108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 20 – I Am My Own Master

I Am My Own Master
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: Istaripanda

“I am the Knowledge Star “Mastermind” Wu Yong. my real name is Xinxie.”

The girl stood with her long gliding cloak, her smile overflowing with pride: “After watching you solve the riddle, this maiden has decided to devote herself to following Young Master. As long as you are willing to join hands with Xinxie, all of Liangshan Continent’s forbidden grounds and their countless strange and complex secrets will be broken through by us working together. At that time, becoming the winner of the Liangshan Star Duel would be a simple matter.”

Shu Jing did not say a single word, but instead he only wore a strange smile that was not quite a smile.

“Young Master, do you know why you got nothing even though you solved the riddle?”

Wu Xinxie revealed a mysterious smile. Her hand swung up and a golden light flew out from the Star Knight’s Astral Bag. A tome appeared in her hands and the girl appeared to be teeming with self-pride.

Clearly, the person who had solved the legacy before him was her, the Mastermind.

“This “Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique” was obtained by this Xinxie when she solved the riddle. If Young Master signs the contract with Xinxie, Xinxie will readily hand it over to you.” Finished speaking, Wu Xinxie’s accentuated her beautiful face by winking seductively at Shu Jing. She sultrily makes her way towards him: “Yingmei is as cold as a block of ice, doesn’t Young Master want a Star Knight that can do much more for you?”

Wu Yong the Mastermind was extremely confident. Even though Shu Jing had thoroughly saw through her schemes, this was not a problem for the Knowledge Star. The only thing that mattered right now was that Shu Jing was amidst a crisis.

Lin Yingmei was captured at the Grand Border Fortress’ Crown Prince Palace. It was impossible for Shu Jing to rescue her by himself. If he went there now, it would be akin to a moth flying towards flame.

Smart people always have a similar weakness — That is, when truly in a bind, they can fully understand their situation and know the consequences of their own actions. If an action would lead them to their death, they would definitely not do it.

What’s more, the Knowledge Star who was Liangshan Continent’s number three Star Knight was 6 ranks higher in comparison to the Majestic Star. Shu Jing’s cultivation was just at its fundamental stage, so being contracted with the fierce Majestic Star right now Wasn’t necessarily a wise choice. In comparison, Wu Yong as the Knowledge Star could offer him much more support, love, and attention. From her point of view, Shu Jing only had one choice.

Furthermore, the Knowledge Star Wu Yong had laid another trap — Only by joining with her would he be able to save Lin Yingmei. This would help Shu Jing get rid of any guilt.

This was Wu Xinxie’s flawless plan!

Master, let this Wu Yong follow you.

Wu Xinxie begged from the bottom of her heart.

Shu Jing looked at Wu Xinxie. Suddenly, his darkened face was replaced by laughter, as if he had just realised something extremely funny. Xinxie couldn’t make head or tail of it.

“Really, really…” Shu Jing displayed a thumbs up and complimented: “You really are good. I learnt to really like some points about you. I don’t think I will ever forget about the Knowledge Star’s schemes for the rest of my life. It could make people accept betrayal with all their hearts… Ah, very good…”

“This is only in order to save Yingmei…” Wu Xinxie’s voice was emotional.

Shu Jing’s joyous laughter was as clear as the spring, but it carried with it a chilling sense of rejection.

Wu Xinxie may have thought of everything, but she still thought too lightly of Shu Jing’s heart.

As a soldier, there was an ironclad rule —

Never abandon your comrade!

Absolutely never!

“If you think you can control me, I’m afraid you will be disappointed!”

Shu Jing looked at her arrogantly and left without any hesitation. No matter what Wu Xinxie pulled out from her Astral Bag to tempt him, they will be nothing more than trash to him.

The girl was left stunned. She shouted out loudly: “Young Master, if you leave now it would be no different from suicide. They will call you a fool!”

“If I fear death, then I am no warrior!”

