovered her chin can be moved. It pried opened her mouth, its fingers brushing past her teeth, carrying with it a fishy scent. Qiao Er used her arms to try to push it off, but why would it let her?

It caressed her teeth, but seemed to find the tongue more interesting, so it began to play with it.

Qiao Er couldn’t see what was going on, but she was terrified that her tongue would be ripped out. Her entire body froze up, not daring to make a single move.

Eventually, it grew bored. It removed its fingers, not minding the drool on its hand, and began to search her body. Qiao Er was stricken with fear, after a long while did she gather her courage and asked: “Who are you?”

Just as she spoke, the movement of the creature stopped, its attention shifted back to her mouth. The fingers once again pried her mouth open and tried to analyze the innards.

The fingers went uncomfortably deep, only stopping when she was on the verge of gagging. Qiao Er swung out her arms and started trying to grope it back. This was definitely the stature of a male, and furthermore it was a very tall and big man. Only thing was that its body felt as hard as stone, as if it was a statue.

“Who are you? Why am I here?!” Qiao Er was scared. But it seemed like the creature couldn’t understand her, as it only bent down towards her neck.

Qiao Er tried to push it off again — but it was way too heavy: “Get off, seriously who are you?”

The humanoid creature seemed to be annoyed about being bothered, it began to growl softly through its teeth in a threatening tone. Qiao Er quickly stopped making a ruckus. The darkness was making her worried and terrified, her courage was quickly diminishing: “You are hurting me…”

She softly whispered.

The humanoid once again bowed down and lied on top of her, its long fangs sometimes lightly touched her neck, but then always slowly shrinks back.

Qiao Er didn’t dare to move an inch, it also didn’t make any move, only quietly lying on top of her, as if slowly falling asleep.

Just as Qiao Er felt like she was going to suffocate, the coffin was abruptly opened. Two people was preparing to pull her out, but seeing her surprised eyes they themselves were startled: “Master, she is still alive!”

Qiao Er wagered everything and pushed the humanoid monster off herself, utilising all her strength to climb out of the coffin. Unexpectedly, she was quickly caught and detained by the two people.

“Master, this vampire didn’t suck her blood, could it be that even vampires turn vegetarian?”

Only now did she see it clearly, the two people in front of her both wore Taoist robes, but their eyes didn’t contain a trace of peacefulness. The older man had a dark expression: “Only when the Qi from heaven and earth is insufficient do vampires suck human blood. Here the Qi is abundant, of course it doesn’t need to consume blood and yet still survive.”

“Ha ha, it didn’t suck her blood but still clung so tightly to her, could it be that even vampires like this kind of thing?”

“What do you know!” The elder Taoist coldly rebuked: “Vampires are attracted to Yin Qi, while virgin girls exude this Yin Qi very strongly, so naturally it would take a liking to her.”

Finished speaking, he evaluated Qiao Er from top to bottom: “Fine, if it likes her, we might as well keep her. We can also avoid the future trouble of her being talkative to the other villagers. Little Fourth!” He pulled Qiao Er and threw her back into the coffin while ordering his disciple: “Bring some drinking water and rations and leave it here for her.”

The disciple named Little Fourth left to prepare the items, and the elder Taoist coldly looked at Qiao Er: “If you dare to leave the coffin, I will feed him your blood.”

Qiao Er curled up defensively, only now realising that she was in a cave. On the outside sunlight was still shining, the sunset cast a shadow at the mouth of the entrance, now and then there was sound of water steam flowing inside the mountain.

The Taoist wasn’t lying, this place was definitely overflowing with earth and water Qi.

The creature in the coffin remained unmoved while lying upside down. Qiao Er couldn’t see its face, but she saw that its clothes have endured countless years and was tattered to the point of being unrecognisable.

From this angle, she could see its bare back and buttocks. Basing on what they said before, she now knew that it was a vampire, she anxiously moved to the corner of the coffin, wanting to distance herself from it.

But this coffin was really small, she couldn’t exactly move too far from it.

The disciple named Little Fourth brought her some porridge and steamed buns, she unsteadily received the food while shaking. She has slept for who knows how long, of course she was hungry. Right now, even though she was frightened, but she still eagerly ate the porridge and the two steamed buns.

The attention of the two Taoist was clearly focused on the body of the vampire.

“Master, should we initiate the ritual tonight? Gifting it the girl might have made it accept our commands!” Little Fourth’s vulgar eyes quickly assess the situation.

