Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 8

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: LtBeefy, No1Fan

Lian Feng’s wine was definitely drugged, but the person who did it was not Bai Lian, but Du Jing.

Why did Du Jing do such a thing? Simple, for the smile of a beauty. And this beauty, is the very same person standing in the room, Bai Lian.

This was a long story.

Bai Lian was the number one girl of the Leaning Vermillion House, people who want to even catch a glimpse of her must line up all the way from the front of the street. But Bai Lian very rarely took any guests, even Du Jing was no exception.

Du Jing was promiscuous and indulgent, and the entire capital’s young, old, men and women all knew about this matter, but his reputation was still very good. This is partly because of his position as the Prince, but there was another crucial reason, that was he really understood a woman’s heart. Even if it was a girl he has thrown away, they still spoke good things about him. Plainly put, this person is extremely calculating.

Du Jing really liked Bai Lian, seeing that she was always depressed, after doing some asking around, he found out the reason. It turns out that before she sold herself, Bai Lian was a daughter of a merchant. Once she followed her father outside to do some business negotiations, they ran into some bandits. Not only were they after the gold, they were coveting Bai Lian due to her beauty.

At that moment, Lian Feng who had left the palace to complete a mission saw this situation and rescued them. From then on, Bai Lian quietly resolved to use her body to repay their saviour.

Later on, Bai Lien’s family business began to fail and they were left with no money. Their debtors sold her into this brothel, but even so, she still has not given up her idea of repaying Lian Feng.

After finding out her deepest wish, in order to gain her smile, Du Jing thought of a ploy. Du Jing was definitely a person who only appears once in a thousand years. He would go out of his way to help the woman he likes to sleep with a different man. No wonder so many ladies would sacrifice themselves for him.

That’s how they ended up with the current farce.

“What did you put inside the wine?”

When Lin Shan heard what Lian Feng has said, her heart was jumping. This sort of amazing drama, I was even lucky enough to witness! So exciting, so thrilling! (=_=)

But in that moment, Du Jing suddenly summoned a bunch of servants, his eyes like a tiger staring at its prey.

“Take his sabre away!” After Du Jing gave out his order, they all headed towards Lian Feng.

Sabre? Lin Shan were startled, her blood began to boil: Humph! You are a Prince of an entire country, just because of a Golden Sabre, you dare to poison your own Royal Guard’s Chief?

Are you even human? Is the Golden Sabre’s value that great?

Of course, Lin Shan had totally misunderstood the whole situation.

At that moment the drug has successfully spread throughout Lian Feng’s body. His legs became weak, his entire body was burning, even when he tried to gather his inner strength, nothing came.

He knew that he had made a big mistake, his hands gripping the Golden Sabre on his hips and faced Du Jing’s lackeys head on.

As the sabre was about to leave its sheath, starting a river of blood, a person jumped out right in front of him.

“Everybody, stop your hands!”

Hearing this earth shattering shout, everybody was startled. Only when they gathered had their wits did they recognise the Prince Consort.

Song Luo was currently standing in front of Lian Feng, shielding him while wearing an extremely angry expression.

Even Du Jing was surprised. He has always been good at judging people, he thought that this Song Luo was just a pervert with a weak-will. He thought that this guy would just simply stay out of trouble and know his own place, but who would have thought he would jump out and destroy his plan. What a headache!

“Song brother, this Leaning Vermilion House has many beauties, you can have whoever you want, don’t get in the way of my good plans!”

Beauties your fart! This grandpa only needs the Golden Sabre! Golden Sabre!! Lin Shan became even angrier, she continued to stand in front of Lian Feng, not moving a step.

Du Jing began to feel annoyed “Song brother, if you won’t listen to reason, then deal with the consequences!” he finished speaking, then he motioned to the servants: “Go!”

Between the Prince and Prince Consort, the servants obviously knew who to listen to. They intimidatingly approached her like a group of wolves.

Lin Shan panicked, but in the midst of hardship a brilliant idea appeared. She yelled out, “Whoever dares to do anything, I will report it to Ming Yue Princess!”

Just with a sentence, everybody stopped.

Even if the bunch of servants were currently all intimidating like wolves…the Princess is a tiger!

Between the Princess and Third Prince, everybody chose the Princess. If they cause a problem with the Prince, they just need to find another power to rely on. But if they offend the Princess, they are offending the Emperor himself.

“Prince Consort… Tell… Tell them all to get out.” Lian Feng stood behind Lin Shan and weakly said.

Lin Shan nodded and shouted: “ I will count to 10, you all better get out before I have finished. If anyone remains after I finish counting, I will ask the Princess to bring you to the Royal Palace, females will become maids, men will become eunuchs! 1, 2, 3, 10!

Immediately, everybody bolted from the room, and the lackeys even fled like the wind while holding on to their crotch. Even Bai Lian lady – her beauty and demeanor comparable to Lin Daiyu, also left. Finally, only Du Jing was left. He looked at Lin Shan not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

“Prince Consort, the truth is…”

“Get out” Quickly get out of here. I won’t let you snatch this grandpa’s Golden Sabre. Don’t even mention one measly Third Prince, even thirteen Third Princes wouldn’t be able to.

Du Jing could only shake his head, swallowing the other half sentence of “… I drugged him with an aphrodisiac.” down to his stomach. He looked at Lin Shan with a look of “Pray for your own safety!” and left, locking the door behind him. He felt extremely angry, even though he was a Prince, a damn Prince Consort dared to threaten him, he has no face left! Only after making sure that the door was tightly locked, would he leave to find a lady to entertain himself with.

With only Lin Shan behind, she thought, I bravely defended the Golden Sabre like that, at least you must let me touch it!

Thinking that, she giggled greedily, planning to go snatch her prize when she suddenly froze.

Hey hey hey,… why is your complexion under that mask a little… Weird? Why are you so red? Hey, why are you getting closer to me?

Suddenly, Lin Shan understood.

Du Jing, you bastard!!! You even drugged him with aphrodisiac in order to steal the Golden Sabre. I… I … gotta get out of here.

She ran towards the door, but she discovered: It’s locked!!!

At this moment, Lin Shan had only one thought: my innocence… you must prevail!



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