Shu Jing left behind those cold words before circulating the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique, disappearing from her sight. There were no traces of regret or hesitation.


Does the Knowledge Star lose to the Majestic Star in some way?

This was the first time something completely out of her expectation had happened. Xinxie fell down to the ground, her eyes blurred in bewilderment.

She couldn’t understand. She really couldn’t understand.


Grand Border Fortress, the Crown Prince Palace

The night gradually grew darker.

Inside the bright Palace Halls, the Heavenly Cycle Northern Dipper Array was continuing to absorb Lin Ying Mei’s Star Energy while the people surrounding watched in stunned silence.

“This is the Majestic Star?” Gou Zi swallowed his saliva, his greed towards Lin Yingmei slowly transforming into a sort of fear. He didn’t even have the courage to make contact with her cold and determined eyes.

From there reverberated a shock that pierces deep into his bones.

“She is at the mercy of Your Highness Crown Prince’s trap.” The older cultivator spoke.

“Can we really become Lin Chong’s master?” Gou Zi sounded unconvinced.

“Once you have signed the contract, it would no longer be up to her.”

Hearing the old cultivator, Gou Zi nodded in comfort.

Suddenly, a glint of strange light appeared in the elder cultivator’s eyes. He grinned.

“Lin Chong’ss Star Master is trying to make his way here. He really is wishing to die!”

“Immediately pass on my orders. Surround the Grand Border Fortress and send out the cavalry to kill him. This time, we must not let him escape.” Gou Zi loudly commanded.

“Your Highness, there is no need to worry.” The older cultivator narrowed his eyes in disdain: “Wen He is already there, he won’t let him escape.”

“Then that’s even better.”

Shu Jing thought that he would at least be able to rush to the Crown Prince Palace before being discovered, but the Nebula Stage cultivator’s powerful Divine Intent was impossible to circumvent. No matter how well he disguised himself, this Divine Intent would work almost like radar and sniff him out. Eluding it was extremely difficult. What’s more, the enemy was someone far above him in cultivation.

“Are you seeking death?” Wen He the Nebula Stage cultivator was humiliated by Shu Jing’s escape, his tender face creasing up. “I’ll make you wish you were dead.”

He opened his mouth widely and spat out an iron ball.

A bright flash of light shot by.

This time, Shu Jing did not run. He lifted up Silver Blade and pulled the trigger. Before, when he was still a pilot, his reaction speed and vision were finely honed. After being refined by Star Energy, they had obviously only gotten better. He continuously shot out multiple bullets.

The air was filled with explosive noises.

The silver light quickly grew bigger to Wen He’s eyes. He leapt to avoid the incoming bullets while chanting with his fingers pointed at the Annihilation Bead. The bead released a massive explosion that completely transformed the area where Shu Jing previously stood.
A figure flew up into the air like a hurricane.

Wen He suddenly found Shu Jing appeared nearby him.

“This damn star cultivator!”

Wen He gnashed his teeth and quickly jumped to escape, his fingers quickly moving.

He was attempting to redirect the Annihilation Bead.

Shu Jing did not bother to even look at him and continued to shoot.

The gun barrel shot out fiery sparks of light that flew toward the Annihilation Bead like meteors. After 10 consecutive bullets, it succeeded in pushing back the Artifact.

Wen He was surprised. He felt that all his knowledge about Artifacts were turned upside down by the person in front of him. What kind Artifact was that? How had it pushed the Annihilation Bead back?

“It seems like you are not as useless as I thought.”

Wen He coldly sneered. He then proceeded to lift up the Thunder Cry Sword.

The sword resounds with sounds of thunder, causing a bolt of lightning to fly towards Shu Jing at breakneck speed. Shu Jing also did not dare to defend against it, but instead jumped to avoid it. Wen He slashed once more with the Thunder Cry sword to summon another flash of lightning.

The lightning was like an aggressive fire snake that destroyed the area and turned it into pieces.

