Zombie Girl, Where Are You – Prologue

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LaSolistia

Darkness, infinite darkness. Suddenly…

On a beautiful green planet…

What did I do? My skin is so pale, my body feels so heavy, I think I need to take a walk.

Ah, what is that bright light? Is that the sun? I couldn’t help but attempt to lift my arms and shield myself, but I can’t even carry out these simple movements.

My appearance is terrifying, I need to get out of here.

My stomach is rumbling, I think I need to eat.

What is this? I took a deep breath, the smell of something is making me excited. My body trembles and my throat open up to release a piercing howl… My beating heart urges me to take a bite, inside my mind I hear something screaming loudly in protest. It wasn’t clear, like a wet sponge had been stuck inside my ears. So delicious! Shaking my head, I no longer pay attention to the noise.

Where is this? I look around.

The ground is cold as ice, broken bodies lying about.

Huh? My hands… seem red. Is this blood? So fragrant… I close my eyes and slowly savoured it with my tongue.

“!” All of a sudden I snapped out of it! I can feel my heart beating rapidly.

Who am I? My head feels so heavy. An image briefly flickers by; a middle-aged man, wearing a white coat and glasses… an attractive woman with black hair, her face showing a pained expression.. Hurt… it hurts so much. “Daddy! No! I don’t want to go to sleep…”

And then the memory fades. So sad, water droplets are falling from my eyes, but why can’t I feel anything? I miss Mommy…




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