Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 11

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Intruders? Hearing this, Lin Shan became excited, and her curious eyes once again wandered. Her ears perked up to listen in.

But as the guards whispered to Lian Feng, their faces became grimmer, especially the face of the little guard, who was turning paler and paler.

Lin Shan felt that something was not right. Could it be that some big disaster had happened? As she was preparing to ask, Lian Feng had already came to her side.

“Prince Consort, I have some matters to attend to, please return the Palace for now.” His voice was as calm as ever, as if there was no big event that happened.

“The intruders…”

“Prince Consort, you need not worry, the intruder have been caught.”

So they had already been caught! Lin Shan breathed out in relief, and once again became curious: “Well, I am not that busy, why don’t you bring me with you to have a look?”

“While the intruder have been detained, we don’t know if they had any other accomplices. Right now the entire capital is under lockdown, I think Prince Consort should return to your palace quickly.”

Accomplices? Hearing this, Lin Shan was cautious. Even though she really wanted to go see the infamous palace intruders from legends, it seems like her small life might be more important. She nodded repeatedly and prepared to leave. But just as she took several steps away, Lian Feng suddenly called out to her.

Lin Shan stopped, turned and look at the tall figure standing underneath the bright sun light, his long shadows extending endlessly behind him. He looked incomparably serious.

“Thank you.” Lian Feng spoke, his voice even and plain.

Lin Shan did not reply. She only smiled, nodded, then turned around and left.

From the gate to the Princess’s Palace, Lin Shan’s eyes twitched non stop. Remembering Lian Feng’s demeanor just before, there was an unknown feeling of unease welling up in her heart.

Just as she made her way back, she ran into Du Ming Yue who was leaving the palace. The other party was arrogant and aloof like usual and walked right by her without giving her so much as a look. She just held her head high and swayed her hips gently on her way out. She thought she could use this chance to show off her prestige as the Royal Princess, but who would have thought that Lin Shan didn’t even spared her a glance.

Suddenly, Du Ming Yue became angry and shouted: “Song Lou, stop right there!”

Lin Shan was deep in thoughts, but the piercing shout stopped her on her tracks. Looking around, she discovered Du Ming Yue standing behind her, her eyes glaring angrily. The servants behind her were all cowering.

“How dare you not greet this Princess?”

Greet your head! Lin Shan swore quietly, her heart was currently in turmoil, and she did not have the energy to play around with the Princess. She only spoke, “Princess, you really knows how to joke. Since ancient time, all husbands are greeted by their darling first. You really don’t know how to make use of your education.”

“Who.. who is your darling!” Du Ming Yue blushes, her momentum greatly weakened.

“How strange, I and Princess have already bowed to heaven and earth and consummated, if Princess isn’t my woman, then are you the dog and cats on the sidewalk to me? Of course, if the Princess don’t mind, then I also do not.”

“Song Luo, you, you…” Du Ming Yue gnashed her teeth, her fingers pointing directly at Lin Shan, speechless.

“What about me?” Lin Shan pushed out her chest. This old grandma’s chest is even bigger than yours! What are your worth in comparison? “If there are no other matters, I will retire to my room to get some rest. I had a bit too much fun last night at the Leaning Vermillion House.”

Seeing Lin Shan retorting her words, Du Ming Yue became blind with rage, but suddenly her mind caught up to the words Lin Shan said, “What did you say? You, you went to the Leaning Vermillion House?”

“Dear Princess, I originally did not want to come, but the Third Prince forcefully pulled me along. It was impossible for me to say no. Ah, I am so tired now, I need to go have a nap, no need to say goodbye.” Lin Shan then turned around and giggled evilly, “Du Jing, you dared to compete with me for the Golden Sabre, go die!”

Of course, Du Ming Yue’s face immediately changed: “Du Jing, very good! You dare to help him play around! You’re definitely not going to live!”

At that moment, the servants behind Ming Yue looked at Lin Shan’s departing figure, and their eyes showed signs of worship: “Prince Consort is so amazing, even the Princess does not dare to go against him! Our Hero!”

From then on, rumours of the Princess being scared of the Prince Consort spreaded, and Lin Shan instantly became a bright and famous figure. Her attractiveness drastically increased overnight, and she became an idol to all palace maids and eunuch and guards in the Royal Palace. She will soon end up in the top 10 in the 108 Most Handsome Men the Capital list, her fame known far and wide.

Of course, this was a later story, right now Lin Shan still doesn’t know about how powerful her control was over the Princess. She was currently sitting next to a table, cracking walnuts while thinking about the events this morning.

Strange, isn’t it just a measly intruder? He had already been caught, even if the Emperor sent out punishments, at worst it would just be reprimanding their carelessness… Wait! Lin Shan’s heart suddenly jumped.

Lian Feng is… a royal guard, right? Yes!

And he is also the leader of the royal guards, right? Yes!

Last night, he was not at the royal palace, right? Yup!

Doesn’t that mean that he has failed his duties? Indeed!

So he will be heavily punished, right? Bingo Bingo Bingo!

My mother! Lin Shan slammed the tabled filled with walnut shells. No wonder this morning Lian Feng’s composure was one of “Piercing wind, freezing river of Yi. The hero fords, and he never returns!”(1). It took me half a day to think of the possibility of him getting punished.

It’s all over! They say that being near kings are like being near tigers, this guy had provoked the emperor’s anger, he will definitely lose his head, but if that’s so… Lin Shan suddenly felt that this was an unbearable. What’s more, last night he was even smacked on the head by me with a stick, it seems like I am partially at fault here.

Lin Shan couldn’t decide the more she thought about it. She paced around her room back and forth, finally she left to see the current situation.

At that moment, Little Lu burst inside the room and quickly said: “Prince Consort, you are finally back! Last night was scared me witless! I heard that the intruder was very formidable! He was tall! And Big! And his head was massive! He has three swords! He even knew how to fly!”

Are you trying to say he’s Superman? Lin Shan cringed, but she asked, “That’s right, I heard that the intruder have been caught?

“That’s right.” Little Lu nodded, “I heard that it took all the great experts in the palace combined to capture him. That intruder was merciless, each slash of his blade result in a fallen head. Dozens of guards have lost their lives.”

Lin Shan was stunned: “And the Emperor…”

“Luckily last night the Emperor was not sleeping inside the Royal Bedroom, so he was not harmed. That’s right, what’s more! Last night after the intruder have been discovered, there was not a shadow of the Royal Guard Chief Lian Feng. The Emperor seems to be extremely angry, this morning he have already summoned Lian Feng for judgement.”

Lin Shan panicked in heart and became fiddly.

“How… how is he?”

“Of course he was punished! Even though the Emperor have always been partial to him, but this time he disappeared at the worst time. I heard that his Royal Highness’s visage was extremely furious, he already sent out the punishment of twenty lashes. Don’t you look down on those lashes, those are especially made, they have many painful thorns weaved together inside them, … Ah, Prince Consort! You, where are you going?”

Lin Shan had already long rushed out of the door, her figure fleeting.


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(1) A common Chinese quotation from Biography of an Assassin. It basically talks about heroes who are about to embark on suicide missions.


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