Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs – Chapter 3

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In the situation where one is married into the wife’s family, frankly put, the bride’s only job is wait at the palace for the marriage ceremony. Unfortunately for the groom Lin Shan, not only does the ceremony take an ungodly amount of time, there are also a great deal of troublesome formality and customs on top of it, more burdensome than a common marriage by a hundred times. To a modern person, this process was truly torture.

Even so, this undertaking was not without harvest.

Inside the palace who doesn’t want to curry the Emperor’s favor? Today, the daughter that the Emperor loved the most is getting married, isn’t this the best opportunity for them? A bunch of royal officials surrounded Lin Shan, constantly giving their congratulations while handing over a pile of blindingly bright gold, silver and jewellery.

Looking at the mass of valuables in front of her, all the tiredness disappeared and Lin Shan even become more devoted to the ceremony.

Lin Shan smiled happily as she looked at Little Lu ordering the servants to carry the gifts away while she continued to offer drinks.

Speaking of alcohol, Lin Shan couldn’t stop praising herself. She knew that it would be hard to avoid drinking at a wedding, unfortunately her tolerance is scarily low. Afraid of accidently revealing her secrets, she ordered Little Lu to switch the wine with water. When people looked, they all thought that this Prince Consort could hold his liquor, and applauded non-stop.

“Even though the prince consort looks frail, his tolerance is so high. He definitely lives up to the title of Minister’s son.”

“You really can’t judge with your eyes, the Princess has chosen a worthy partner, it’s such a beautiful union!”


Hearing these approving comments, Lin Shan could only hold in her laughter.

This is the best evidence for the benefits of wisdom! Only an idiot would drink real wine.

While she was getting carried away, trouble has found its way to her in the form of the Emperor.

“Luo child, today you have married Ming Yue, now that you are Our son-in-law, you must treat the Princess well from now on, understood?”

He is definitely worthy of the emperor title, only lightly saying a few words was enough to make Lin Shan feel guilty. I am a girl, how do I “treat” the Princess well? Do you want me to give her massages and backrubs?

Even though she was howling inside, Lin Shan still obediently nod “Your child will follow your Highness’s bidding”.

The emperor’s face broke into a wide grin, continuously nodding in approval. Finally he also did not forget to call out: “Servants, offer wine!”

Wine??? Once Lin Shan heard this, tears nearly escaped from her eyes.

Why didn’t anyone tell her about this wine gifting matter? Wine gifted by the Emperor cannot be rejected, furthermore, this wine can’t be switched by Little Lu. This wine, two cups was already enough to make her dizzy, if she drank some more, everything could be ruined.

Luckily she was clever, she knew that before she was really drunk she need to fake drunk. Behind her there was still a queue of people who wanted to offer her liquor, she could only fake drunk, hands holding the wine cup while her body slightly stumbles side to side.

“Song brother, be careful!” Suddenly a person held out his arm to hold her up, it was Third Prince, third brother of Du Ming Yue- Du Jing.

Speaking of this person, once again the list of most handsome of the capital must be mentioned. These past few days Little Lu has been gossiping non-stop about these people.

This person along with Song Lin Fang are tied for the title of third most handsome in the Capital, but both looks and personality of these two people are at the polar opposites.

Song Big Brother is known to be as graceful as a pearl, in the capital countless young women worshipped him, but he only poured his affection towards the General’s daughter, treating his lover above everything else, even his own life. This has broken who knows how many young girls’ hearts.

But Du Jing, a person also like his name, is a person whom never “because of a flower forget about the forest”. Rumour has it, not only does he tease the neighbouring country’s princess, he also toyed with countless girl’s heart everywhere. But now he doesn’t have even a concubine.

When Little Lu told her this, Lin Shan was be able to determine that this guy is one those who are “Human on the outside, beast on the inside.” Now that she met him, she was sure!!! Just look at his face, two wandering eyes, loveless lips, any girls who follow him will definitely not have a happy ending.

Lin Shan spoke with some contempt “Little brother’s tolerance isn’t very good, Third Prince please kindly forgive!”

“Is that so?” Du Jing lifted his eyebrows, smiled with an understanding look “But I can’t seem to smell any alcohol.”

Lin Shan stiffened, realising that this was a formidable opponent, she quickly called out for Little Lu “Little Lu, come out and help me up”.

Little Lu is also quite smart, on one side she held Lin Shan up, on the other side she shouted in complaint: “The Prince Consort is drunk…”

When the other people heard that the Prince Consort was drunk, they also stopped trying to offer drinks. Whatever happened, he is now a consort, and there is no need to make trouble with the royal family.

“Escort the Prince Consort back to the palace!” Finally Lin Shan was able to complete the all night socialising event, she quickly said her goodbye to all the officials, not forgetting to act drunk, sloppily walked outside, in her mind repeating Stephen Chow’s famous mantra: “I am an actor, I am an actor…”. (1)

The show had to be continued until she reached the Princess’s palace, by then everyone would have left. Even so Lin Shan still couldn’t relax, because there’s an even bigger headache waiting for her.

Faking drunk is easy, but consummation …

Being a woman, Lin Shan could feel the pressure.

Lin Shan went inside the room with a dejected expression. The Princess’s palace is huge, she still has sometime to think. What if the princess took off her clothes and jumped her? What can she even do?!? While absorbed in thinking, not long after she had reached the bedroom. The bride is sitting on the bed, face covered by the marriage veil, her red dress decorated with phoenixes in golden threads, at a glance it’s obvious that it must have cost quite a great deal of money.

But currently Lin Shan doesn’t have the frame of mind to think about these kind of things, she is still squeezing her brain thinking of a solution for this whole consummation debacle. Abruptly the bride stood up, threw the veil down revealing her cold gaze, angrily said: “You are not Lin Feng, don’t you dare dream of marrying me! Get out!”

Lin Shan stood there stunned, but in a few seconds, she suddenly understood. Everything Little Lu said must have been true, this Princess thought that her father would marry her to Song Lin Feng, but with a little mistake, her target of marriage was changed. The Princess must have quarrelled with the king quite a bit behind the scene, but the royal decree was already sent out, the news announced, it’s too late to take it back.

If so, they are both unwilling participants in this marriage.

Thought up to here, Lin Shang two eyes lit up. Ha ha ha, the heavens have helped me!!!

“Princess, I…”

“Get out of here!” Ming Yue screamed.

“Lin Shan happily bowed down and said “Yes, I will leave. I will guarantee to not bother the Princess again, please be at ease.”

It was now Du Ming Yue’s turn to be stunned. How can he be so happy to be kicked out? Hmph! Song Clan has no eyes for people, a bunch of useless servants, how aggravating!

“Go, get the hell out of here!”

Lin Shan quickly left the Princess’s palace.



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    May 6, 2016 at 3:29 am Reply

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  • Papivore

    March 17, 2017 at 3:53 am Reply

    I believe the princess is in fact male and was raised as a princess to avoid getting killed in war like all the other princes. So, “she” pretends to be infatuated with Lin Feng to get rid of Lin Shan, whose happy to get kicked out! Hope I guessed right 😀

    • Leyira

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      It said that the Emperor was happy to send out all the rest of his sons to the front line to get killed, so I doubt he’d pick just one to “protect” by making them masquerade as a woman. My guess is that the 3rd Prince could be the ML. If the Princess really turns out to be a man… to me it won’t make any sense.

      • Leyira

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        Erm… I meant to say Lian Feng not the 3rd Prince. I guess I’ll find out hehe

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