Zombie Girl, Where are you? – Chapter 3

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy

Should she plant some peashooters (1) around the house? That way it would much safer to leave Bai Xi home alone. Fan Fan shrugged, this wasn’t a bad idea.

Wait a minute! Is she mistaken? Or does this method have a problem? This isn’t Plants vs Zombies!

Of course, Fan Fan still hasn’t found out about Bai Xi’s latent constitution. She just knew that the little boy would attract many zombies. Even though she has lived as a zombie for fifty years, she rarely needed to use her mind. In order to make her life more interesting and expand her knowledge base, she started to read books. Currently, some parts of the Internet still functioned, but they only work within safe zones.

That’s right, Fan Fan is a zombie girl with a very high IQ that just wants to have fun. All these years it wasn’t like she hasn’t captured humans and kept them as pets before, but they always end up so terrified that they tried to escape, and by the time she had found them they have already been half eaten by zombies.

That’s right, didn’t Bai Xi say he was hungry and wanted to go outside? Let’s go!

“For you.” Fan Fan picked up a random hand from inside a zombie’s mouth and gave it to Bai Xi.

“Are you kidding me?!” Bai Xi looked at the hand Fan Fan was holding, the dried blood on the hand has turned black, slowly releasing bursts of “fragrances”.

“Blurgghhhh —” Bai Xi leaned on the wall and violently threw up, he still hasn’t gotten used to this.

“Don’t want it?” Fan Fan threw the hand behind her, it flew in a perfect curved parabola.

“Chomp, nom.…” Far away, a zombie opened its mouth and swallowed the hand whole.

Bai Xi isn’t like me. Bai Xi can’t drink human blood, can’t gnaw on human bones, can’t eat human brains, then what can little Bai Xi eat?


Nope, that’s a rock.

What about that?

Nope, it’s a zombie.

The zombie nearby seems to have sensed what she was thinking from her look. He quickly finished up his meal and fled.

“Fan Fan, please stop trying to feed me these junk.” After Bai Xi recovered, he immediately stopped Fan Fan from doing whatever she was planning to do with that zombie.

“I should go to the supermarket to find some canned food instead.”

“Canned food? Last time you went to the supermarket, didn’t you take all of them?” Fan Fan recalled.

“Then what can I do?” Bai Xi’s little face show a pained smile.

“Let’s look elsewhere.” After Fan Fan finished speaking, she immediately head toward the east.

Bai Xi could only follow Fan Fan, if he left Fan Fan then he would only end up getting swarmed by zombies.

“Fan Fan! In the end where are we going?” A little boy about seven or eight years old called out to a young girl walking ahead.

“Snifff…” Fan Fan’s nose crinkled while trying sniff a particular scent that the wind carried.

“That way.” Her long fingers pointed directly forward.

“Go there.” Fan Fan raised her voice and spoke, her deadpan face showing no room for argument.

Sniff! “Why can’t I smell anything?” The discontented Bai Xi retorted at the girl who was acting like a queen after he tried using his own nose.

Fan Fan and Bai Xi has left area 7 for a day, and they have nearly arrived at area 11.

They observed area 11 from afar. The red setting sun was peeking its head out from the ground, its light shining on the quiet abandoned city. Zombie Calendar year 176 is a drastic change from how the previous world was. The empty streets with no people gave off an old smell, even in the middle of the day there was no escape from the humid rotting scent in the air.

Bai Xi followed Fan Fan from behind while observing the streets. Now and then the flickering red lights causing him to twitch, and he unconsciously inches closer to Fan Fan. Fan Fan however strolls calmly ahead without paying attention to the surrounding, as if she was walking around her own garden.

“!” Because he was only looking around at all four directions, Bai Xi didn’t notice Fan Fan suddenly stopping.

“Fan Fan, what is it?” Bai Xi massaged his forehead, why did she suddenly stop and made me walk into her?

“Kid, go look for food, I’ll be right behind you.” However, the girl only replied with this and then turned around and walked behind Bai Xi.

Little Bai Xi grumbles under his breath, and then proceeded to look around for food.

Just as they headed inside a shop around the corner, a black shadow jumped out from behind the door, shutting it!

“Grrrr urrrr… ! Grrrr..!”

It was a zombie! But its two white eyes gave away the fact that it was no ordinary zombie.

