Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 12

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: No1Fan

From the Princess’s Palace, she searched and asked for directions. Finally she was able to find out where Lian Feng was, but an alerted guard came out and stopped her on her track.

Seeing that the person was the Prince Consort, the guard greets her politely, his expression was filled with worry: “Greetings Prince Consort, we have already escorted Lian Chief back to his room.”

“Where is he currently? Where is the Royal Physician? Why didn’t you call him here?”

“This matter…” The guard’s face shifted, “The Royal Physician had already came by, but Lian Chief said his punishment this time was due to his own fault, and told the physician to return…”

Is he an idiot? Lin Shan was feeling very anxious, twenty lashes is not a joke. This damn Lian Feng, punishments are punishments, wounds need to be tended to! She spoke, “Let me in.”

“Ah!” The guard quickly stopped her, “The Chief already ordered that I must not allow anyone to come in. Please don’t put this servant in an awkward position.”

Lin Shan was growing annoyed: “Get out of my way, I am the Prince Consort! Are you going to listen to your Chief or me?”

The guard said full of anguish: “The Chief…”

“You!” Lin Shan gnashed her teeth, “You want me to tell the Princess about this matter?”

“…” The poor guard shivered at the mere mention of the Princess, and hastily said, “Prince Consort, this servant will leave, you can… do whatever you wishes…”

Thank you Princess! Lin Shan quickly ran towards Lian Feng’s room. Before she could even enter it, the sound of something falling rang out.

She quickly rushed inside to find Lian Feng, whose body was ghostly pale, struggling to stand with a fallen cup on the ground. He must have accidentally dropped it while trying to get a drink.

“Ah! I’m here, I’m here!” Seeing that he was unstable, she quickly ran to his side to helped him up.

Just as her hand touched his shoulder, she heard a soft grunt, following which she could feel something sticky on her hand. Lin Shan was shocked, her hands quickly retreated. Her fingers were covered in the blood that was overflowing on Lian Feng’s shirt.

Lin Shan had never witnessed this kind of sight. She was terrified: “This… that.. your… your back…”

“Prince Consort, please do not worry, this is merely a flesh wound…” Even though he said so, he was barely able to stand and fell on her.

“Ah!” Lin Shan only realised by the time it was too late. Luckily there was a table behind her, or they both would have fell on the floor.

“I didn’t mean to, I… I am a little tired… Prince Consort please return…” Lian Feng forced himself to up, his hands on her shoulder, his lips pale. He was extremely weak at the moment.

“Return your face!” Lin Shan couldn’t hold back and shouted at him, “Get on the bed and rest! Take off your clothes! Medicine! Where are the medicine?” These kinds of battle hungry idiots will always have some sort of healing herbs around.

“Prince Consort, I have been punished deservingly…”

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll mention to the Princess that our Royal Palace is lacking some eunuchs. I also noticed that there seems to be a surplus of guards in your squad…”

“Swash swash” sounds sounded out, all the guards who were peeking in through the windows immediately ran away. Not even a shadow was left.

Lian Feng: “…”

“The medicine is in the second cupboard over there, inside the red bottle.” Lian laid down and reluctantly answered her.

Lin Shan followed his direction and took out the medicine herbs, while at it she casually let her hands run all the blue vase sitting on the cabinet. (⊙o⊙) Whoa! This thing ain’t cheap!

Lian Feng was laying on his bed, his shirt still on him, his back full of crimson holes. There was almost no stopping the blood gushing out of them.

Even though on the outside Lin Shan was being aggressive, when it was came time to apply the medicine itself, her hands paused.

“If Prince Consort is afraid, I can…”

“I’m not afraid! Do I look like I am scared?” Lin Shan pushed out her chest, bit down her lips and took out the scissor to cut his clothes.

Even though she was prepared in her heart, the instant she saw and smelled the fresh blood oozing out, her senses received a critical attack. The wounds from the lashes has started to swell, blood flowing from them non-stop. At that moment, Lin Shan cannot help but feel guilty. Her nose started to itch, her eyes reddens.

