Zombie Girl, Where are you? – Chapter 2

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy

Ever since the girl woke up, she has been living here for 50 years.

“Shroosh, shroosh” Now and then there were sounds of pages of paper being flipped.

With her head lowered, the pale girl with a delicate figure wearing a T-shirt was immersed in her books. Red glowing eyes gave away the fact that she was no ordinary human, long black hair flowing down her back.

This is an abandoned safe zone – Area 7. Right now it is Zombie Calendar year 175. Almost all of the human cities have been taken over by zombies. Long before, when the zombie virus outbreak happened, 43.7% of humanity immediately turned into zombies. Following that were mutants, of which 17.3% of remaining humanity turned into, leaving 19% normal humans, but quite a few percent of those humans ended up becoming food for zombies.(1)

After the initial chaos, the remaining survivors became united, building 32 safe zones, fighting desperately against the zombies in those areas, everyday there was death, everyday humans were living in constant fear. The zombies also slowly became smarter, and they understood that they temporarily cannot eat all of humanity, and that humans can also retaliate in ways that they can’t understand or predict. That’s why there is no way for zombies to breakthrough the protection of the safe areas, and why humanity has no way of wiping out zombies. Up to the year 175, humans have expanded into 58 safe sites, while zombies stray around random places with or without humans’ presence.


The pair of red eyes abruptly looked up.

As a zombie, Fan Fan’s five senses are much sharper than humans. Her small ears slightly twitched. She has picked up the sound of zombies howling from a distance, following which there was a scent of fresh blood.

Fan Fan stood up and prepared to leave her resting area.

“Faa…” Fan Fan tries to make a sound, but discover that because it has been so long since she has said anything, her vocalisation is far from satisfactory.

“Crack… crack…” The sound of moving muscle resounds.

It has been a long time since a human has appeared in this area, so every time Fan Fan wants to eat she also need to make a big trip.

Why didn’t she leave this place? Fan Fan knitted her eyebrows.

Don’t know!

Fan Fan mustered up some energy to slap her cheeks, not paying attention to the strange feeling appearing in her mind.

“Faa… Phaa… Fan Fan.” Yoosh, that’s right! Fan Fan was very pleased with herself.

Everytime she wants to leave this place, Fan Fan will call out her name.


Fan Fan doesn’t know.

Luckily zombies can conserve their energy, even if they don’t eat for a long time it would only weaken them, that’s why the battle between humanity and zombie have dragged on for over a hundred years.

“Whoosh” a soft wind breezed by, Fan Fan wrinkled her nose, the scent of fresh blood is still very new, where could it have come from? Fan Fan closed her eyes and tries to find the location through her nose…

Found it! A strong gust of wind blew by, and Fan Fan was no longer there.

“Bang, Bang, Bang” Fan Fan heads to a street corner, her eyes darting. Several zombies are trying to get to a person in front of a supermarket. She could vaguely see half a body curling up inside the steel gate. The person seems to be a female. She must have come to this supermarket early in the morning to find food, hoping to take advantage of this period of time when zombies activities are lessened. Fan Fan frowned.

“Bang, Bang, Boom!” The doors were broken through, and the zombies excitedly ran towards the woman. After that there was only the painful scream of the woman along with the excited howls of the zombies.

Fan Fan’s eyesight is very good, even though the woman’s body is being eaten piece by piece, she refused to let go of something. What is she trying to protect?

Suddenly, a small white leg was revealed.


Fan Fan’s lips moved slightly. A doll?

Steal first, think later.

“Roar!” Go away, all of you get out of here!

There was a brief hesitation showing in the eyes of the zombies, but after taking a few big bites, they retreated. However they still hanged around the area, refusing to leave.

Fan Fan grabbed the leg, pulling out a child. He’s still alive, and he’s even looking at her. In those brown eyes, there was only numbness mixed with a little fear, hatred and sadness.

“Your name? I, Fan Fan.” Fan Fan brightly said.

“Bah!” The kid made a strange sound, “Ha ha, aren’t you going to eat me? If you want to eat, just eat, mother is already dead…”

“Kid,” Fan Fan sternly glower, “I don’t eat, name?”

“Go away!” The boy yelled at the top of his lungs, then passed out on the floor.

Fan Fan shook his unconscious body, but there was no response. Tilting her head, she looked around at the zombies surrounding the area. The zombies seeing Fan Fan looking at them, threateningly growled, their eyes dominated by greed.

Fine! You guys go ahead and eat, I’ll go now!

Fan Fan carried the little boy in one arm and then retraced her steps towards the direction she came from.

Under the sunlight, zombies hid in the shadows. This area doesn’t have a lot of zombies, in total there is probably only around seven or eight of them. This safe zone has already been abandoned for tens of years. The few people who have not left, now and then still crawl out from their underground bunker. They try to be smart and only leave in the morning, during the time when zombies have the least movements. Whether or not they survive is entire up to their luck.

Fan Fan headed towards a house, inside there were no zombies, and it could be considered clean.

Fan Fan lifted her arms, in front of her eyes were a pair of hands belonging to a humans.

“Smack!” The sound of a slap rang throughout the room. Wake up, wake up!

Fan Fan slapped the kid, feeling assured that this is definitely the right thing to do.

