108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 2 – Star Masters and Star Knights

Star Masters and Star Knights
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy, Istaripanda

Shu Jing gulped down his saliva and cleared his nose. He nearly choked to death from the girl’s loud declaration.

Wait. Majestic Star “Panther Head” Lin Chong? Did he mishear her?

“Can you repeat that?” Shu Jing asked after a little while.

“From now on, this servant is your woman.” Lin Chong blushed as she repeated each word angrily. If not because of the Star Knights’ oath, she would have already split this man, who was pretending to be oblivious, in half.

Shu Jing quickly clarified.

“No, what you said before that. Lin Chong?”

“That’s right, it is I, the Majestic Star “Panther Head” Lin Chong.” Lin Chong lowered her voice and retrieved the serpent spear.

Shu Jing massaged his throat as he stared at the strange girl in front of him.

“Cosplayer? Some of my comrades are also into those kinds of thing.” Shu Jing muttered.

“Master, what are you talking about?” Lin Chong frowned. Was her master crazy or is he an idiot? He remained indifferent even after hearing her famous title.

“It was an unfortunate mistake this time. But well, even if I have to take responsibility for seeing you naked, it was worth it.” Shu Jing smiled lewdly. Looking closely at the girl in front of him, her brows were fine as leaf, eyes as brilliant as stars, her figure heroic. If she was placed in the ancient time she would definitely look the part of an army general.

“Master, please get to the real point.” Lin Chong coldly replied.

Seeing that she was not in a joking mood, Shu Jing also turned serious.

“Where is this? Are we in Inner Mongolia?”

“Clear Wilderness Highland in Thousand Mount Kingdom.” A chillingly cold reply came.

Clear Wilderness Highland? Thousand Mount Kingdom? These two places never existed throughout history as far as he could remember. Having a bad feeling, Shu Jing spat out almost incomprehensibly: “Year?”

“Star Sight year 975!”

What kind of crazy era is that?

“What kind of world is this?” Shu Jing clutched his head in pain.

“Liangshan Continent!” At this point, Lin Chong could no longer endure it and laughed coldly. “Master, all these simple questions can be answered by even toddlers. Do you take me as some sort of fool?”

Shu Jing look up at the sky, it was clearly daytime, and yet he could see over a hundred stars shining. Further in the distance, there was even a massive pillar cutting straight through the cloud from the sea standing nonchalantly, which was an impossibility in the world he knew.

Was he transported to another world?

Before Shu Jing did hear his friends joked about it but he would never imagine one day he himself would be in this situation.

“Lin Chong have yet to hear Master’s name.” Lin Chong asked.

“You can call me Shu Jing, no need for master this or that. Even though it sounds quite gratifying, the implications aren’t very appropriate. I am merely a soldier, Haha!”

“Even though Lin Chong does not enjoy your nonsensical talks, we have already signed a Star Duel Covenant. I will abandon my own prejudices.” Lin Chong spoke, conflicted.

“What is the Star Duel Covenant?” Shu Jing’s eyes were wide opened: “Is it something to do with Star Wars?”

Lin Chong’s face sank. She asked with a lowered voice: “Please don’t tell this servant Master isn’t aware of things like Star Masters and Star Maidens?”

Shu Jing spread his hands and shrugged — it was exactly as Lin Chong guessed.

Lin Chong bit her lips until it nearly bled. She was the famous Majestic Star Lin Chong! In the end, how did she end up contracting with an idiot who doesn’t even know anything? What kind of farce was this!

Seeing that this man still didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of the current situation, Lin Chong attempted to explain.

“Star Duel” was the most important event in Liangshan Continent. Every 108 years, 108 stars will appear along with their representative 108 maidens. Each maiden possessed powerful martial arts and abilities.

All Star Maidens are able to sign a Star Duel Covenant with a star cultivator. The contractor will then become their master for the rest of their lives. In Mount Liang  Continent, a star cultivator is someone who possessed Star Energy.

When a star cultivator is contracted with a Star Knight, they become a Star Master, and they will head to Liangshan Maiden’s Domain.

Why are Star Duel Covenants contracts made?

Of course for battles.

What do you fight for?

For your wish.

Legend says, once there is only one final star left in the sky, Liangshan Maiden will descend and grant the winner their wish.

“That’s the Liangshan Maiden’s Domain.” Lin Chong points toward the massive pillar in the distance that seems like it was holding up the very sky itself.

“But why must I follow the rules of some third rate novel plot and risk my life?” Shu Jing frowned and blurted.

Lin Chong was stunned. She had never questioned the meaning behind this ritual. But Lin Chong wasn’t going to admit to the idiotic man in front of her she actually had no idea. Instead, she glared at him: “Everybody has something they truly desire, does master not have something he wishes for?”

Shu Jing slowly realised something: “Yeah, it seems like I am just like everyone else.”