“A Variant?” Bai Xi was terrified!

Suddenly a hand stretched out from behind. Fan Fan seized Bai Xi and dragged him backwards!

“Roar!” This is my human! Go away! Fan Fan roared towards the zombie in front of them.

“Grrrr…. Grrrr..!” You are also a zombie, why are you protecting a human? If you don’t want to eat him then I will!

The Variant zombie greedily looked at Bai Xi, opening his mouth that was reflecting a glint of metallic light.

Variant Zombie Level 1! Metal Fangs.

“Fan Fan, be careful!” This sudden event caused Bai Xi to freeze. His wildly beating heart nearly made him lose control of his weakening limbs.

The Variant Zombie leapt towards Fan Fan! But suddenly in mid-air, it froze.

“Bang!” Fan Fan clenched her fist and punched the Variant Zombie, and then immediately jumped back.

The Variant Zombie only took one punch before it exploded into a million pieces!

Fan Fan continued to be on high alert as she ran out of the shop while carrying Bai Xi.

Putting him down, Fan Fan took out a ring from her chest.

“Here.” Fan Fan put the ring on Bai Xi’s finger.

“Concentrate and imagine an entrance coming from the ring.” Fan Fan observed their surroundings and then spoke to Bai Xi.

“I…” The alarmed Bai Xi tried his best to push down his overwhelming urge to cry.

Witnessing a zombie charging causes him to be reminded of the traumatic event from one year ago.

With this weak useless body, if there wasn’t Fan Fan then he would have died long ago.

Bai Xi has a lot he still wanted to ask!

What is this ring?

Am I going to die?

What about you Fan Fan?

“Fan Fan we should run!” Bai Xi trembling voice finally made it out of his throat.

“What kind of nonsense are you saying? Zombies of this level aren’t even enough to warrant a glance from me.” The pale girl was as composed as always. “Kid, do you want to drag me down? If not, then just do as you’re told, I can feel that this area doesn’t only have a single Variant zombie, your scent will only attract more to come, and I’m going to be too distracted to protect you.” This was the first time the girl with the queenly attitude has ever spoken so many words at a time.

Bai Xi stared at Fan Fan.

“I don’t want to lose you!”

Only at this critical juncture did the little boy speak his true feelings. In his heart, aside from his mother, Fan Fan is the most important person to him. His mother is already dead, aside from her, who is left?

Don’t throw me away!

The sound of screaming wind reverberated from a distance, the red lights surrounding them flickered from all directions.

Space and time seemed to have stopped. The little boy eye’s were opened wide, his head lowered and his hands gripped onto hers tightly. His entire body was trembling.

The girl’s eyes from start to finish never left the boy. Her lips slightly parted….

“Don’t worry about me.” Finally, her cold voice broke apart the silence.

The little boy raised his head, his two eyes flooded with tears.

“Idiot! Why are you still not following my instruction? I’ll see you again in ten minutes!”

Did I… hear wrong? What’s going on?

The tears in his eyes suddenly disappeared, replaced with pure bewilderment.

But the rare gentleness in her tone was already gone, she turned back to her usual zombie queen Fan Fan mode.

“Did you forget who I was? I am Queen Fan Fan.” Fan Fan lips curved upwards.

“Hurry up and get inside, don’t make me say it three times.” Her voice tried to take on a commanding tone, but it was so harsh it could cause a grown man to become numb.

Bai Xi was stunned for several seconds, then he immediately concentrated on the ring like Fan Fan told him.

“Whoosh, whoosh.” The ring released a thin but solid streak of light, in front of the ring appeared a dark cave. Inside the cave were sounds of winds whistling through.

This? Bai Xi looked at Fan Fan, eyes full of doubt.

Towards the dark cave, Fan Fan nodded her head, beckoning Bai Xi to go inside.

Finally Bai Xi turned his head to look at Fan Fan, then headed inside the cave, in the next instant the cave along with everything inside it disappeared.

This brat, what’s with that look just then? Life or death farewell? A husband forced apart from his wife and kids? Wait wait, that second one was weird, why did I think of that one? Fan Fan looked at Bai Xi’s disappearing figure and shook her head.

She turned around and looked at the shadows as they appeared one after another, the corner of her lips revealed a dark smile. Tsk tsk, it’s been a long time since I have done any exercise, can these cannon fodder be sacrifices for my entertainment?

