Zombie Girl, Where are you? – Chapter 4

  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy

Fan Fan and Bai Xi left area 11. They followed the moon towards home – area 7.

Inside the forest, a campfire light could be seen flickering through the trees.

“Fan Fan, are you saying that I have awakened mutant powers?”

“Un, mutant powers appears in many different forms.” Fan Fan thought about it for awhile and then add “Your body seems to belong to the kind with Excitable Potentials.”

The two people sat next to each other in front of the campfire.

“Are there any other examples?”

He has always been useless, before it was his mother protecting him, now it was Fan Fan. Bai Xi desperately wanted to become strong, at least enough to protect himself. He doesn’t want Fan Fan to always be alone in this dangerous world.

Whether or not there will be any more danger later on, he still wished to be able to face anything that might come while standing beside her.

Bai Xi has already made up his mind. The seed of thirst for power, once planted, cannot be removed

“There are also the kind that is inborn.” Fan Fan’s face revealed a cautious expression. “This is the most powerful kind, the Innate Affinity.”

“Affinity? What do you mean by affinity?”

“Let me explain it to you, brat.”

“There are many mutants, but they are not all equal, what determine the strength of their power is their affinity.”

“Take for example pyrokinesis, the first time one used it, it will only create a small flame. Just enough to burn your hair maybe, but don’t even mention it for battle.”

“The level of expertise and insight is what’s really important.”

“…” Fan Fan stares at Bai Xi.

“Oh? Why did you stop? Keep going, I still don’t really get it.” Bai Xi blinks.

“Ho… Dummy.” Fan Fan signed and spit out those two words, ignoring the questioning look on Bai Xi’s small face.

“Keep talking please!”

“The strength of a pyrokinetic fire between the tenth time and the hundredth time used is completely different, and this is due to the level of expertise. It’s simple, ten years equals a sapling, and a hundred years equals a big tree that cover the sky. A young fire, if you add in more fuel will become stronger. Can short arms squeeze a big thigh?”

Bai Xi’s eyes flashed, short arms squeezing a big thigh… what kind of dumb metaphor is this …?

“What about insight?”

Fan Fan tilted her head and thought for awhile.

She began moving her arms about while standing in place, as if the wind itself was residing on her fingertips, with graceful form, she moved up and then down.

“Let’s use the wind as an example. There are light breezes, winds, gales, cyclones, storms, or powerful hurricanes, but they are all wind. This is the crucial part, some people may take a day, a week, a month or even longer in order to have enlightenment about this. There are also people who, in the middle of admiring nature or sunbathing, would suddenly gain insight. In your everyday life you probably don’t always notice the wind, because airflow can be imperceptibly light, but if you can’t sense it at all even if you try, it’s because your level of insight is still lacking.”

“Do you understand?” Fan Fan paused.

“Un, I mostly got it. Fan Fan, what is more formidable, insight or expertise?” Bai Xi’s eyes lit up, immersed in Fan Fan’s teachings. He was thinking hard about power difference between the two.

“This… I also don’t know.” Fan Fan frowned and shook her head.

“You have to find this out for yourself.”

“What about you Fan Fan, what mutant powers do you have?” Bai Xi felt slightly disappointed, but thinking about Fan Fan having powers caused him to once again become excited.

Fan Fan is so impressive, she must have a lot of different powers right? Metal Mimicry like the Variant Zombies? Fire Manipulation? Or… can she summon infinite weapons as a special power?

The more Bai Xi thought about it the more excited he became.

“Hey hey, come back come back, where are your fantasies heading?” Fan Fan darkly looked at a Bai Xi standing there with red cheeks, the corner of his mouth even dripping with drools.

Author: Wait wait, this isn’t appropriate, this is totally destroying Bai Xi’s image of innocence.

“Huh?” Bai Xi stammers after he was pulled back to reality.

“I don’t have any mutant power.” Fan Fan said simply.

“Oh? How come?” Isn’t it dangerous if Fan Fan doesn’t have any special abilities? There is no safe place left in this world, if you don’t have any methods, don’t even talk about protecting others, even keeping yourself alive would be a problem.

“I am the Zombie Queen you dummy! What normal zombie out there can have the ability to go against me? The only one who could, would probably be another me.”

“I have a strong constitution, my combat abilities are top notch, and I also have many years of experience.”

Underneath the moonlight, Fan Fan’s face reflected a lonely but tough expression.

