Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 7

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: LtBeefy, No1Fan

Being caught red handed, Lin Shan could only come out from hiding and walk towards them. Only now did Lin Shan truly realise the gap between her and them! The palace maids were now all wondering what was wrong with their eyes.

“The Prince consort really is nothing special!”

“That’s right, he isn’t even comparable to the Third Prince!”

“Next to Lian Guardian, the Prince Consort is a little bit too short…”

Lin Shan felt extremely wronged: “Why do you guys have such high standards? I’m dying under the pressure here!”

Seeing that Lin Shan was depressed, Du Jing smiled slyly and said, “Look at your poor complexion. Last night must have been very rough huh?”

“Ha ha ha…” Lin Shan awkwardly laughed, but she was cursing him quietly in her heart: “Rough your mother!!! I hope immoral people like you all run out of strength from indulging in “that” too much and die an early death!!!”

“Well, it’s your first, so it’s hard to blame you for having a difficult time. After getting some more experience you will be alright… Oh was it the Prince Consort’s first time?”

What sort of shameless person is this? Why are you talking about this matter with such a casual face! Lin Shan laughed painfully “Not everyone is so experienced like Third Prince.”

“Haha, Song brother really praises me too much!”

I’m not praising you! How is your face so thick? Lin Shan was beginning to run out of retorts.

Right now, the person who had never spoken a word from start to finish – Lian Feng, suddenly interrupted the both of them and said, “If there’s no other matter, this servant will retire.” Finished speaking, he turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Du Jing stopped him while smirking “What do you mean no other matters? I have a very important matter. Song brother, seems like you are also not very busy, why don’t you come with us?”

Lin Shan cautiously asked: “Where?”

“Outside the Palace.”

Outside the Palace? Lin Shan were indeed interested.

Little Lu beside her became noisy: “Young Master, I wanna go outside the Palace too!”

“You can’t come!” Du Jing shook his head. He looked at them and smiled mysteriously: “This place, only men may enter…”

It took Lin Shan but a moment to catch his drift. They were heading to a brothel!… Lin Shan frowned while looking at Du Jing, he was not a simple person. Following him outside would not be very safe.

That’s why, Lin Shan turned around and looked at Lian Feng.

Lian Feng didn’t say a word, the eyes beneath his mask exuding a calm appearance without a wave of emotion.

“Lian Guardian, this Prince only worries about you, this great chance, others can’t even beg for!”

Outside of her prediction, Lian Feng didn’t reject him. She silently thought, Lian Feng must have a weak spot somewhere that the Third Prince has gotten a hold of. Who would have thought even the Lian Feng Guardian would have such a weakness, one really cannot judge based on appearances.

If Lian Feng has already agreed, why wouldn’t Lin Shan come!? Wherever the precious Golden Sabre goes, I must follow! … How valuable is that thing?!! (Author’s note: Little Shan Shan, you’re too much~! TT.TT)

The three of them quickly left the Royal Palace and went to the most lavishing and expensive brothel in the Capital, the “Leaning Vermillion House”.

Du Jing was definitely a regular here, the moment the horse carriage pulled up to the gate of the brothel, a flood of ladies in full makeup rushed out to greet them. They had pink lips and white teeth, some with beauty so breathtaking they were like blooming flowers. Every single one of them were “high quality” goods, and they were extremely professional.

Not only Du Jing, even the masked Lian Feng was warmly welcomed. Not mentioning his fame, just basing on his height along with his mysterious and cold attitude, it was more than enough to send all the girls wild.

Lin Shan were right behind them, but nobody even gave her a glance. A bunch of ladies, some sticking to Du Jing, some glued to Lian Feng, while Lin Shan awkwardly followed, such a pitiful sight!

Shallow, so shallow! Lin Shan quietly gave out her judgement while grumbling all along the way.

After everything settled, someone finally noticed Lin Shan. Even though the two people in front of them were special guests, people who the Third Prince brings must at least not be ordinary. Let’s ask to make sure.

A young lady smiled sweetly and asked: “Third Prince, this guest is…”

“This person? Guess.” Du Jing lifted a wine cup and spoke.

“Silly, I can’t guess!” The women’s plump chest shook as she spoke with a voice that was comparable to Lin Chi-Ling, causing Lin Shan to have goosebumps everywhere.(1)

“This is Song Clan’s Second Young Master, Song Luo.”