“Ow… Hurt! It hurts!” The boy was woken up by the intense pain. He grabbed the culprit, Fan Fan’s small hands.

“Kid, name.” Fan Fan happily looked at the woken up boy, not bothering to care whether or not her hand was being held by him.

“You…” The boy straighten himself up, this zombie… even though at a glance she looks human, but the glowing red eyes were definitely the identifying marker of a zombie. I am not being eaten? Even staying alive long enough to stare?

“Go away! Zombie! Get away from me!” The boy glared at Fan Fan, and then shrinks back.

Fan Fan, feeling a little annoyed, picked the boy up again, “Kid, name!” Fan Fan stubbornly asks for his name.

“Bai.. Bai Xi…” Kids are after all kids, after realizing the threat she possessed he immediately blurted out his name.

“Bai.. Xi, Bai Xi” Fan Fan murmured the name, “From now on you are my toy.”

Area 7, a year later.

“Fan Fan! I’m hungry!” Bai Xi, now seven years old, is calling out to Fan Fan.

There was no one left to repair this damaged house, so it has been abandoned for years. No one knew what kind of structure was holding the house up, but inside there was a rotting smell. On the floor there were several books and tomes thrown about.

“Whack!” A smack landed on Bai Xi’s head. “This kid, if someone gives you an inch you want to take a mile?” Pale as ever, the girl looked at Bai Xi then said.

[Author: Let’s zoom the camera out, yeah? No no no, lower it a little, Fan Fan is putting down a book. Look closely, the name of the book is “The changes in 60 years”]

Bai Xi frown, where did Fan Fan get this strange book? The book was falling apart, the pages are yellowed and old. The books from the previous generation still exists? Didn’t they all became ashes in the wind?

It has been a year since she “picked up” Bai Xi. Back then Bai Xi was six years old. After a month of living together, he was be able to determine that Fan Fan was unlike any other zombies. Why was this? There were many reasons. First and foremost, Fan Fan is capable of complex thoughts. In the current Zombie Calendar year 176, almost all zombies can think of is to eat, once something living appears they will swarm towards it. Fan Fan can speak a lot of words, while normally a low level zombie can only utter single syllables. Even more, her body has been preserved perfectly, to Bai Xi, zombie are creatures with monstrous faces, torn limbs, messy hair… Meanwhile, aside from her red eyes and the occasional blood stains, Fan Fan does not look that different from an ordinary human. Fan Fan… to the young Bai Xi, the only fact he needed to know was Fan Fan will not eat him. Even though zombies are clumsy, Fan Fan always took good care of little Bai Xi, never letting harm come to him.

But Fan Fan doesn’t know that to other zombies, Bai Xi is very attractive, little Bai Xi is human, and even a young one, his delicious scent is fatally tempting.

The first time Fan Fan left little Bai Xi to go find “food”, it was not strange that Bai Xi was immediately surrounded by zombies, one even crawled through the roof following his smell. Bai Xi curled up and hid inside the closet. In the dark, he grabbed his shirt tightly in fear, tears continuously dripping on his knees.

There was a zombie closing in, it has come inside the room.

“Mommy.. mommy where are you? …little Xi, little Xi, is going to die?” Bai Xi murmurs.

“Grrrr… grr!” He could almost smell the zombie’s horrid breath, the only thing between them was only a thin door.

“Bang!” Bai Xi were stunned when the zombies broke through the final barrier. Now they were right in front of him.

In the shadows, the zombies opened their mouths widely, revealing their fangs, they were so close, he could count clearly how many teeth they each had… Mr. Zombie, don’t you know how to brush your teeth? Your sharp fangs are green to the point of turning black.

“Boom!” In the final second before he lost consciousness, he thought he could see his mother. Bai Xi lifted his arms up trying to reach her…. Don’t go… don’t leave… don’t leave me mommy… alone…

The sunset light shined down on the little boy’s innocent face whose eyes was shut tight. Dimly, one could still make out the shredded pieces of clothes in his grips. Suddenly his eyes shot open!

“Hah… Hah…” his lungs tried their best to overcome the pressure and take in air.

“I… Where is this?” Bai Xi looked around, it’s still the same room. To the left was the same destroyed closet, but in front of him now was a smirking girl. Everything was bright and clear, the sunlight was warm. It seems as if it has been several lifetimes since he has seen these things.

“Hey, Bai Xi, what were you trying to say before? Did you want to cry? How pitiful!” Even though it was meant to be comforting words, it sounded a bit wrong when you hear her say it like that. Was she trying to be a cartoon villain?

Sure enough, in her hands was a book. The name of the book was “The Historical Transformation of Japanese Anime.”

“You must have been mistaken, it wasn’t me!” The proud little boy turned around, determined to not look at the girl. But his eyelids were a little damp.

He remembered seeing the shadow of her figure before he lost consciousness, but why did he think it was his mother? It was clearly a zombie, no matter what it wouldn’t look similar. She is a zombie, a monster who eats human flesh… but…

Bai Xi sneakily turned around and peeked at the young girl standing beneath the beautiful sky bathing in sunlight.The girl seemed so familiar and ordinary… His firm thoughts were shaken.


(1) The remaining 20% are presumed to have died due to the outbreak.

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