I Am A Killer: Chapter 1 – I Am Hungry

I Am Hungry
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: LtBeefy, JSmith

In the dark, Qin Xuan’s eyes flew open. She turned towards the balcony while her hands slipped underneath the pillow and pulled something out. Her body then flipped like a flying carp as she hid behind the curtains.

Qin Xuan gently made a gap between the fabrics and peeked through the small hole, her eyes intently watching the commotion from outside the balcony. Soon, a shadow became visible.

Judging based on the height and body shape, Qin Xuan was able to determine that this was a male. She frowned slightly.

The male figure slowly crept closer and gently unlatched the strange clear door. He attempted to walk in stealthily, but due to the darkness of the room, he stumbled and fell, causing a loud “Bang” sound. Seeing that there was no motion from the bed, the male figure sighed heavily in relief.

Hiding behind the curtain, Qin Xuan smiled mockingly. Disordered breathing, clumsy movements… and not even a trace of killing intent. There was not a single sign that this person had the constitution of a martial artist.

Qin Xuan quietly stood behind the curtain and observed. Until the right moment, she would not reveal her location.

After a few more awkward bumps and crashes, the male figure finally made his way to the bed. He sat down, his hand gently touched the blanket. That was where Qin Xuan’s body double lied. Underneath the blanket were simple pillows. This action by the male figure made Qin Xuan’s frown deepen.

“Qin Xuan, wake up.” The pervert softly patted “Qin Xuan” underneath the blanket, “Huh, this is…”

He knows! Qin Xuan swiftly made her way behind him, one of her hand twisted his arms backward, holding him up, while her other hand put a small knife up to his neck.

“Ah!” Being suddenly attacked, that male figured was startled.

“Shut your mouth if you want to live!” The knife in Qin Xuan’s hand gently sliced down, causing blood to trickle from his neck. There was not even a trace of emotion in her threat.

All of a sudden Yin Xudong found himself held up by an unknown person. When he started to scream in panic, he suddenly felt a cold object slicing across his throat causing a tingling sensation. In an instant he knew his neck has been sliced!!! But that voice, it was definitely the person who he had climbed over the balcony to visit, Qin Xuan!!!

Running into this situation, everybody would react differently. Xudong quietly chose to obey Qin Xuan’s order and shut his mouth. Her knife was still firmly held at his throat, so if he moved just half an inch he would be dead before he knew it.

Truthfully, if he said that he wasn’t scared, it would be a complete lie! Even though at school he was a little brat nobody dared to mess with, but that was just matters of fist fights, and could not be compared with a real knife to the throat.

Qin Xuan was shorter than Yin Xudong by a whole head. The massive difference in height caused her to be feel discomfort while holding him up, so her feet shot out and kicked the back of his knee. Xudong promptly fell down as he bent forward, “Ow…”

“Shut up!” Qin Xuan kicked him again.

Qin Xuan began to interrogate him: “Who are you?”

“Xudong! I am Xudong!” Yin Xudong bit his lips and replied.

“Full name.”

“Yin Xudong. You…”

“Cut the crap! What is our relationship?” Qin Xuan kicked Xudong once more.

“We are childhood friends!” Learning from his previous experience, Xudong didn’t say much more than what was asked of him. This girl must have been injected with rooster blood! How terrifying!

An old Chinese health craze about injecting chicken blood into oneself. This was believed to cause one to become stronger and more aggressive. In Chinese online slang speak, it is used to describe overly excited people and celebrity crazed fangirls. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken-blood_therapy

“Last question, what was your intention in coming here in the middle of the night?”

What, is, my, intention? Yeah right, as if he wanted to do something to her! Xudong replied resentfully, “I heard you got into a traffic accident, so I came by to check on you. I really didn’t have any malicious intents!”

Qin Xuan measured his pulse and was able to determine that he definitely did not practice any martial arts, and would not be a threat to her. (Xudong wanted to cry: Big Sister, who the hell is threatening who here?). She retrieved her knife and sat down next to the bed. There were injuries all over her body, and what she needed most now was rest. She needed to quickly recover and deal with the current bizarre situation.

Yin Xudong who was kneeling next to the bed struggled to stand up and sat down on the corner furthest away from Qin Xuan, his eyes observing her every movement intensely. Unfortunately, it was too dark, and he could barely make out her facial expressions. He couldn’t tell whether she has gone insane or not, so he asked cautiously, “Hey, are you alright? What happened?”

The little innocent rabbit has turned into a demoness? The Qin Xuan he knew and the one right here were totally different! Even if it was a traffic accident, she wouldn’t suddenly change this much, right? Tonight he had followed his mother’s instructions to come over and check up on her injuries. How did it end up like this?

Xudong carefully watched as Qin Xuan silently rested on her bed. Seeing that she was feeling better, he swallowed his saliva and asked in a whisper, “Are you alright?”

Not even her eyebrows twitched in response.

“You… don’t seem to be alright, do you want to go see the doctor?” Not just seemingly, you are definitely not alright! Your behavior is not any different than that of mental patients! Damnit! Just a few of her kicks has caused his skin to swell with bruises. So painful!

Qin Xuan opened her eyes, she shot a cold glare towards the nuisance in the room and offhandedly threw her knife. The knife narrowly slid past his ears and sliced off several strands of his hair before hitting the wall and falling down, causing clanging sounds.

