Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs – Chapter 6

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: LtBeefy, No1Fan

After negotiating for a while, Lin Shan and Du Ming Yue finished signing a contract based on five rules: Always respect each other’s privacy, no touching of any kind, no interfering with each other’s lives, both sides get equal shares of any spoils and finally they must live in peace.

After finishing the negotiations, Lin Shan spoke, “I have a request, I want my family servant to be transferred here as my personal maid.”

Pervert! Du Ming Yue cursed in her heart, but she still nodded. “Fine!”

“I also have another request.”

Du Ming Yue frowned: “Couldn’t you just say it all in one go?”

“The gifts the Emperor have rewarded us with, I want half.”

Du Ming Yue’s lips twisted. Just then as they worked through their mutual agreement, she began to gain some good feeling towards this Song Luo, but hearing his words, all her sympathies went right out of the window “Shameless bastard! Just take all of it.”

Lin Shan’s eyes lit up like the moon “Really? Don’t you dare regret it!”

Du Ming Yue: “…”

Ever since Little Lu returned back to Lin Shan’s side, the both of them were continuously up to no good.

“Young Master, would you like to have some Mung Bean Cake?”

“Young Master, have some tea!”

“Young Master, do you need a back rub?”

“Young Master, let this servant accompany you on your walk in the garden.”

Du Ming Yue stood to the side and glared at them “Hey, are you really Song Lin Feng’s younger brother?” No matter how you look at it, it just seemed like the Song clan picked up some random punk on the street to use as a replacement.

“Yes really! I’m the real deal, the genuine goods. Definitely not a fake.” Lin Shan puffed out her chest and said.

Du Ming Yue asked coyly “Your brother isn’t like you is he?”.

It seems like this little girl hasn’t given up on her crush! Lin Shan pretended like she was shocked by her strange suggestion: “How could that be? My big brother is graceful like jade, brilliant, talented, loved and admired by all. If flowers saw him, they would suddenly bloom, if hens saw him they will instantly shoot out eggs, how can I compare to him?”

Du Ming Yue sighed lightly, “I knew that even without you telling me!”

Suddenly, Lin Shan became very mysterious, she lowered her voice and said “Even so… these are just the things others know about. My big brother actually has many deep secrets, and he only shares them with me.”

Huh? Du Ming Yue eyes brighten “Quick, tell me some of them!”

“Well, I could tell you, but right now I’m feeling sort of tired. I guess I’ll go for a walk. Little Lu!”

“Yes Young Master.” Little Lu instantly appeared by Lin Shan’s side.

“Let’s go, we’ll take a stroll around the flower garden!”

“Oh-kay!” Little Lu has been thoroughly educated by Lin Shan, she even knew how to speak English! What bright prospects she has!

Du Ming Yue was thrown to the side just like that. She became so angry that she stomped the ground repeatedly “Song Luo, you bastard! This Princess will never forgive you as long as we both live!”

The path from the Princess’ Palace to the Imperial Flower Garden was overflowing with the fresh scent of flowers that came with the arrival of spring.

With the Prince Consort appearing, there was no small amount of palace maids whose eyes were drawn to her. Even though Song Luo wasn’t as handsome as Son Lin Feng, the same foundation was obviously there. Pink lips and pearl white teeth combined with refined men’s clothing, it could be considered a neutral kind of beauty.

The reason why Song Luo’s initial appearance disappointed so many young maiden’s heart was because their expectations were way too high. Furthermore, Lian Feng was standing right next to him with his domineering presence, how could Song Luo compete?

But right now, besides Song Luo was a completely normal looking young girl. That’s why at a glance, Song Luo body was exuding a regal aura, not a tiny bit average. Even more, Palace maids don’t usually get to meet many young men, now that a new Prince Consort had appeared it had definitely made the scenery more tolerable and refreshing. The group of palace maids would stop and stare while shyly giggling.

This made Lin Shan feel very happy, the girls in ancient times were too restrained. She remembered that she used to have a crush on a School Hottie (1), and she pursued him extremely aggressively, to the point where the poor School Hottie had to start looking for a boyfriend instead. Who would have thought that situation would now be reversed, she had become a man, and now has to endure the infatuated and flirtatious glances of innocent maidens. This made her feel so moved she wanted to cry!

