Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs – Chapter 1

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy


On that day, Lin Shan was suddenly transported to another world…

It was late in the afternoon when Lin Shan was transported.

She was completing her civil service exam, but the logic test made her head became dizzy with confusion. Before she knew it, she already fell asleep at the desk. When she woke up, she had already became one of the people from ancient times.

The Minister Second Young Master – Song Luo.

What?!? Lin Shan is a man????

Wrong wrong wrong!!! Even though her womanly assets wasn’t that great, she is definitely a girl, you can just ask the Aunt Flo who visits monthly for proof.

At this point, one must be tempted to ask: “Is this the cliché woman transferred into a man’s body from fiction?”

To be honest, Lin Shan also doesn’t know if she have been transported into the body of a male or female.

In actuality, the second “son” Song Luo is definitely a woman, one who had even bigger cup sizes than Lin Shan. She can guarantee they are genuine.

But on paper, not only is Song Luo the second son of the prime minister, she is also the fiance of Princess Ming Yue – the emperor’s spoiled daughter.

Simply put, Lin Shan’s current identity is a “female” Prince consort.

She is obviously the Second Young Miss, how did she turned into Second Young Master? She even wanted to marry the princess? Not long after, Lin Shan finally figured out the reason behind all of this.

It was said that, when Song Luo was born, her body was extremely weak, to the point where it nearly lead to a premature death. After that, Song Luo’s father Minister Song Xian sent people to ask for the most prestigious fortune-teller in the Capital to come and consult about the baby’s fate. After calculating on his hand for awhile, the fortune teller shook his head. He told them that Song Luo’s soul had made a mistake during reincarnation. Originally it was supposed to become a male, but now it’s a daughter. The weak body is the result of Hell’s Ruler trying to take the soul back.

Song Xian became enraged when he heard this. No matter if it’s a boy or a girl, Song Luo has already become a descendent of the Song Clan, how could he just want to take it back? He pleaded with thefortune-teller for a method to save his daughter.

This fortune-teller thought of a solution. Doesn’t Hell’s Ruler wish to retrieve the soul of Song Luo just because of her gender? If the Song clan raise Song Luo up as a boy, then Hell’s Ruler would also be fooled and no longer pay it any mind.

What an excellent idea! Song Xian exclaimed.

But won’t the girl be unable to marry for the rest of her life?

Eighteen years, you only need to wait eighteen years – The fortune-teller said after further calculation – by then Hell’s Ruler would also forget about this matter, the young lady would also no longer need to pretend to be male. But within these 18 years, aside from family and close attendants, no one is allowed to find out about this. The more people who knows, the harder it would be to keep her life. Remember that!

After sending the fortune-teller off, Song Xian immediately sent people to spread the news. Not long after, the entire capital all heard about the Minister’s Mistress giving birth to a second son named Song Luo. Everybody congratulated Minister’s family for having two heirs, none of them any the wiser about the truth.

In the end, how many sons the Song Clan truly had should not have mattered to anyone but them.

However, the current problem were caused by the First Young Master of the Song Clan.

Song clan eldest son Song Lin Feng, appearance just like his name, features that shine like the jade tree in the wind, elegant and suave. He is definitely within the top three most handsome man in the capital.

Purely based on heredity, everybody thought that the Second Young Master, even if lacking the eldest’ elegance, would at least be handsome and dapper. Especially after Lin Feng married, all the young girls with broken hearts transferred their hopes and dreams towards the mysterious Second Young Master.

Rumours about the Song Clan Second Young Master began to spread throughout every corner of the capital.

“I heard that Song Clan Second Young Master is even better looking than the eldest many times, his face as white as the moon, demeanor refined, personality extraordinary. It’s just that ever since he was young he has preferred quietness, so he rarely ever goes out.”

“I heard, Song Clan’s second son this year just turned eighteen, the perfect age for marriage. I wonder which lucky girl will snatch him up?”

“Song Clan First Young Master already married the General’s daughter, so the person the Second Young Master must want to marry,… at the very least.. has to be the royal family right?”

“The other day when I met Jiang Clan Young Miss, daughter of Jiang Shang, all she could talk about was Song Clan’s Second Master.”

“I heard the young Miss Zong, daughter of Zong Tai is also interested in the Song Clan Second Master??”

Just like that, the rumours about Song Clan’s second son grew by day, almost everyone was curious about which young miss from what family could marry this extraordinary man. Suddenly, a Royal decree was declared, extinguishing all the young single women’s pinning hopes.

The Emperor sent out a marriage decree!

This can only be blamed on Song Lin Feng. One has to know, before Lin Feng married, he was famous as the capital’s biggest lady killer, being worshiped by many girls, including the Princess Ming Yue.

It was said that the princess has long idolized Song Lin Feng ever since she had caught a glimpse of him, but because of her shy personality, she could only give the emperor a book with a letter hidden inside as her way telling her father her thoughts. Who knew, the emperor has a thousand things that need to be done, how could he find the spare time to read books? By the time he had found the letter, Lin Fang has already married the General’s daughter.

It could be said that this wasn’t really a big problem at first, at best Princess only carried some adoration for him, that’s all. But now, if you want to blame someone you can only blame the Princess with her vague writing, in her letter she wrote that her only wish was to be married into the Song Clan. The emperor thought that with their eldest son already married, his daughter must be secretly admiring the Second Young Master.

No problem, marriage decree!

That’s why Song Luo, or now Lin Shan, is having a terrible headache.

All of this was told to her by her maid Little Lu. Only now did Lin Shan understand that in this world there is no such things as secrets, also there is nothing Little Lu can’t find out about. If this was the modern world, Little Lu would definitely become an excellent reporter.

At least, Lin Shan thought, the person with the biggest headache right now must be her father, Song Xian.

The old man nearly fainted when he received the royal decree. One must know, Song Lin Feng was already responsible for breaking the Princess’s heart, now if the emperor found out Song Luo is a girl, Song Xian’s head would have trouble staying on his shoulder.

“Wait a minute, when officials make a criminal offense, how are they punished?” Lin Shan looked suspiciously at Little Lu.

Little Lu smiled and said “Young master, the crime of offending the emperor must be punished by completely eradicating the entire family line.”

“The entire family!!! Doesn’t that include me?” Lin Shan started to sweat profusely.

“That’s right, young master.”

“What about you?”

“Little Lu will live and die as your maid, Young Master. Little Lu knows no fear.”

Tears streamed down Lin Shan’s face.

You have no fear but I sure do! It’s not often one have the chance to live another life, and if the first thing that happens after my transportation was knife through the neck, what is the point?

Lin Shan suddenly had an ominous premonition.



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