Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 9

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  • ED: LtBeefy, No1Fan, Azusky

The door was definitely locked very tight. Not only that, due to Lin Shan’s previous threat, everybody has already retreated far away from the room. Nobody dared to get closely. No matter how loud Lin Shan knocked on the door no one would come.

Right now, the person behind her had already approached very close. Lin Shan could detect the unique male odor coming from Lian Feng’s body, her heart was overcome with fear.

A hand touched her shoulder.

Lin Shan’s body nearly shot into the air.

“There’s no need to be so excited! I’m a man! Man! Look closely! I don’t even have a chest!” Lin Shan turned around, slapping her chest repeatedly.

I’m actually being partially honest right now! Why must it be like this, you haven’t even touched me yet but I already want to vomit blood.

Seeing that the other side had no reaction, Lin Shan slowly opened her eyes, peeking at Lian Feng. It’s hard to describe his current facial expression, there was a weakness to it, combined with overwhelming lust, but inside that lust was a trace of intelligence.

“Prince Consort, you… don’t need to worry…” Since he was drugged, even speaking was difficult for Lian Feng. But thanks to his strength, he was still able to hold himself back.

“You’re like this, how can I not worry?” Lin Shan pulled on his mouth.

Lian Feng’s eyes twitched: “Prince Consort, please be at peace… With my internal strength… it’s possible to hold on.”

“Really?” Lin Shan inspected his face, it seemed like he wasn’t lying to her. She was temporarily relieved and began to pat his chest strongly “Oi, why didn’t you say so earlier? Made me worry to death! Ooh, this feels pretty nice!” =_=

“Stop touching me!” Lian Feng’s expression worsen, his voice full of caution.

Lin Shan quickly retreated, her face aggrieved: “… Didn’t you say you can control yourself?”

On the other side, Lian Feng’s emotions were in turmoil. Just then, Lin Shan’s touch has left a burning feeling on his flesh. There was a revolving fire in his body, threatening to explode outward. His eyes became dull, the person in front of him slowly morphed into the figure of an attractive young woman. The scent she was releasing had a vaguely feminine touch, causing him to subconsciously inches closer in order to find out the truth.

Lin Shan was still sighing in relief when she suddenly noticed Lian Feng who were once again approaching her slowly, his sniffing nose aiming for her face. Terrified, she quickly stepped back, her back hitting the door.

Lin Shan could feel that the closer he got, the hotter his breath becomes, causing her back to be drenched with cold sweat.

Brother, I only care about your golden sabre, there’s no need to use your body to repay me! If worst comes to worst, you can keep your sabre! Lin Shan was on the verge of tears, even though his body was nice, there has to be a reason why he always wore that mask. He might have even been injured by acid! If that was the case then I wouldn’t profit at all! Lin Shan screamed loudly, her hands scrambling all over the door.

In that moment, Lian Feng’s mind was under a powerful struggle. After the previous wave of emotions, he recovered temporarily . Realising that he had lost control and was right next to Song Luo, he felt ashamed and started to apologise: “I… AH!” After releasing a painful yell, the Legendary Golden Sabre Guardian, Leader of the Royal Guards — fell face flat on the ground.

Looking at Lin Shan, she was holding a wooden pole used to lock doors. She breathed out in relief: “Oh Mother! That was dangerous!”

Looking at the Lian Feng who fell on the ground, Lin Shan slowly regained her composure, before quickly panicking again. Isn’t he the leader of the Royal Guards? How did I knock him out with just a wooden lock? Twitch a little so I can tell if you are still alive! She kicked Lian Feng with her shaking feet, but there was no response.

Ai ya! Did you die just from that? Lin Shan was horrified, she quickly knelt down, and attempted to measure his breath. Perfect, perfect, you’re still alive. You only passed out.

Lin Shan breathed out once more, her eyes brightened as she looked down: “Golden Sabre?! Good opportunity!”

The hidden evil desire in Lin Shan’s mind appeared, she looked at Lian Feng who was unconscious on the floor and then at the golden sabre. Her inner heart was struggling ceaselessly. In the end, rationality lost.

Brother, for better or worse, I was the one who saved the Golden Sabre and prevented it from falling into other’s hands. I also only smacked you around a little bit, let’s call it even. Your Sabre… let me borrow it. Once she has made up her mind, Lin Shan’s evil claws shot out towards the Golden Sabre.

Move! Why aren’t you moving? Lin Shan looked closely and saw that even though Lian Feng has passed out, his hands were still gripping the sabre tightly. The power behind his grip was terrifying, and no matter what she did it wouldn’t budge.

Are you serious? Isn’t it just a damn sabre? Lin Shan felt depressed, no matter how much she tried it wouldn’t move an inch. Forget it, let’s just say you owe me one! Lin Shan was out of breath and tired. She sat down and stared at Lian Feng while sulking.

Hey, how valuable is this sabre? Even the Third Prince wanted it, and you just won’t let it go. Could it be some ancient artifact? Lin Shan thought that this Sabre must truly be an expensive weapon, the more she looked at it the more annoyed she felt. Her foot shot out and kicked Lian Feng again. Seeing that he continued to lie there in silence, she used both her feet to kick him repeatedly to vent her anger, but the result was that he began to move.

What are you mumbling? Didn’t you pass out? Lin Shan became scared, she quickly ran back a small distance and stared at Lian Feng.

Lian Feng’s body shook, but after awhile there were no more changes, he still laid there frozen.

Lin Shan looked from afar, her eyes scanning him from head to toe. If she was honest, this guy’s body was really first class. His waist, legs, hands… Unfortunately, he wore a mask. It’s the same kind of mask as The Phantom of the Opera wore. It’s probably because his face has been terribly scarred, how pitiful…

Wait! This mask, it must be worth a lot right?

Our friend Lin Shan had a special eye for valuable objects, no matter the time or place, her eyes always ended up at the most valued treasure around. The thing called a naturally greedy soul, basically describes her perfectly.

Being careful of waking Lian Feng, Lin Shan cautiously approached. Her sinning claws once again reached out, this time for the mask on Lian Feng’s face..

Right now, Lian Feng didn’t move even a bit, so Lin Shan casually took off his mask. But her attention immediately shifted from the mask to his face – It was that guy she met on her wedding night!

Lin Shan was full of regrets, her stomach was churning. Why are you wearing a mask when you look like that? If I knew it was you earlier, I would have let you have your ways! You can do your best without holding back. Don’t worry about me being a fragile flower, I can really take it all!

(Author: Little Shan Shan, what will we do with you? =_=)



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