Depending on herself to become strong, without relying on any external factors. How did she do this? Even she herself doesn’t know how much hardship she went through all these years…

Bai Xi didn’t make a sound and remained quiet for awhile.

“Well then you must wait until the day I can become strong enough to protect Fan Fan!” It wasn’t a question, but a declaration.

Fan Fan frowned, his brat want to climb on top of my head? But if its power and strength that he wants to obtain, it’s still a possibility.

“Good, let’s see what you are made out of, kid.”

Bai Xi nodded vigorously.

“Bai Xi. Enemy. Get inside the Space Ring.” All of a sudden Fan Fan said this to him.

“What? Enemy? Where? How come I didn’t notice them?” Bai Xi carefully observed the surrounding.

“Idiot, by the time you have discovered them it would have already been too late!”

“Fine… Fan Fan, you must be careful.” As Bai Xi went inside the space, he turned his head giving Fan Fan a worried look.

Fan Fan waved and sent him off into the space.

On the way here she had detected a strange movement in the surrounding, it was a movement created by something strange, its power on a totally different level then the zombies from before.

“Oh? The main boss of area 11 has appeared?” Fan Fan’s eyes gave off a red glow.

“Boom, Boom.” The sound of heavy footsteps slowly approacheds the area.

“Where is the human that was just besides you? I can smell a strange scent.” A shadow emerged from the darkness, his entire body slowly revealed by the light.

“It’s the taste of a Mutant.” He licked his lips as he said this, as if he was already savoring the upcoming meal.

Fan Fan didn’t say a word and only stared at the zombie full of interest.

From a distance one can detect his scent thick of blood, flowing red hair without wind, overflowing robust muscles, pale skin with not a hint of life.

“If you don’t want to hand it over, then after I kill you, it will come out.” A storm seemed to brew within the zombie’s pupils.

Fan Fan suddenly vaulted forward!

A punch was thrown at an incredibly high speed!

“Smack!” The zombie quickly crossed his arms. The power behind that fist was so incredible that he needed to use both his arms to shield himself! His two feet firmly planted themselves on the ground, the overbearing impact caused the ground itself to sink down heavily, soil and dirt exploding everywhere.

“Roar!” The zombie roared with all his might! Two arms swinging upwards, knocking Fan Fan off.

Fan Fan relied on the energy coming from the zombie’s push to jump backward.

The two sides moved apart a small distance from each other.

The zombie looked at its arms, the occasional burning feeling that it gave off caused his scalp to tingle, every part of his body that has made contact with Fan Fan is now giving off white smoke, several places have even turned black! How did she do that? Her power is so tyrannical, in that short period of time her punch gave off the force equivalent to a rock thrown straight down a 50 metres cliff!

The zombie’s eyes showed great alarm, thoughts of retreating already appeared in his mind. This zombie girl actually possess strength so immense!

But, that delicious scent… The zombie closed its eyes and fantasizes about the taste of Bai Xi’s flesh, his body trembling in excitement… No! He can’t retreat! Temptation overrides the warning that his instincts were giving him.

“Don’t get too cocky! I still have a hidden technique! Remember my name, Pai De! This will be the last name you will ever hear!” Pai De opened his eyes, the pressure he gives off doesn’t reduce but instead even increased!

“Fan Fan.” Facing his aura, Fan Fan still nonchalantly introduced herself.

A whirlwind grew from the tip of the zombie’s fingers, inside it sounds of winds shrieking become louder and louder, wind speed becoming faster and faster, it then spun out Pai De’s control and headed towards Fan Fan!

“Oh? Evolved to this level? What a pity…” Fan Fan murmurs in a voice only she can hear.

“Whoosh..!” The whirlwind swallowed Fan Fan whole!

“Hahahahah! Fan Fan? You stupid woman! Coming inside the cyclone and still want to leave? You really shouldn’t have waited for me to finish forming it in the first place! Once in there you can only scream before your body is torn apart!” Finished creating the whirlwind, Pai De’s eyes revealed an intense weariness. This was his most powerful attack – Primal Wind. The moment that the whirlwind was born it consumed more than half of his energy, the feeling of his power being sucked away so quickly put him in a weak state.

“Huh?!” A wandering zombie come into his view.

“Crunch!” Pai De aimed toward the zombie’s neck and then squeezed it tightly, even if it doesn’t kill it, but he still took away the zombie’s control of his body.

