Zombie Girl, Where are you? – Chapter 1

Chapter 1
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy, LaSolistia

My name is Mo Yi Lan, my father was a professor, and my mother was his student.

The name I usually go by is Fan Fan (1), because when I was little whenever I had rice they always got stuck to my face. That was perhaps the happiest time of life.

Mother… just the word mom isn’t enough to describe her, she loved me so very dearly. She was a kind and beautiful woman, and she had long flowing waterfall-like hair.

Before I was ten, my father also showered me with affection. But then, everything changed.

After that, I kept slipping in and out of consciousness, everyday there were many uncles and aunties busy near me, I don’t know what they were busy with, but when I’m awake I always opened my eyes widely to observe them through the glass windows.

Ah! I forgot to do the introduction, this is my good friend, and also where I stay, it’s a “room” made up of clear glass, everyday I spend around 70% of my time there. Everybody outside always looks at me with excited eyes, but they all keep their distance, as if they were afraid of me turning into something terrifying.

During these times my body was always in great pain. Various people, including my own father, were injecting mysterious chemicals into my veins through machines day in and day out. I hate him, he was the one who brought me here, why did he throw me into this cage? I want mommy, where is she? If they don’t turn on the speaker, there is no way for my voice to carry through, but I know that he can read my lips.

My skin gets paler everyday because it has been long time since I have seen the sun. My eyeballs bulge out to the point where they feel like they would burst, as if there was a demon inside trying to claw its way out! When I look at the people in front of me, I keep fantasizing of using my teeth to tear their skin apart! My nails will pierce through their body! I stare at them, focusing on their necks. I can feel the pulse underneath their skin.

“Swoosh, swoosh.” I can hear the sound of their blood calling for me.

I smashed the glass wall.

I can feel that I am sick, because slowly my limbs are hardening, spots began appearing on my skin, my hair becomes messy, my eyes growing blurry. But my body is overflowing with strength.

“No!” My whole body tremble, my two legs desperately holding my upper body up straight.

I close my eyes, I slowly imagine curling up like a fetus.

I… what am I doing?!

A blurry face.

A big hand is holding my own tiny hand, swinging it side to side.

“Fan Fan, my precious! ~”

“Baby girl, come here!”

“Good girl!”

Each memory flickers by quickly, fuzzy and hard to see, the only consistent thing was the beaming smile on the face of the speaker.

“Fan Fan, it’s your daddy…”

“Fan Fan, it’s your loving father.”

“Daddy loves you very much.”

“It’s daddy!!!”

These words keep echoing repeatedly in my ears, threatening to split my head apart!

That face slowly became clearer and clearer. That tall forehead, that crooked nose, those thin lips…

Finally, that warm, familiar smile. My memories of father are very vague, but you could also say that I try not to recall them.

Why, why did he abandoned me in this accursed glass cage without any explanation?

How is it that… even though I already ate you, you can still smile and tell me that you are my loving father?

My consciousness slowly returns to the darkness, within the dim moonlight, mother is here with me, but father is….

That period of time… it was so beautiful… the corner of my lips slowly curved upwards.

Her head hurts so much it’s going to explode.

Even though she was still weak, but now that she can move, she slowly opened her eyes.

Where is this?

There was a dim light surrounding her, science instruments were lying around messily as if something destroyed them, the humidity in the air contained traces of fresh blood.

She slowly raised her head, deep inside her eyes a red light briefly lit up, and then just as quickly grew dim.

Long, supple black hair, clear but empty eyes, pale lifeless skin. She was like a newborn baby, completely unfamiliar with everything around her.

“Where is this?” she asks herself.

“Who am I?”

“I…” she frowned slightly.

There was a name on the tip of her tongue, but it took all of her energy to say it out loud.

“Fan Fan..” Is this my name?

She unsteadily stood up, wanting to get away from the ground.

“So heavy!”

My body that hasn’t moved for a long make my joints feel like they have been frozen.

I want to get away from here right now…

Get away….

Escape? Why did I suddenly have this thought? There’s something here that makes me feel uncomfortable.

“Crunch… crunch…”

A hair raising sound echoes each time I move my creaking bones, slowly as I adapt to it, I call on my body to move further.

What did I do? My current state of affairs is seriously bad, I should straighten up, at least it would be easier on the eyes.

My eyes slowly panned across the room, these bodies, who are they? Do I know them? The smell of fresh blood makes me hungry.

Cannibalism? My entire body is extremely stiff. In my mouth, a pair of sharp fangs.

Am I a werewolf?

But I don’t have a wolf head or hair all over my body

“Grr…” my throat makes a growling sound, the bodies on the ground interest me very much, and my instinct is telling me to use my teeth to tear them up.

Am I a vampire?

Aah, I will take a walk outside, vampires cannot survive in the sun, all I need to do is go to a place with a lot of sunlight and then I will know.

There’s no need to make things so difficult for myself! Isn’t it obvious?

I am a zombie.


(1) Fan Fan literally translates to Rice Rice

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