“Phoosh!” The wind grew stronger and stronger.

Fan Fan’s face revealed no fear in front of the overwhelming rush of shadows that was converging at her location. It was now twilight, and the dying sunlight reflected in her eyes brightly.

“Oh?” Bai Xi opened his eyes briefly but shut them again because he was scared.

Where is this? Beneath his feet was real solid ground, not empty space. Bai Xi’s tense body slowly relaxed.

“Gurgle…” The quiet air carried with it the sound of running water.

“Bata, bata.” Bai Xi ran straight ahead, the closer he got the clearer the sound echoed.

“A small stream!” Bai Xi happily exclaimed.

“Where is this after all?” Bai Xi kneeled down next to the stream, his two hands immersed inside the clear, cold stream of water.

After he finished washing his face, Bai Xi took a deep breath. It seems like this place is an independent bubble of space, disconnected from the world.

He kept looking but was unable to see the other side of the stream, or to be more accurate, it should be called a river.

No zombies, no humans, plants and weeds overgrowing everywhere, a quietness permeated through the place.

Bai Xi headed underneath a tall oak tree.

“Cheep cheep.” It looks like the birds on the tree were assessing this new uninvited guest.

So peaceful.. so relaxing…

Bai Xi leaned on the old tree, closing his eyes and took in the beauty of nature.


A long time later, the boy slowly opened his eyes.

How long has it been since he has felt this peace? Tears streamed down his face. He thought about the time when he used to spend with his mother…

Wait?! Bai Xi’s entire body suddenly stirred, where is Fan Fan?! How is Fan Fan right now?

The 10 minutes agreement must have passed long ago right? I should leave here now to find Fan Fan.

While Bai Xi was thinking, a powerful dizzying feeling emerged, his mind began to blur.

When Bai Xi woke up he felt something strange inside himself that wasn’t there before.

What was that feeling just then? Is it the power of space? It all happened so quickly that there was no chance for him to analyze it.

Bai Xi can see his surrounding has changed, this is not the independent space.

The boy looked at his hand, gathering his thoughts, then he once again concentrated on his mind while his hands clenched into a fist.

“Transfer!” He was once again immersed in the strange dizzying feeling.

“!” His feet touched the ground.

What is this? Bai Xi looked around at where he was standing. I can teleport? Even though it was only 5 metres, it was still an impressive feat to the young boy.

“Mutant.” A cold voice rang out. Footsteps could be heard from nearby.

Hearing the familiar voice, Bai Xi excitedly looks at the direction of the voice.

“Fan Fan!” His mouth curled up into a wide grin that was impossible to stop.

“!” The boy paused, he can see the girl wearing a t-shirt and jeans, feet wearing leather shoes with long flowing black hair standing before him.

“Fan Fan! I… you… I came to this strange space, it’s an amazing place! It has a lake, trees, birds…” the boy couldn’t hide the happiness that was practically radiating from his body.

Only when she recognized him did the red eyes belonging to Fan Fan showed a hint of gentleness.

“I know, it’s a Space Ring. I have found it by chance and it’s imprinted with my soul. I gave you permission to enter it, aside from you and me no one else can come inside.” Today Fan Fan was especially talkative, each sentence carrying much more meaning than usual. It seems something inside her changed today.

“Then why didn’t you go look for me, I was so worried.” The happy boy suddenly once again wore a brooding expression, just like the time before he entered the space ring.

“I was looking for this.” Fan Fan threw a big bag at him.

“Food!” Bai Xi’s childish nature were immediately won over by the bag of food.

“Let’s go home.” But Fan Fan only said this before turning around and walking away.

A pained smile once again appeared on Bai Xi’s little face.

“Come on.” Fan Fan had already walked several step, but then she stopped, inclined her body and call out to Bai Xi. Her red eyes shined in the dark, but Bai Xi was not scared of this at all.

“Yes!” Joy returned to Bai Xi’s innocent face.

“That’s right, Fan Fan, where are all the zombies?”

“I already defeated all of them.”

“Wow… Fan Fan, you are so awesome!”


“Before, what did you mean by “Mutant”?”






On the way home the little boy constantly asked questions, while a cold voice occasionally rang out in response.

Their two shadows grew infinitely long underneath the bright moon light.


(1) This Guy


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