Cold sweat streamed down Xudong’s back. He looked down at the knife quietly lying on the ground. Isn’t this the very same knife that was intimately connected to his life and death just a moment ago? Mother! She has really gone insane?! After the shock passed, anger began to well up. If she had been just slightly careless, he and his little life would have already said goodbye to this world!

Qin Xuan looked down at her own hands while opening and closing them intently. The foundation of this body was seriously lacking. It couldn’t even impale the knife into the wall? This body was truly equal to a waste.

Qin Xuan lifted her head to look towards Xudong, who had been breathing and mumbling this whole time, her frown deepening. Should I silence him by taking his life? Even though assassins like her had a strict code and did not casually kill people, exceptions could be made in special situations like these.

Xudong was unaware that this frail seeming girl was currently debating internally whether or not she should kill him. He breathed in deeply and suppressed his anger, “I’m not angry, not angry, it’s only a knife, it almost took my life, but it missed! Even though I nearly died, I won’t get angry!”

Unfortunately, the more he thought about it the angrier he became, and the angrier he was the more emotional he grew, and when he got emotional he couldn’t restrain his actions anymore. He immediately leapt in front of Qin Xuan, his hands on his hips, clenching his teeth while eking out the words: “Very good, I will just assume that you are crazy now! Just nonchalantly cutting people’s necks, and even throwing knives! I must tell your parents and make sure that they send you to a psychiatrist to figure out what the hell is wrong with you!”

“Noisy.” Qin Xuan said icily.

Xudong’s forehead twitched in agitation, “You, what did you say? Did a demon possess you?! You are totally crazy!”

Qin Xuan looked up, her index fingers pointed at Xudong and motioned him to come closer. Yin Xudong was unsure of what was going on and bent down like she asked. In a flash, Qin Xuan lifted her other hand that was holding another knife and slashed it right across his neck, leaving a bloody trail. “Plop”. Xudong fell on the ground flatly, unconscious.

You even follow your enemies’ instructions? What a naive person. But his perception wasn’t too bad. He was after all able to see that she was truly a demon who possessed this body.

If not for her worry of this new, strange environment, and the possible messy consequences of killing this guy, her knife wouldn’t have just made him pass out. She lifted her leg which wasn’t wrapped in cast and kicked Xudong away from the bed with all her might.

Following that, she sat down on the floor to meditate. She began to cultivate silently. Her fragile new body that didn’t even have a lick of qi began to gather inner strength.

Recalling the Qi cultivation techniques, Qin Xuan slowly relaxed her mind. Concentrating her thoughts on ignoring all distractions, her breathing calmed. Her martial intent followed the air as it made its way through her, circling through the heart then heading further down to her dantian. Repeating this several times, her head became drenched in sweat. She opened her eyes and wiped her forehead with her arm. She whispered, “Still not enough.” Afterwards, she laid down on her bed and slept.

On the next day, Xudong lifted his pained neck from the floor as he woke up. Opening his eyes, he saw Qin Xuan sitting on her bed. Looking at her uncaring eyes that were ignoring him, he stood up, wiped the dirt off his clothes and said, “What, what do you want?” His voice was slightly raspy, it was probably the aftereffects of laying on the floor overnight, giving him a cold.

Xudong looked at her suspiciously. Qin Xuan seemed so different than her usual self. This kind of bloodthirsty and aggressive person was completely different than the cowardly and weak girl he has known since youth. Could it be that because he had been spending all his time lately reading all kinds of fantasy stories, his world would now turn into one? No! These kinds of reincarnation or transportations stories were made up by people. He heard that these past few days she had not been well, maybe she befriended the wrong people and started to take drugs?

“Listen, if the matters between us reach the ears of a third party, the knife won’t miss next time.” Qin Xuan spoke in an innocent tone, but the content could make blood turn cold.

Yin Xudong was about to open his mouth to reply, but Qin Xuan suddenly interrupted him, “Look at that.” Her sights fell down to behind Xudong.

Xudong followed her eyes and glanced at the thing lying at that corner. It was a fruit knife stained with his own blood. A tear silently dropped as he choked. Ah! How many lives did he have to test this out?

He held the congealed wound on his neck and stood up. He grunted, why did he listen to his mother and come over to check up on this supposedly poor girl who was on the verge of death? She was livelier than anyone! You should be worrying about your son being killed mercilessly and not returning.

Xudong did not say anymore and turned towards the balcony, thinking that he would return from where he came from. His balcony was right next to hers, with just a short jump he would already be on the other side. When they were kids, Xudong and Qin Xuan used to crawl back and forth between the balconies and play with each other. As they got older, he had slowly lost his patience for the weak girl who was always on the verge of tears and gradually paid less attention to her. They both stopped intruding on each other’s balconies. Last night was the first time in many years that he climbed over these small fences. The result was that he immediately met an unfortunate fate and got knocked out. He really couldn’t get over his bad luck.

“Is that your room?” Qin Xuan followed Xudong and asked.

Xudong stood on his balcony and turned around. He was able to see Qin Xuan’s leg that was wrapped in a cast, her face pale, and each of her footsteps taken with some difficulty. If he didn’t already find out about what she was capable of, he would have thought she was an ordinary injured girl.

“What do you want? I must warn you to not do something rash!” Xudong retreated hurriedly.

“I am hungry.”



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