Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs – Chapter 5

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By the time Lin Shan woke up, she was already inside the Princess’ Palace. Du Ming Yue was standing right next to her, glaring menacingly.

“I already kicked you out last night! What are you doing in my room now?”

Lin Shan just woke up from her drunken stupor, her mind was still quite foggy. Thinking back, she can vaguely recall yesterday’s event, like when she was choking, and when she drank the wine of that handsome man, but whatever happened after that she had absolutely no idea.

“Princess, I really do not know.” Lin Shan shook her head and said.

Du Ming Yue was so enraged she nearly jumped: “The Imperial Princess’s palace isn’t a place a man can just casually stroll in. Get out!”

Lin Shan was still feeling faint, but she nodded and clumsily stood up from the floor and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, an announcement came from outside: “The Emperor summons the Princess and Prince Consort to the Imperial study!”

Hearing the Emperor’s title, both of them turned around at the same time and stared at the same direction. Du Ming Yue began to seem flustered.

“Fine, but later on when we meet Father, don’t you dare mention yesterday’s matter! Do you understand?” She could act haughtily all she wants in front of Lin Shan, but in front of the Emperor she has no choice but to behave. She does not dare to argue with him, especially about important matters like this.

Even if you didn’t say anything I would already know, do you think I’m an idiot? Lin Shan cursed in her heart, but she also discovered something. The Princess’ attitude towards Lin Shan was always rude, but the slightest mention of the Emperor would cause her to turn nervous. It seems like the Emperor did not spoil her as much as the rumours had said.

Finding out one of Du Ming Yue’s weaknesses, Lin Shan’s mind began to turn, a scheme slowly forming.

After that, a group of maids entered the room and helped them get ready. Finished with their preparation, the eunuch brought them to the Imperial study. On the way there they met many servants. Upon seeing the two, everybody bowed and paid respect: “Good Morning Princess! Good Morning Prince Consort!”

This was the first time Lin Shan have been treated so courteously. She suddenly felt the need to act like a big shot: “Ai, morning morning, you have a good morning, you have a good morning too, everybody should have a good morning!”

The group of maids stared at the hilarious figure of Lin Shan who was half dazed half drunk while wishing them all good mornings non-stop. They couldn’t hold it for too long and all simultaneously lowered their heads while giggling. This result in Du Ming Yue, who was following them from behind, giving them a terrible glare and shouted:

“What a bold bunch of servants! Have you run out of things to do? Be careful or I’ll send you to the storage room as punishment. Get out of my sight!”

The maids fled as quickly as they could.

Lin Shan stood beside the Princess and shook her head. She quietly grumbled, hey Princess, you must win people’s heart with kindness. Kindness!

Du Ming Yue abruptly turned around, her glare directed towards Lin Shan “Song Luo, don’t you go thinking that just because Father have forced me to marry you that you can do whatever you like! I know you carry a grudge against me, but if you use this chance to get back at me, I won’t let you have a day of peace for the rest of your life.”

When did I carry a grudge against you? I’m even wishing that you would hate me even more! Lin Shan chuckled quietly in her mind, but on the outside she nodded obediently.

“At least you know your place!” Du Ming Yue humphed, and then stepped forward arrogantly.

“Try not to fall over and die!” Lin Shan cursed under her breath.

The result was…

“OW!” Du Ming Yue really did fell down.

Whoa, what? Really?!?! Lin Shan became stunned, and then she abruptly burst out laughing.

The eunuch who was leading the way froze on the spot, his face filled with fear.

“Song Luo, you…” Du Ming Yue knew that she just lost all her face. She struggled to stand up, her face red with anger, she yelled:

“You… you Bastard!” You dare to make fun of me, the Princess?

But the Emperor chose this precise moment to enter the room.

“Yue-er, Luo-er, you both seems to be having fun, what happened?” The Emperor mood was very good, his aura refreshing and his footsteps light. He strolled towards them casually.

“Your child greets the Emperor!” Lin Shan quickly used the formality knowledge drilled into her by her parents to welcome the Emperor.

