Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 10

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: LtBeefy, No1Fan

The next morning when Lian Feng woke up, the effect of the drug has subsided, but his head was still dull, and his chest was struggling for breath. He looked around and saw the Prince Consort Song Luo sleeping on top of him, drool overflowing all over the place. Lian Feng couldn’t help but frown, he was going to wake the other person up but who knew that suddenly their body would become like a little kitten who then snuggled deeper into his bosom, licked their lips and continued to sleep.

His figure was no different from a woman, Lian Feng paused his hand in mid air. His eyes suddenly panicked, he remembered what happened yesterday when he was drugged and nearly committed some unimaginable crime, his cheeks reddening.

Even though he was the leader of the Royal Guards, ever since he was young he has never had any contacts with female, and he also didn’t want to get into any trouble with woman so the rumours have always praised him as a good man. But in reality, his feelings on this matter was like a blank white piece of paper, that’s why last night when the drug was affecting his emotions, he was not able to hold back. If not for a smack from Song Luo’s wooden stick, he would have ran out of methods, and who knows what kind of horrible situation might have resulted.

But now that one thought about it, even though this person looks weak with thin arms, a single strike with the wooden pole was extremely powerful, in comparison with the current kitten like posture which was totally different.

No matter what, he was still a man, how could he be compared to a woman who can’t even kill chickens? Lian Feng suddenly felt that his previous thought of comparing Song Luo to a woman was laughable, his heart relaxed and he determinedly shook him awake.

Feeling that someone was shaking her, Lin Shan who was still sleepy opened her eyes, slowly she saw a masked person come into view. Only after a while did her mind caught up with her, she suddenly jumped up and hid like she was being chased by a demon.

“You you you.. Don’t you come over here!” Even though she still hasn’t woke up fully, but she still can recall last night’s matters, especially about how she smacked him with the wooden pole using all the strength she has saved up since she was baby, and how her hands still hurts. Handsome men of course make the scenery more beautiful, but if you make this handsome man angry, especially with his sabre still on his hip, it won’t be a joke.

Seeing Song Luo so nervous, Lian Feng was startled, and immediately got the wrong idea. Could it be because yesterday I scared him so badly, that now he’s like this? He felt really guilty in his heart: “Prince Consort please don’t worry, the drug has subsided, I can currently control myself fully.”

Because you can control yourself that I am scared! I’m scared that you will come after me for revenge! The more Lin Shan heard, the more scared she became. She continously retreated, wanting to hide underneath the table.

Poor Lian Feng really didn’t know what kind of crime he committed last night, his guilt turned into shame, the Royal Guard Chief who has been through countless battle and difficult missions currently has no idea what to do.

After Lin Shan hid behind the table for awhile, she saw that Lian Feng really didn’t seem to plan on revenge, so she risked asking a question: “Your.. your head… Is it alright?”

Lian Feng misunderstood again! Even though the Prince Consort was scared of me, he stilled worried about my injuries, what kind of overwhelming kindness is this? Lian Feng was strongly moved.

“Dear Prince Consort, this servant is alright.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“I am sure.”

Seeing that he was being sincere, Lin Shan breathed out in relief. If his head was okay, he won’t need to take revenge, so she slowly crawled out from the under the table, blinked her eyes and look at Lian Feng full of admiration: “Hey.. we should return to the Palace.”

Lian Feng hesitated, he suddenly felt speechless. After awhile, he nodded: “This servant understands.”


They rented a horse carriage, left Leaning Vermillion House and headed back to the Palace. On the way Lian Feng remained quiet like usual while Lin Shan who was sitting besides him was babbling non-stop.

“Hey Lian Guardian, I should say, you were too careless. The other party asked you to drink wine and you drank it, why don’t you remember what kind of person Du Jing is, he is obviously a freak, his face is human but his heart is of an animal, just a glance will tell you that he is evil, from now on don’t mention wine, you shouldn’t accept water from him!”

“ACHOO!” Du Jing who was inside his palace suddenly sneezed, his hands massaging his nose, “Little Fu Zi, I feel like someone is cursing me…”

The junior eunuch Sun Fu next to Du Jing quickly said, “One sneeze means somebody misses you, Your Highness.”

Lian Feng’s mouth twitch, but he didn’t reply.

Lin Shan continued: “I knew him inviting us outside was definitely not a good thing, what a failure of a prince, his mother, even my Golden Sabre… Ah, I mean, is he looking down on you? What a pig… no no no! Even comparing him to pigs is shaming the pigs!”

“Atchoo!” Du Jing sneezed once more, “Little Fu Zi, are you sure nobody is cursing this Prince?”

“Your Highness, sneezing twice means somebody misses a lot.”


“Three times means somebody misses you endlessly.”

“Achoo, Achoo, Achoo!!”

Sun Fu wiped his sweat: “Your Highness, have you caught a cold?”

Du Jing: “…”

Just like that, they came from the Leaning Vermillion House to the Royal Palace, Lin Shan continued to go on and on cursing Du Jing along the way, her voice not letting up any anger. Poor Lian Feng, on the way he has to sit there and listen to it all, his mental strength was completely depleted, his face harden in pain. But our friend Lin Shan didn’t pay attention to any of that.

“Prince Consort.”

“Shamelessness in itself is not scary, but what’s scary is his shamelessness combined with his greed, the shameless people like him are really invincible..”

“Prince Consort!” Lian Feng raised his voice.

“Ah?” Lin Shan jolted, her face nervous: “What? Did something happen?”

Lian Feng looked at her then said, “Prince Consort, we have returned to the Palace.”

“Oh? So quick!” Only now did Lin Shan woke up, she awkwardly smiled, “Ha ha, I was too busy cursing him, I didn’t pay attention… Lian Guardian, next time we get the chance we should both curse him together, that kind of person deserves it, if you don’t curse him he won’t feel relaxed… Ah!” As the horse pulled over, she was busy talking smack about Du Jing and accidentally fell off.

Luckily Lian Feng was quick with hands and fast with his eyes, he quickly reached out to hold her.

Lin Shan only saw a flash as her body flew through the air before she was abruptly stopped. Opening her eyes, she saw the sunlight reflecting behind Lian Feng. Her eyes became deep with emotion, the silver mask reflected dazzling lights as a strange feeling crossed Lin Shan’s heart, but this was quickly snuffed out by a guard who ran up to them.

The guard’s face was pale, he hurriedly said: “Lian Chief, why are you back only now! Big trouble has happened! The Palace was infiltrated by assassins last night!”



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