Edgenotes Issue 1 – Strange Love

The First Edgenotes Issue!

Front Cover

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The magazine includes:

  • How to Choose a Novel to Translate
  • The Novel Translations Survival Kit
  • How to Publish your Translations
  • Profile: GGP (Gravity Tales)
  • Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs (Chapter 1 to 12) New!
  • Zombie Girl, Where Are You? (Chapter 1 to 4)
  • Honey, Let’s Go (Chapter 1 and 2) New!
  • 108 Maidens of Destiny ( Chapter 1 to 12) New!
Sneak Peek:

Our next theme is Undying Assassins, and this is an early look at one of the novels in this new batch.

  • Ultimate Assassin System (Chapter 1 and 2) New!

(All New! marks indicates currently unreleased chapters.)

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Strange Love Macbook Pro Wallpaper

Here are a few pages of the inside

Edgenotes May 2016 - Strange Love7

Edgenotes May 2016 - Strange Love22

Edgenotes May 2016 - Strange Love24

Edgenotes May 2016 - Strange Love103


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