Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs – Chapter 2

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Song Luo and Princess Ming Yue’s marriage has been arranged for the third day after Lin Shan came to this world.

This wasn’t going to be a big deal, after all this is only a prince consort engagement event. All you need is a piece of cloth wrapped around the chest, a swaggering walk and a loud haughty attitude like in the movies and it will be fine.

Even so, this is still causing Lin Shan no small amount of anguish. She remember in her previous life, TV always advertise about those plastic surgery services using “Be a beautiful woman” as the slogan, but now that she has ended up with this chest that is obviously bigger than her previous one, her parents threw her a piece of white cloth to hide them.

“Lou child, this is an extremely important matter, it relates to the life of our entire Song Clan, we can’t afford to make any mistakes. You are not allowed to take this cloth off, do you understand?”

Looking at the serious expression on her mother’s face, Lin Shan swallowed the words she was about to say. Choosing between her chest and her small life, she still isn’t very excited to pick living.

“It’s okay to have a flat chest, life is more important” while repeating this mantra over and over, Lin Shang still didn’t forget to order the Little Lu that was currently wrapping her chest: “Tighten it up a bit!”.

“Yes!” Little Lu breathed a sigh of relief, she has succeeded in nearly strangling Lin Shan.

After being wrapped, Lin Shan clumsily put on the marriage gown and prepared to go and become a live-in son in-law.

In fact, according to the old teachings of “Wife follows her husband”, even if he was a prince consort he didn’t need to go and live with the royal family. Unfortunately, Lin Shan has terrible luck, meeting an emperor who “Adores daughters but scorns sons”. Even to his own children, the boys are easily sent to the frontline to die, while not a single hair on his precious daughter’s body is allowed to come to harm.

The royal escorts quickly arrived at the Minister’s house, aside from the marching bands, there were also a cavalry, led by the Guard Chief – the Holy Golden Sabre Guardian granted by the emperor – Lian Feng.

Just his title is enough to explain that Lian Feng did not have an ordinary background. On his waist hung the Holy Golden Sabre the emperor gifted him. Whether humans or gods, if they get in his way, he is permitted to cut them down, completely making all the ladies blindly worship his image of being a mighty hero. (1)

If not because he usually covers his face with a mask, and is also rumoured to be uninterested in romantic relationships, the title of being the most handsome man in the capital would also probably not be given to Song Linfeng.

Little Lu was eating walnuts while passionately talking about Lian Feng, her spit flying everywhere, making Lin Shan curious.

“Little Lu, do you like him?” Lin Shan smirks while asking.

“Who out there doesn’t like handsome men? I also like First Master, it’s a shame that First Master seems to despise me… Master, why does your smile look so evil?”

Lin Shan puffed out her wrapped chest while wearing a sinister smile:” Your master will bring you to eat some handsome boy’s tofu!”

Master and servant headed to the main hall, where all the old and young of the clan has gathered. The crowd included some women who usually never leave their rooms, but now they are all at main hall, risking their life to peek at someone

Lin Shan shifted her eyes towards that direction, but she only saw a tall man wearing a black uniform whose back is facing her, his tight clothes made from high end materials complemented his fantastic figure. Lin Shan silently swallowed her saliva, facing Little Lu and said: “Wait for a bit later when I’m going in, I will “accidentally” push you onto him, then you can grope him all you like.”

Little Lu glanced at the Holy Golden Sabre next to Lian Feng, expression changing, whispered: “Master, can I not grope? I am having some regrets….”

“No way, didn’t a few days ago you said that you would follow me in life or in death? Right now your master is giving you the chance to eat a pretty boy’s tofu, and yet you refuse?”

Little Lu said with a distressing expression “Master, this is forcing the innocent to do evil!!”

The auditory sense of a martial expert are obviously heightened in comparison to normal people, Lian Feng could clearly hear the conversation between the master and servant. Unable to withstand it any longer, he sent a cold piercing gaze towards the two people who were hiding behind the curtains.

“Master, he’s looking this way!” The nervous Little Lu awkwardly used all her might to push the groom out.

That’s why, everybody in the Song Clan witnessed their Song Clan Second master throwing himself at the famous Guard Chief, while Lin Shan used this opportunity to “eat” the handsome man’s tofu.