Du Ming Yue didn’t bother to greet the Emperor, she immediately pulled on his hand and said: “Father! He.. he looked down on me!”

Very good Du Ming Yue, you dare to try to harm me. Lin Shan felt extremely annoyed, but on the outside she was all smiles: “Princess, don’t embarrass me like that. Emperor, the Princess and I were simply playing around!”

How could the Emperor not know the personality of his own daughter? Looking at the smiling face of his son-in-law, and then at his daughter’s red face, he could somewhat guess the situation. But he felt very pleased in his heart.

“Good good! This is youth! This marriage was definitely not a mistake! Good kid!” The Emperor waved his arm in front of an eunuch “Rewards!”

Rewards? Hearing this word, Lin Shan’s eyes brighten up like a weasel, faintly glowing with a shade of greed.

Ooh, it seems like being the Prince Consort does come with some perks! Lin Shan gave a beaming smile while receiving the treasures the Emperor gifted. She didn’t forget to go through all the proper formalities: “This child is grateful for the Emperor’s generous gift!”

Du Ming Yue who was standing nearby was so angry that smoke seems to have risen from her head.

After coming back from their visit to the Emperor, Du Ming Yue wondered about Lin Shan’s actions.




“Song Luo!”

Only now did Lin Shan stop. She slowly turned around with her head lowered and spoke “What can I do for you Princess?”

“You…!” Today Du Ming Yue was feeling startled. She felt that she couldn’t gain the upper hand against this person no matter what she tried, but with her position as the Royal Princess, she gnashed her teeth and pointed at Lin Shan: “Just then you humiliated me in front of Father on purpose didn’t you?”

Lin Shan only smiled mysteriously.

“Very good, Song Luo, you.. you dare to bully me!” The princess who has been spoiled ever since her youth wasn’t capable of dealing with this tiny amount of injustice. She ended up using a young lady’s ultimate technique: “First cry, then make a scene, and if that doesn’t work threaten to hang oneself”.

Unfortunately for the Princess, her Prince Consort was also a girl. Young girls would of course understand each other’s hearts. Even though Lin Shan can’t handle sophisticated scheming, she can easily take care of Ming Yue’s childish tantrum.

“Princess, you accused me of bullying you, but do you have any proof?”

Du Ming Yue didn’t think that Lin Shan would respond in such a manner, but she still pressed on: “Why are you still denying it? You… you made fun of me in front of Father!”

“Princess, you got it wrong!” Lin Shan stopped smiling, her face became incomparably serious.

“Did Princess ever think about the consequences of your tattling to the Emperor? What do you think will happen once he is angry?”

“This…” Du Ming Yue was speechless.

“If the Princess can’t answer, then I’ll say it in your stead.” Lin Shan adjusted her clothes and then continued.

“Once the Emperor is angry, I will definitely suffer some punishment, but does Princess think that this won’t affect you at all?”

“Me?” Ming Yue was suspicious.

Lin Shan continued her explanation: “That’s right, my current identity is the Prince Consort, your husband. Once your husband is reprimanded, do you think that you will just get away peacefully? Don’t even talk about the Emperor’s anger, what about your reputation? You are the Princess of an entire country, but after being married for just a single night, your husband was immediately punished by the Emperor. What do you think others will think of this?”

Ming Yue’s face slowly changed.

“Princess does not like this servant, and I you. But the Imperial decree have already been given, we are already considered to be married, what more do you think you can do about it now? Do you want to leave me or me to leave you? You are scared of losing face, but what about me? Since fate have already brought us together as husband and wife, why don’t we sit down and discuss things politely?”

Lin Shan’s words hit all of Du Ming Yue’s weaknesses.

It’s true, she really was scared of tarnishing her honour! That’s why she went through all the trouble of writing a secret letter to her father, and that was also why she didn’t run to her father and turn the Royal Palace upside down when the marriage decree was sent out. She cannot disagree with a single one of Lin Shan’s words.

After thinking for awhile, Du Ming Yue decided to make a compromise.

“Fine. What do you propose we do now?”



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