Perhaps to the Liangshan Maiden far in the distance, his wish to go home could also be called a desire?


Meanwhile at Clear Wilderness Castle.

Sobbing wails could be heard echoing across the entire castle. Even the inhabitants far outside the mansion could not help but frown from the tragic sound.

“I must kill that bitch! I will make her my slave and ruin her!”

Lying on his bed, a castrated young man viciously howled. He was the white-robed youth who previously suffered at Lin Chong’s hands, Clear Wilderness Castle Young Master.

Currently, his mother was comforting him with a face full of tears: “Ming-er, don’t worry, Mother will definitely make this right.”

Standing next to her, a man disagreed: “You reap what you sow! I already told him, even though the “Freezing Cloud Ice Crystal” was taken away, we must not pursue. Did he think it would be easy to make these heaven descended slayers submit to your will?”

The woman turned around and angrily rebuked: “Husband, what are you saying? Ming-er was beaten to this point by that vicious woman, as the lord of the castle, you still want to defend that she-demon?”

“Father, please help me seek justice!” The young man loudly wailed with tears streaming down his face.

“I heard when you sign a Star Duel Covenant with a Star Knight, it’s possible for the body to be reborn. For the sake of your lineage, you must bring that accursed fiend back here.” The woman sobs.

“Nonsense.” The man heartlessly scolded: ”That person is Majestic Star Lin Chong, how could Clear Wilderness Castle possibly have the means to oppose her?”

“Why must my son suffer such a terrible fate ahh.” Hearing this, the woman broke down and cried even louder.

“My Lord, there is a self-proclaimed Star Master named Xun Huo wanting an audience!” A servant reported from outside the room.

The woman immediately stopped crying and looked at him: “My Lord…”

How could the Castle Lord not understand what his wife meant? He laughed deeply: “The Star Master couldn’t have come at a better time!”


At the castle hall.

A young man around 23 years of age was currently sitting down drinking tea. His face was as white as pearl, stately and handsome, enhanced by his elegant green robe.

Serving him was a young girl wearing a long dress with a slender body. At a glance, one can tell she was no ordinary maid.

The Clear Wilderness Castle Lord was much more wary of the young lady in comparison to the man beside her.

Her silk dress was bright red and her hair was a shade of crimson. Her eyes were a deep shade of bloody vermillion, and each piercing glance from them invoking great fear.

“I thank Young Master Xun for gracing us with your visit. What I can do for you?” Clear Wilderness Castle Lord respectfully asked.

Xun Huo casually glanced over, sip tea and replied: “I heard your castle possesses a rare treasure called “Freezing Cloud Ice Crystal”. It just so happened I have a need for it. Set the price, I will pay it.”

Clear Wilderness Castle Lord gave a pained smile. “I’m afraid the Young Master will be disappointed.”

“You don’t want to sell?” The servant girl slammed the table, her voice overbearing with a hint of threat. The single slam caused cracks to appear all over the solid wooden desk.

Xun Huo lifted his hands, motioning the girl to calm down.

The castle lord bitterly explained: “I will not hide it from Young Master, not long ago a thief have come and stolen away the crystal. My son had then brought a squad of guards to pursue the thief, but who would have thought it would turn out to be a Star Knight. The entire squad was instantly wiped out, my son was luckily only sent back home castrated with an inch of life left.”

Xun Hou glanced at the girl and lightly nod. She immediately used her Divine Intent to sweep the entire inner palace. She then smiled indecently. “Yes, he is indeed a eunuch.”

“Do you know which Star Maiden it was?” Xun Hou sips the tea while maintaining his aloof atmosphere.

“A small mistake already led to the death of dozens of our warriors, how could we have the time to identify the culprit?” The castle lord sighed.

Seeing Xun Hou in deep thought, the castle lord suddenly made a request: “If Young Master would take revenge for my son, Clear Wilderness Castle will be indebted.” Finished speaking, he signaled the servant with a look.

From outside a soldier brought in a chest. At a glance, one could see about one hundred gold taels was inside along with some precious jewelry.

“I was just about to set off to retrieve the ice crystal, now I will also lend you a hand by bringing her back here to be contracted.” A smile appeared on Xun Hou’s face as he spoke.

“My incompetent son cannot handle the matters of Star Masters, everything will be handed over to Young Master to manage.” The castle lord replied in panicked. He wasn’t an idiot, in these “Star Duels” Star Knights would be fighting each other on behalf of their masters. Was there any Star Master stupid enough to hand over a Star Knight to others to contract and create more enemies? What’s more, the person in question is Panther Head Lin Chong, how could he make her submit?

“I will order the cavalry to follow and support Young Master.”

“No need, all I require is a horse, bringing more people will just get in my way.” Xun Hou pursed his lips and swung his arms, causing the chest of gold to instantly disappear.

“I will immediately send the orders. Quickly, prepare the fastest horse for Xun Young Master!” The castle lord loudly exclaimed.



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