But the elder Taoist only quietly pondered. This place was originally a normal Taoist temple, but after being seized by some with evil intents, they have always raised vampires, controlling them to come down the mountain and harass the villagers.

The frightened villagers would naturally ascend the mountain and beg the priest to perform an exorcism, so even though this was a remote area, the offering incense was thick in the air. Business was booming.

This elder Taoist lived here as the Priest Chong Ling, behind the mountain he was raising five vampires. Two white vampires, one black, and one jumping corpse, all of them he can command. Only this vampire, no matter what technique he utilises it still didn’t move.

After failing several time to gain control over it, priest Chong Ling was harbouring no small amount of anger, could it be that the Qi was insufficient? He sent people down the mountain to catch a virgin to feed the vampire.

But even though the person was brought here, it still didn’t suck her blood.

The elder Taoist stood in front of the coffin, folding his arms behind his back while pacing back and forth. After awhile, his expression suddenly changed — Could it be, it was immune to controlling arts?

He called Little Fourth to fetch him a talisman, using fresh blood he wrote several words and then sticking it on the coffin. Little Fourth was somewhat puzzled: “Master, what is this?”

The elder wave his arms, signalling his disciple to leave. “Usually I always told you to put effort into studying, but you only worry about nonsense. This is a requiem letter.”

“Requiem letter? Written for the dead to read? Haha, master, I know you are wise, but up until now I have never heard that raising vampires requires you to write it letters.”

“What do you know…?”

The two people slowly left as they spoke, Qiao Er sitting inside the coffin thinking for a bit, decided that she needed to escape.

She crawled up, preparing to jump out of the coffin, but immediately her ankle was gripped by a steely hand and pulled back inside, as the coffin cover slams shut.

She was startled, luckily the coffin cover wasn’t closed tightly and some light got through. The vampire inside the coffin bared its teeth and growled threateningly. She was once again pushed down by it, after awhile she could no longer take it, lightly pushing it “Hey… you… please let me go, I….”

Even though she knows it was a vampire, she still blushed, her voice like mosquitoes whispering: “I can’t hold it in.”

Unfortunately, the vampire couldn’t understand her, it also doesn’t know what “can’t hold it in” means, so it didn’t move even a bit. Qiao Er tried her best to endure, to the point where her face and ears turned red. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore: “Let me go!”

While she was struggling, outside the sun has finally set.

As the new moon slowly rose up, the vampire pushed the coffin cover off and stood up straight. Its action were extremely quick, even Qiao Er couldn’t see his movement clearly. By the time she looked again it was already at the mouth of the cave, absorbing the moon light.

Finally Qiao Er could leave the coffin. She ran straight out of the cave to do her business. Who knew that as she just made it out, the vampire had already caught her.

Underneath the moonlight, she could clearly see its exposed pair of intimidating fangs.

Her reaction speed has always been slow, even emotions like fear was slower than others. That was fortunate, or else she might have already wet her pants with pee.

Not being able to leave the cave, Qiao Er was urgently holding it in. She no longer bothered about the fact that the zombie was there, she quickly found a corner inside the cave, sat down and quickly relieved herself.

The vampire also stopped paying attention to her and continue to absorb the Qi in the air.




  • seran

    April 7, 2016 at 3:13 am Reply

    This seems interesting…

  • KKiD

    April 7, 2016 at 7:12 am Reply

    I do quite adore Chinese jumping vampires. Thank you for the chapter!

  • Bgn

    April 7, 2016 at 7:30 am Reply

    Well, first thanks for sharing a refreshing story. A woman who is a bit slow but her behaviors are quite likeable.
    Second, Keep up the good work.
    Last, man, Why are women sub-protagonist always have weak strength and follow what fate force them?
    At least, she stands her ground when being pushed to the edge.
    Oh, This only a rambling

  • Re

    April 7, 2016 at 5:12 pm Reply

    I never thought I’d read a romance novel about a Chinese jumping vampire. I remember watching TV dramas on them as a kid and being confused as to why they could only hop. I was also really surprised when I learned the English name for them wsd “vampire.”

  • Moiralyn

    May 1, 2016 at 5:08 am Reply

    This is starting out really interesting. When will the next chapter be out? I’m new to these Chinese novels and sites that post them, but I’m liking them a lot so far 🙂

    • ameryedge

      May 1, 2016 at 5:24 am Reply

      Ah sorry, I only do teasers, which basically means that I stop after a few chapters and wait for someone else to pick it up as their main project. There will only be one more of Honey due to it’s low ratings in the polls, and that is on the 3rd of May.

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