108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 21 – Heavenly Lightning, Earthly Fire

Heavenly Lightning, Earthly Fire
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: Istaripanda

“Isn’t he just a low levelled cultivator? How could he kill Elder Wen He?” Gou Zi asked in a panicked tone.

“It seems like we can’t underestimate someone who’s capable of defeating the Majestic Star.”

Elder Xiu spoke gravely. He circulated his Divine Intent and honed in on Shu Jing’s every movement. He discovered that the other party was constantly moving about the fort, from the food storage, barracks to camps starting fires. It was impossible to figure out what he was planning to do. The Grand Border Fortress was once again engulfed in fire, with smoke covering the sky. Elder Xiu was no longer able to sit still. He could not easily forgive a Stardust Middle Stage cultivator who dared to not give him an ounce of respect, constantly running around starting fires.

On the other side, Gou Zi was also impatient. If this struggle continued, the entire Grand Border Fortress would be burnt to cinders.

“Elder Xiu!”

“I will go get him now. However, regarding Elder Wen He’s reward…”

Matters had come to this point, and yet this damned old man still wouldn’t spare even a thought for his companion! Crown Prince Gou Zi cursed from the bottom of his heart. However, on the surface he smiled accommodatingly: “As long as you take care of this Star Master, Elder Wen He’s reward will be given to Elder Xiu in its entirety.”

“Un.” Elder Xiu nodded, a satisfied smile appearing on his face. It seems like he could not hold back in order to deal with Shu Jing. He picked up the wooden sword and a talisman before flying off.

The half kneeling Lin Yingmei who had heard their entire conversation could not help but sigh a long sigh.

Master, why?


Grand Border Fortress Pavilion.

Atop this pavilion stood a young girl dressed in a red fluttering dress. She was standing against the breeze, her red eyes observing the entirety of the Grand Border Fortress. She looks at the fire alarms raised across the entire fort at various burning and smoking locations and couldn’t help but smirk. She really did enjoy this kind blazing fire imagery.

This beautiful girl was standing next to a man whose face was like jade. He was handsome and elegant youth, only right now there was a glint of shock in his eyes.

Indeed, they were Deviance Star “Red-haired Devil” Liu Tang and her Star Master, Xun Huo.

After being pointed in the wrong direction by Lil’ Er, they failed to find Shu Jing and Lin Yingmei. They did not think that the next time they would run into the Majestic Star and her Master would be in this situation.

“Lin Chong’s Star Master really is an idiot. He dared to infiltrate the fort by his lonesome self. Did he think he could put up a fight against the two Nebula cultivators without the help of Lin Chong?” Xun Huo laughed lightly. He was observing all of the events occurring at the Grand Border Fortress. He was quite surprised by the Majestic Star’s capture, but Shu Jing’s reckless move was what caused him to laughed out loud.

“Master, what do you think he should have done then?” The Red-haired Devil Liu Qing-er asked casually, her voice carrying it with a slightly strange tone.

Xun Huo replied immediately without thinking: “Of course he should have ran as far away as possible. Losing a Star Knight, one can just find another one. But each person only have a single life. If one dies, they have nothing.”

“Master’s words are so enlightening, Qing-er understands.” Liu Qing-er laughed mysteriously.

Xun Huo suddenly felt a chill running through his entire body, his heart lunging forward. Danger! Xun Huo suddenly remembered Liu Qing-er was also a Star Knight. He quickly explained: “If any danger comes to Qing-er, I would, of course, use all my strength to rescue you. However, that is the Majestic Star, her Star Master basically has no power to control her, hence it would be just a waste of time for him. That’s what I meant.”

It was a good try.

Lin Qing-er licked her lips, her red fiery eyes seems like they were burning brightly. “No need, Master’s decision is indeed the correct one. If Master is killed, Star Knights will also be seriously injured, even killed. The further you stay away from your Star Knight, the better. You would be able to guarantee your own safety, while the Star Knights can use this chance to find an even more powerful Master, so why wouldn’t they take it? If one day Qing-er meets such a situation, I pray Master will go as far away as possible!”

Xun Huo wasn’t sure if Liu Qing-er was being genuine or not, but her words made sense. For now, Xun Huo could only smile awkwardly.

Lin Qing-er summoned her Blaze Refining Nine Hell Sabre, the sabre’ fireballs floating gently.

“Right now is our best chance to kill Lin Chong.” Xun Huo said, heatedly.

Liu Qing-er glanced at him, her eyes cold. There was even a trace of scorn.

Useless trash!

She cursed quietly.

An overwhelming aura suddenly appeared and pushed down on him like a mountain. Shu Jing could only feel his legs turning numb and impossible to move.

An elder cultivator coldly appeared in front of him. The Elder complimented. “I never thought you would be capable of killing Wen He, but that’s the furthest you will go.”

Elder Xiu pulled out the wooden sword and attached a talisman on its body. He casually swung it upward.

He muttered a single word: “Go!”

The talisman turned into countless fireball that covered the entire night sky, as if there were dozens of suns falling from the sky.

Shu Jing leapt and avoided an attacking fireball, but before he could even retaliate using the Silver Blade, the Elder have already made his next move. His Nebula Middle Stage Divine Intent was fierce. The moment Shu Jing attempted to escape, he spat a metal sword.

The flash of sword light directly shot through Shu Jing’s body.


Elder Xiu was stunned.

With his Clear Wind Talisman activated, Shu Jing appeared in front of Elder Xiu in the blink of an eye, continuously shooting at him. Not paying any mind to his remaining bullets, Shu Jing shot over ten silver beams of light shot toward Elder Xiu.


Elder Xiu laughed coldly, his wooden sword swept up, shooting out Star Energy to turn the strange “artifacts” into tiny pieces. Suddenly, he discovered that amongst the chaos of the exploding bullets, a single silver ball appeared. Elder Xiu’s expression quickly changed.

Annihilation Bead?!!


The Annihilation Bead unleashed a powerful wave that swallowed Elder Xiu. Even though Shu Jing still could not control Nebula Grade Artifacts, this Annihilation Bead did not need to be fueled with any Star Energy, but was more akin to a grenade. The damage it could cause cannot be underestimated.


Elder Xiu was blasted by the attack before he could prepare and took the full blunt of the attack. But before he could finish cursing, a figure suddenly appeared beside him like a silent assassin.

Putting aside how high the cultivation of a cultivator was or how powerful their Artifact, there was always a weakness. When it comes to Star Energy, cultivation, Artifact, Shu Jing was not his match, but if he was able to get close to him, Shu Jing was sure that he had the means to surely kill anyone.

The Silver Blade shot toward Elder Xiu.

Only, this time the cultivator was nothing like Wen He. Elder Xiu shouted angrily, his power like a wave crashing down. Just as Silver Blade was only an inch from Elder Xiu’s throat, Shu Jing was hit by the wave of overwhelming power. He could only be thrown backward at the wall, leaving a large dent.

“Heaven hear my orders, Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire!”


Elder Xiu angrily chanted, his wooden sword turning into a bright red lightning bolt. He had used the “Heavenly Lightning Arts”. One could only see the wooden sword transforming into a fiery lightning bolt that strikes down upon Shu Jing’s location.

“Just a tiny Stardust cultivator like you can make me use the “Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire Sword”, it seems like your death at least had some meaning, Haha.”

Sneering, Elder Xiu’s expression suddenly turned serious.

Shu Jing’s breath did not disappear.

After the fiery lightning dissipated, Shu Jing was still standing solidly like a statue, his face carrying with it a hint of delight.

“By now, Lin Yingmei must have been saved.”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

Xiu Elder asked in surprise.



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