Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs – Chapter 4

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy

Du Ming Yue’s attitude made Lin Shan feel that the heavens really do reward good people, she was more grateful to it then to her own blood parents.

But soon, she started feeling some regret: Now that the princess has kicked me out, where will I sleep? I can’t just wear this marriage garb and sit here awkwardly all night. If the others saw, how could she keep her face?

While ruminating about the problem, she felt a sudden pang of hunger.

In regards to marriage ceremonies, the people who suffer the most are definitely the new bride and groom. Even though the bride couldn’t eat anything all day, but at least she gets to just sit around in one place. The new groom must handle all the formality and socialisation matters with the families from both sides and government officials. The worst thing was they could only stare at the tables of delicious food and endure.

Now that she thought about food, her stomach began to grumble loudly.

Whatever, let’s stop worrying. Let’s find some food first!

Just then, an eunuch who was patrolling passes by. Lin Shan quickly pulled him into the corner.

The pitiful eunuch, he was just minding his own business in the middle of the night when a horrifying person with a pale white face wearing a red robe came out of nowhere and pushed him into a dark place. He was terrified out of his wits.


“Humph!” Lin Shan quickly covered his mouth, “What are you screaming for? I’m the Prince Consort!”

Prince… Prince Consort?!? The little eunuch slowly calmed down with some difficulty. Through the illumination of the moon, he discovered that it was really the Prince Consort. He became even more nervous. Mother! At this hour, the Prince Consort should be consummating with the Princess. Why did he run out here, and even using those passionate eyes to look at me?

Ai ya, could it be that the Prince Consort has special.. preferences!!?

The little eunuch was extremely stressed, he asked while shaking: “Prince Consort young master, … I… Is… is there something you need?”

Lin Shan smiled brightly. She looked at him and asked “What’s your name?”

“Dear Prince Consort young master, my.. my name is Fu Quan.”

Oh, this little eunuch looks like a coward, must be very easily bullied!! Lin Shan eyes brighten, “Fu Quan, can you help me with something?”

I’m finished! Nine out of ten it’s “that” matter!!! Little Quan became even more scared, his entire body couldn’t stop shaking.

“Prince Consort… You.. What is your order?”

“Take off your clothes.”

Wha.. What?!!? Little Quan nearly fainted.

“Prince Consort young master… I… I… but.. but”.

“But your sister! Take it off quickly!” Lin Shan was annoyed. This damn little eunuch, I only want to borrow your clothes to go find something to eat, why the heck are you so tense!

Scared by Lin Shan’s threats, Little Quan eyes turned dim. He fainted!

“Troublesome!” Lin Shan frowned. She had no choice but to do everything by herself. Enjoy your new clothes!

Fu Quan had a tiny build, so her body fit into the eunuch’s uniform perfectly. Feeling pleased, she used the shadows to her advantage and sneaked out of the garden.

The process of finding food was also successful. With the disguise of an eunuch, she just needed to head to the kitchen and lie that the princess was hungry and wanted to have a snack. Her harvest was considerable.

This is the intelligence of a modern person!

Lin Shan was feeling very satisfied, so she looked for a place to dig in. The palace was huge. She head to a nearby hill then sat down and ate.

Ai ya, the tastebuds of ancient people sure are inadequate, their food can’t even be compared to an ordinary package of potato chips. How did all these Princes and Princesses swallow this down?

Even though Lin Shan was complaining, but due to her hunger, she tried her best to glomp it all down. She was planning to finish the meal quickly and find a place to sleep, but who would have thought because she was eating so quickly, she started to… choke!

“Water… water… water!” Right now, Lin Shan couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself. She was always worried about her identity being discovered, causing her entire bloodline to be eradicated and dying a pitiful but dramatic death. But who would think that right now she was about to die from eating too fast!!!

Water! I need water!!!!

A normal person would start behaving erratically when under extreme stress, and start lashing out without thinking. Even though Lin Shan usually always tried to use her brain, but right now it has completely failed her, and she flailed around purely on instinct. A figure of a passerby suddenly appeared. She immediately latched onto their arms.

“Water…. Water.. I need water” Like a crab she clinged onto him with claws, begging for water.

The other person was stunned and were not able to even respond.

“Water… water!” Lin Shan thought this was the end. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of the other party’s wine bottle. She immediately snatched and gulped it down.

“Cough.. Cough…” After awhile of just intense coughing, the lump in her throat finally pass.

Finally took care of it!!! Lin Shan felt immensely relieved, sighing loudly, handing the wine bottle back. “Brother, my gratitudes!”

The other person continued to stand there in silence like a statue.

Lin Shan didn’t think much of it.. It’s the middle of the night, all the royal family must have come back to the palace and rest. This person must have been just a random guard, it must be no big deal. She spoke innocently: “Brother, don’t hold a grudge, I thought that wine wasn’t anything special anyway. If worst comes to worst, tomorrow I’ll give you another one! Brother, why aren’t you talking? Hey…”

Whoa! Lin Shan was speechless.

Oh lord! This guy is super handsome!

She could see that the passerby was wearing a guard uniform, his demeanor proud and serious, his face heroic, his nose tall and straight, one could vaguely sense a powerful aura coming from him. If not because of him wearing a guard uniform, Lin Shan would have cursed her luck for running into a prince or a big shot from somewhere.

What a Royal Palace, even a random guard has such good looks. Lin Shan felt an immense appreciation for life.

“Brother, you have grown up to be so handsome, stop keeping that serious look all day. Give me a quick smile, come on!”

The corner of the other person’s lips started twitching.

“It’s just a wine bottle, why are you so selfish? I understand, your pay must not be very much? I’ll tell you, the people up there only cares about themselves, why would they worry about the lives of the people beneath them? I wonder who take cares of the salary payment…” Lin Shan began to prattle on.

“Prince Consort” The other person abruptly spoke.

Lin Shan almost fainted. Not only are you so good looking, even your voice is so nice and smooth! Do you want to take my life?

“The Prince Consort must have a lot of spare time, even worrying about my salary? Even so, it’s best if each person worries about their own finances.”

“Hey.., do you know what this wine is? I feel sort of.. Hazy..” In the middle of their talks, she suddenly felt her legs weakening.

“Help me stand, I can’t… I..” Lin Shan wasn’t able to think of much more and held onto the other person’s arm.

Then, darkness befall her vision. She was passing out.

Even though she was fainting, she didn’t forget to take advantage of the situation and started groping.

Ooh, I like what I’m feeling… Oops, yup, losing consciousness.



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      [SPOILERS] Lian Feng the imperial guard will end up as our main male protagonist.

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