Lin Shan suddenly felt very smug. As a woman I am successful, as a man I am extraordinary, this is something that had never happened before in history!

While Lin Shan was deep in her gloating fantasies, someone shouted: “The Third Prince is coming!”

Abruptly all the shyness that palace maids had previously exhibited disappeared without a trace, they all crazily flooded toward the same direction.

In but a moment, her new gain confidence was devastatingly crushed.

“Little Lu, I feel so.. Disappointed…” Lin Shan said painfully.

“Why does Young Master feel disappointed?” Little Lu blinked and asked.

Lin Shan complained: “How can people just care so much about outside appearances? How shallow!”

“Lian Guardian has also come!” Someone called out.

“AH!” Lin Shan eyes glowed, “Go! Little Lu, we must go over there!”

Little Lu shook her head “Young Master, how shallow of you!”

“Shallow your face! This Young master is only interested in the Golden Sabre. Its value must not be low!”

Little Lu: “…”

To the people inside the Royal Palace, when it comes to Du Jing and Lian Feng, whether looks or constitution, neither of them were ordinary. The chance of catching sight of them both in the Palace was extremely small.

But now the mythical moment had arrived, the two of them appeared together at the Imperial Flower Garden, causing others to be surprised. This caused the palace maids to be extremely excited, but they didn’t dare to approach them, only observing them from afar. The passion they exhibited right now was a hundred times more intense than when they saw Lin Shan.

Maid A: “Look, Third Prince’s smile is so intoxicating!”

Maid B: “But I think Lian Guardian looks more mysterious!”

Maid A: “Third Prince is more charming and suave!”

Maid B: “But Lian Guardian is heroic and righteous!”

Maid A: “Third Prince is just better looking!”

Maid B: “No way, Lian Guardian is the most handsome!”

Maid C: “Stop arguing the both of you. Don’t you see that they belong together?”

Listening in on the side, Lin Shan almost fell over. It seems like not only does BL have the power to dominate the entire world, it could even break through time and space. Excellent! How awe-inspiring!

Meanwhile, Lian Feng and Du Jing were currently talking.

“Your Highness, what did you find this servant for?” Lian Feng’s face was still covered with the silver mask this entire time, but based on his flat tone, one could tell that he was not very excited to be here.

“Don’t rush things Lian Guardian! This Prince only plans to bring you to a certain place.”

“This servant Lian Feng is the leader of the Royal Guard, my duty is to protect the Palace. I cannot leave no matter what, I hope Third Prince will forgive me.”

“Why are you always so serious? This Palace is full of guards, just because you won’t be around for awhile doesn’t mean trouble will start. Follow me for a bit, come on!” Du Jing said, pulling Lian Feng to follow him.

“I beg the Prince to let go.” Lian Feng spoke coldly, his hands gripping the Golden Sabre tightly.

Du Jing was not at all afraid. Suddenly he laughed loudly, leaning over to Lian Feng and whispered something.

Immediately Lian Feng froze on the spot.

“So? Will you follow me or not?” Du Jing smiled.

Lian Feng didn’t say a word, the two of them stood still in place… The Palace maids who were sneaking peeks saw these suspicious actions and began to screech painfully.

Maid A: “It can’t be, Third Prince and Lian Feng Guardian have this kind of special relationship…”

Maid B: “Why??? Both of them are… My heart is dead.”

Maid C eyes became bright with excitement “Such a beautiful couple, amazing couple, adorable couple…”

Lin Shan’s forehead became drenched with sweat as she stood to the side observing the maids.

The high pitched screech of the palace maids caused Du Jing to turn around. He looked over, a maddeningly seductive smile slowly broke out, causing all the palace maids who couldn’t take it any longer to drop onto the ground one after another. By the end, there was only one person left standing, whose eyes were glued to the Golden Sabre on Lian Feng’s hip instead of Du Jing, her two eyes full of light.

“Song Brother, come here!”

A single sentence from Du Jing caused Lin Shan to return to reality. Only now did she realise “I’ve been found out!”


(1) 校草, or literally School Grass, is a title referring to the most handsome/beautiful looking male student of an entire school.


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