“Hold on for abit.” She pushed down the nauseating feeling in her stomach and began some simple treatments on the injuries. She then rubbed some medicinal herbs on the mouth of the wound.

She suddenly realised that Lian Feng had frozen stiff, not a sound came from him as his knuckles tightens.

Lin Shan was startled and paused. She asked, “Hey, are you alright?”

“Prince Consort please do not worry, I am okay.”

His voice was full of repressed pain. It was clear he was just putting up a front. Lin Shan’s hands shook. This was the first time she had done this, so of course she was nervous. While she was hesitating, she suddenly remembered an old memory.

When she was young, she once fell and got a big scrape on her skin. Her grandma blew air on the wound and said, “Good Shan Shan, if I blow on it, it won’t hurt! It won’t hurt a bit…”

Thinking of this, she leaned down and blew on Lian Feng’s wound gently.

Lian Feng was doing his best to hold back the pain, his mind hazy. Suddenly he felt a cooling sensation on his back while a soft murmur was transmitted to his ears: “If I blow on it, it won’t hurt! Won’t hurt, won’t hurt, won’t hurt…” The voice was like a soft pair of hands that gently carried the pain away from his mind…

“Since ancient time, after applying medicine, people are more prone to falling asleep, he’s probably the same!” After she finished treating Lian Feng, she could determine that he was sleeping, and not unconscious. Lin Shan breathe out in relief.

If he can sleep, that means he will most likely be alright. If he’s alright, I won’t feel guilty! The heavy burden in her heart was temporarily lifted. She checked over the wounds once more, making sure that everything was still properly healing, then put away the medicine and prepared to leave.

It was then that her eyes was drawn towards the golden sabre on Lian Feng’s table. It was lying there like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, like a braised pork dish served at a meal, as if it was whispering, “Come, come take me!”

Lin Shan slowly approached the sword. She reached out, but her hands stopped. Her eyes looking at Lian Feng with a complicated feeling. She bit her lips and retrieved her hand.

“If you are so careless next time, don’t blame me for taking advantage of you!” She then left with her lingering eyes full of regret towards the sword.

When she departed his room, the sun was setting, and all the guards have returned to their position in high alert. It’s hard to blame them, last night there was an intruder, today their royal guard leader was punished and is weakened, how can they possibly not be grim? But compared to the males inside the royal palace, all the females were acting strange.

Today as she walked through the imperial garden, all the maids she walked past was totally different from how they normally looked. They were all in full make up, their faces fresh like blooming flowers, their giggling voice echoed near and far, not any different then the ladies at Leaning Vermillion House!

What happened? Could it be that the entire royal palace was planning to destroy the Leaning Vermillion House’s businesses? This wasn’t a bad idea, the palace was filled with wasted beauties, they should make use of them by opening a new business inside… Lin Shan was too deep in her weird fantasies that she bumped into two palace maids who was laughing and giggling.

When they noticed who they had ran into, they quickly bowed and apologised: “These maid was careless, I hope Prince Consort will forgive us.”

“Stand up, stand up!” Lin Shan couldn’t stand these polite gestures and quickly helped them up. However, the moment she saw their faces, she nearly passed out.

Calm down sisters! Why do you guys need to put on such horror movie-like thick makeups? If you go outside and compete with the Leaning Vermillion House, the funeral homes’ bosses would be having a party.

Wiping off her cold sweat, Lin Shan asked, “I won’t punish you guys, but tell me, why are you all so excited?”

The two looked at each other, then bowed and answered while smiling idiotically: “Prince Consort does not know, but the Crown Prince have returned!”

That’s right, the number one handsome man of the entire capital, the one who could make young ladies faint just from catching sight of him, the very same that causes young men to castrate themselves when they saw his face, the legendary Crown Prince Du Hao, have returned.



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