“Gulp!” A powerful suction force came from Pai De’s mouth. The zombie’s body began releasing a faint gaseous mist filled with a small thin strand of energy. Once Pai De started sucking up this mist, the zombie’s body began to struggle! But how can it escape from Pai De’s firm strangling hands on its neck?

“Bang.” Pai De threw the dying zombie onto the floor.

“Such a low level zombie, this tiny amount of power isn’t even enough for me to clean my teeth. Hrm! Even if I am currently slightly weak, it’s not something that you guys can take advantage of.” Pai De spit out some saliva then ignored the zombie corpse on the ground.

That girl has probably been torn apart already. Pai De grimly smiled.

“Ha ha…” The laugh that just escape his mouth never got the chance to finish.

My, my legs? Why can’t I see my legs? What happened?

Pai De’s head rolled on the floor, two eyes continuously darting in all direction because his head can no longer move. How did this happen?

“You’re dead.” Fan Fan’s cold voice once again echoes.

After that a pair of leather shoes appeared in front of his eyes, after that… her feet descends… after that..? There was no after that.

Even in his final moments, Pai De never understood how the Fan Fan that was supposed to be dead suddenly and quietly crushed his neck.

“No matter how powerful an ability, there will always be a weakness. All you need to do is find this weak point, break it, then the attack will of course become useless.” Fan Fan returned next to the campground to wait for Bai Xi to come out from the space ring, the campfire light flickers as it shine on her face in the dark.

“Bai Xi.” Fan Fan went inside the grounds of the space ring once she became impatient.

“Fan Fan!” Bai Xi was waiting for her next to a small creek, immediately stood up and ran happily to Fan Fan.

Looking at the small boy that was even shorter than her, Fan Fan’s eyebrows imperceptibly twitched, and she said nothing.

“You didn’t get hurt right? That zombie just then was so intimidating.” It was impossible for him to conceal his concern for her.

“Don’t worry, I can still take care of this kind.”

“Fan Fan, I… “Bai Xi hesitated.

“What is it?”

“Can you teach me how to fight? I… I don’t want to just sit here and wait for you, I don’t want to continue being a burden, I want to become strong.” Bai Xi said seriously.

Fan Fan frowned.

“Really? With your shabby little body?” Fan Fan looked at him from top to bottom.

“I…” Bai Xi face showed some embarrassment.

“Don’t underestimate me! Human beings through their own unending effort became the dominant species of this planet!” Bai Xi brandish his tiny fist. “I can also fight, I can also try my best to train, constantly practice in order to become strong! Even though right now I can’t fight for you, but I will still try! I want to learn, I want to learn!”

Hearing the future hopes and dreams of this little boy, the corners of Fan Fan’s mouth twitched.

“Is that so? Then let’s not waste any more words, let’s begin your training!”

“No problem! I will try my best! From now on you are Instructor Fan! Please take care of me!”

“Fan Fan, does this really work?” Bai Xi’s forehead was streaming with sweat.

It has been three days since they have stayed inside this space.

“Enough nonsense! Continue.” A cold voice once again resounded.

“Yes, yes!”

Up, down, up, down, Fan Fan’s head seems to be high and then low.

“It’s still not done, you are still too lacking! Today you must do it one hundred times!” A sobering voice resounded.


Bai Xi gnashed his teeth and pressed on, the other day it was twenty, yesterday it was fifty, today is already one hundred?! Even the number Pi can’t jump that fast!

From a distance, this place can be seen as an area surrounded by mountains. Two figures come in and out of view, one teenage girl with tied up long black hair, two arms crossed in front of her chest as she sat neatly on a little boy’s back.

The little boy is doing push-ups.

“Stop faking! You are not allowed to rest! Continue.”


A long time later.

“Ho, Ho, Hah!

“Fan Fan! Really, I can’t move anymore.” Bai Xi limply lied on the ground, heat radiating off his burning body.

But the teen girl still sat on his back.

“It has only been 67 times, there are still 33 more times. Fine, you can rest for thirty seconds.”

Thirty seconds…?! The resentful boy didn’t dare to open his mouth to argue, only increasing the speed of his breathing.

This was only the morning training.

In the afternoon, the sunlight was bright.

“Yes, that’s it, continue.”

“Ho, Hah, Ho, Hah,” The little boy breathed heavily. Next to him were two thick hemp ropes tightly bound, underneath the ropes was a wooden board, on top of which were a pile of crushed rocks, on top of those rocks there sat neatly a teenage girl.

“Ho, Hah, Ho, Hah…”



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