Shu Jing was barely able to escape the attacks.

Wen He’s expression grew more and more serious. Shu Jing’s agility and reaction speed far surpassed what he had anticipated. Seems like Star Masters could not be judged by normal standards. At that moment, he no longer hesitated. His sneering laughter rose, then suddenly he stopped and yelled out: “True thunder punishes demons, burning them to nothing! Demon Punishing Divine Thunder!”

Wen He was provoked by Shu Jing and no longer held back and used his most powerful attack.

The Thunder Cry Sword transformed into a lightning serpent that flew towards Shu Jing with its mouth wide opened. One could only see a bright flash of light, turning the dark night sky pale.

This lightning bolt was truly too fast. There was nothing Shu Jing could do in response.

The serpent swallowed him whole.

The lightning bolt was overwhelming. With Shu Jing at its center, all objects within several dozens of metres were all obliterated.

“Hahaha, let’s see how you can survive this!”

Wen He laughed loudly.


Suddenly, a streak of silver light cut through the night, drawing a long straight line in the sky.

The shocked Wen he quickly avoided the attack. The smile on his face completely disappearing.

From inside the epicenter of the Demon Punishing Divine Lightning, Shu Jing stepped out without a scratch on his body. One could only see his entire body enveloped in a layer of white light, as if it was an armor. The Demon Punishing Divine Lightning was completely repelled.

Impossible, how could a Stardust Middle Stage cultivator defend against his most powerful lightning technique?

“That is ..!”

Wen He’s keen eyes noticed that Shu Jing was holding a small piece of jade. From within this piece of jade flowed out powerful Star Energy that protected him.

“An Astral Artifact!!”

Wen He’s shouted in panic. He quickly circulated his Artifact Technique.

The Nebula Stage Artifact Thunder Cry Sword released a piercing thunderous roar that overwhelmed the mind.

But alas, all of its energy was absorbed by the Profound Astral Gem.

Wen He spun around, planning to escape, but Shu Jing who had used the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique was one step ahead, appearing directly in front of him in the next instant. His Silver Blade’s barrel was pointed directly at Wen He, releasing bright silver light shots.

Wen He bent his two fingers. His Nebula Techniques was sufficient for deflecting the bullets, but they were simply Shu Jing’s distraction meant to attract his attention. The suddenly Silver Blade appeared at Wen He’s unguarded throat.

Wen He’s face was overcome with fear. He called out in desperation: “Who are you really?”

“The Majestic Star’s Master!”

Shu Jing pulled the trigger.

The energy from the bullet immediately ravaged Wen He’s internals. The cultivator’s face became distorted in pain. Shu Jing then casually used his arm to wring Wen He’s neck.

Even in his last moments, Wen He was not able to believe that a Nebula Early Stage cultivator would die in the hand of a Stardust Middle Stage cultivator.

Shu Jing breathed out roughly. Just killing Wen He had taken all of his energy reserves. Shu Jing pulled out a bottle of Qi Restoration Liquid he had previously acquired from Xun Tian Daoist and gulped it all down. His energy began to slowly replenish. Following that, Shu Jing pulled out the Clear Wind Talismans. Thanks to this talisman, his body was able to move at an amazing speed, and enabled him to take care of the enemy.

But this wasn’t the time to relax. Shu Jing knew there was someone even more powerful here. It was a cultivator at Nebula Middle Stage, and not one he can deal with as easily as the Nebula Early Stage cultivator.

Shu Jing gnashed his teeth and retrieved all that he could from Wen He’s body, then quickly set off.


Crown Prince Palace

The older cultivator’s face suddenly turned extremely fierce. He looked towards the distanced sky with fear.

“Elder Xiu, what happened? Did Elder Wen He finished off that Star Master?” Gou Zi impatiently asked.

“No, he had killed Wen He instead.” The older cultivator spat out heavily.


Gou Zi’s face turned ashen grey.



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