What? Song Clan’s Second Son, isn’t that the Prince Consort? Husband of Ming Yue Princess?

In a blink of an eye, all the ladies surrounding Lin Shan retreated.

No way! Lin Shan face turned into an 囧. Can you guys not be so obvious? You’re killing me here!

A young lady awkwardly laughed: “Prince Consort hasn’t been married for long, yet you already sneaked to our Leaning Vermillion House, could it be that there are some problems?”

“Ming… Princess Ming Yue will be very angry if she finds out.” A different girl jumped in.

“Prince Consort should return early.” A girl spoke out with sincerity.

Lin Shan quietly cursed in mind: “Du Ming Yue, what kind of reputation do you have that can cause everybody to shake in fear like this?”

“Men going out to have fun is a perfectly normal matter, why is everyone so nervous?” Du Jing spoke up, “Come, come, Song brother, I will buy you a drink. I still feel regret that I couldn’t drink with Song Brother on the day you got married. Come now, Little Red, quickly pour wine for the Prince Consort!”

Little Red’s body shook as she picked up the wine bottle and poured Lin Shan a drink. She then quickly pulled back out of fear.

Lin Shan pretended to be shy and said: “I thank the Third Prince. Unfortunately my constitution isn’t very good, I hope I can drink this tea in place of the wine.”

Du Jing frowned: “How could Song brother say that? On your wedding day, your drinking ability was astonishing!”

Astonishing your head! On that day this old grandma only drank water. Lin Shan was planning to continue rejecting the drink when the Manager of Leaning Vermillion House appeared, her smile reaching up to her ears “Third Prince, Bai Lian lady has come!”

Bai Lian? Lin Shan became curious. Could it be some sort of special character?

Of course, following behind the Manager was a super beauty!

A girl wearing a light blue uniform, bringing with her a gentle and fragile beauty with soft white skin, her flowing black hair shining. Bai Lian was a person just like her name, a dazzling white lotus that makes everything around it pale in comparison.(2)

Everybody, no matter who they were, could appreciate beauty. Lin Shan was the same, a one of a kind beauty like Bai Lian make her cannot help but stare.

Suddenly, Bai Lian lifted her head and said: “Bai Lian greets Third Prince and Lian Young Master…”

Lin Shan has once again been thrown to the side. =.=

“Lian brother, let me introduce you, this is the number one beauty of Leaning Vermillion House – Bai Lian lady. She has admired you for a long time… Little Lian, come and pour wine for Lian Guardian.”

Bai Lian softly walked towards them, her lovely demeanor enough to cause countless men to go crazy and all women to be jealous.

But Lian Feng act like nothing has happened. He continue to sit there with no reaction.

“Lian Young Master, have some.” Bai Lian’s sweet voice rang out, causing people’s heart to melt.

Lian Feng remained unmoved by her voice. He didn’t even turn to glance at Bai Lian once. Bai Lian’s hand that was holding the wine cup froze in the air. She had no idea what to do next while being so embarrassed.

Seeing Bai Lian’s eyes beginning to turn red from tears, Du Jing tried to smooth things over: “Lian brother, you shouldn’t act like that, why are you ignoring the good intentions of Bai Lian lady? Give me face and have a drink.”

Hearing Du Jing, Lian Feng could only take the wine cup. He downed it in one gulp and then slam the wine cup down determinedly with a “clack”.

Bai Lian planned to keep offering him wine, but seeing Lian Feng’s decisive actions, her arms stiffen. She felt extremely aggrieved, tears were already overflowing from her eyes.

“How pitiful!” Lin Shan shook her head while sitting on the side. Definitely a beauty with a poor fate. The person who likes you, you don’t like, but the person you love wouldn’t even give you a look. Beauty, you must wake up soon, lower your standards a bit, and find a more appropriate crush, as no matter what it would be better than getting yourself mixed up with the royal family’s matters.

While Lin Shan was still shaking her head in complaint, Lian Feng’s face suddenly changed, his sharp eyes shot towards Bai Lian and he coldly spoke:

“What did you put inside the drink?”


(1) Lin Chi-Ling is a Taiwanese supermodel and actress, well known as being the spokeperson for China airline and Longines. [Her Voice]

(2) Bai Lian literally translates to White Lotus.


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