After she finished her blatant groping, Lin Shan then lifted her head, beaming a smile at Lian Feng and said “Oh no! I was careless…” At this point, she shifted her attention to his silver mask, silently thinking “Hand-made! If you sell this it must yield quite a sum of money right?” This person’s eyes suddenly lit up with a crafty look.

Lian Feng mouths twitched, his cold eyes seem to penetrate a layer of frost into your bones, his hands gripping the Holy Golden Sabre tightly.

Song Xian is a clever man, seeing that the situation was heading towards an unfavourable direction, he hurriedly grabbed Lin Shan and said “Lian Guardian, let me do the introduction, this is my son Song Luo”. Finished speaking, he glared at Lin Shan “Little rascal, recklessly offending other people, and yet you still haven’t apologised to Lian Guardian!”

Lin Shan lamented in her heart, you are clearly the Minister of a whole kingdom, but now you are intimidated by a mere guard? Isn’t it just a sabre? Hm… that Holy Golden Sabre must have quite a high value too right?

As if he can feel the danger from Lin Shan’s greed, Lian Feng’s grip on the Holy Golden Sabre became even tighter by several degrees.

“Ahem!” Song Xian coughed.

Only now did Lin Shan react, her eyes reluctantly parted from the golden sabre. She spoke expressively “I’m very sorry, Lian brother”.

Lian Feng’s remain composed, he gave a slight nod and gestured “The sacred hours has come, Prince Consort, let us depart.”

Right now there are a lot of people crowding in front of the Minister’s mansion, the majority of which are young women, aside from wanting see the distinguished Lian Guardian, they also want to catch a glimpse of the Song Clan Second Young Master’s face.

There was no one in the capital who doesn’t know about the famous Song Clan First Young Master Song Linfeng, but there was rarely anyone who have met the elusive Song Clan second son. The rumours surrounding this Young master has long since spread throughout the Capital, everybody wanted to see if this Song Clan Second Young Master is as the legend says.

There was a saying, the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment.

By the time Lin Shan, who was wearing the groom’s gown, finished coming out of the mansion with her fake haughty walk, everybody was whining in their hearts.

What nonsensical rumours! This Song Clan Second Young Master, although not ugly, pink lips white teeth like a girl, but next to Lian Feng it really was a case of duck besides swan, not an ounce of dignity.

The crowd in front of the Minister mansion that was so rowdy before, now suddenly became halved. The biggest thing that came out of the trip for most people was being able to see the visage of Lian Feng and the Holy Golden Sabre. Regarding Song Clan Second Young Master, there definitely won’t be anymore rumours about him.

A brown horse wearing red silk cloth was waiting in front of the Minister’s mansion.

Lian Feng casually turned towards Lin Shan and gestured “Prince Consort, please get on”.

“Can I not get on?” Lin Shan weakly said.

“Not an option.” The other party firmly replied.

“But I can’t climb on…” This war horse was clearly meant for a male to climb on, she is a woman, one with poor strength at that. Don’t even mention horses, even donkeys would give her a hard time.

The corner of Lian Feng’s mouth became twisted, he abruptly raised his hand. Immediately a servant came out and kneel next to the horse.

“Prince Consort, please.” Lian Feng said.

This.. is this the legendary stepping on people back that TV always shown? Does it have to be this way? Not even a little consideration for human rights!!!

Lin Shan decided to compromise, waving her hands saying “Forget it, I’ll climb up myself..”. While pushing the servant out of the way, she poured all her strength into climbing on the horse.

As a result, everybody was treated to an extremely frustrating scene. The Song Clan Second Young Master, while combining both arms and legs along with all his efforts, still failed to climb on the horse’s back. Even though his limbs were gripping tightly on the horse’s body, he still couldn’t climb up.

Everybody sweated in place for the poor horse….

Under the scrutiny of everybody, Lin Shan continued to try her best. Hmph! just a horse, want to make trouble for me? I will climb, I will climb, I will climb…. Hmph, I can’t climb. T^T

Suddenly, someone from behind her gave her a small push. Before she could react, she already found herself sitting solidly on the horse’s back. Turning around, it was of course still Lian Feng behind her. Strangely, his position remained unchanged as if he never did anything.

This is the gap between ability! Lin Shan lamented sadly while looking up toward the sky.


(1) The sabre isn’t some sort of magical powerful weapon as far I know, but it acts as his license to kill anyone, even royalty.


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