108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 3 – Deviance Star “Red Haired Devil”

CHAPTER 3: Deviance Star “Red Haired Devil”
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editor: LtBeefy, Istaripanda

The grassland was beautiful during night time.

The Milky Way belt was like a ribbon stretched across the night sky with countless stars twinkling like gems. Among them, several were distinctively bright. These stars each had a halo of light, some of which glowed a deep red colour in contrast to the others.

“Yingmei, are those strange stars the 108 Destiny Stars you spoke about?” Shu Jing looked up at the sky while feeling a deep sense of awe and admiration.

By the way, the girl’s real name was Lin Yingmei. Lin Chong was actually just her combat title. This definitely brought Shu Jing, who was familiar with Water Margin, some consolation. At least he doesn’t need to constantly call out Lin Chong Lin Chong…

Leaning against a rock, Lin Yingmei furrowed her brows. She was not in the mood to answer his dumb questions.

“Yingmei, what is the meaning of those red stars?”

Shu Jing was endlessly curious about this world, and was unfazed by Lin Yingmei’s dismissive attitude.

“Those stars are called Crimson Stars, they represent the stars that have successfully signed a Star Duel Covenant contract.” Whilst looking with her half-closed eyes, she replied quietly.

Shu Jing silently counted at least thirty stars were red.

“Which Crimson Star is ours?”

Shu Jing asked.

Lin Yingmei looked up and searched seriously for a moment, and then awkwardly coughed. She actually had no idea which one it was.

“According to what you told me, the Star Duel began over a year ago. By now only some thirty contracts have been signed. The efficiency seems to be quite bad.”

“Master, you need to know that these contracts are very serious matters!”

Lin Yingmei frowned at Shu Jing’s nonchalant tone. As if Star Duels Covenants were commonplace occurrences.

In reality, these Star Maidens adopt a very long term outlook when choosing their Star Master. These matters pertain to the fate of their entire lives, of course they wouldn’t treat it lightly.

The most powerful cultivators were the most popular, followed by cultivators possessing formidable weapons or martial arts, some were also chosen for their innate potential. That’s why there was a saying in Mount Liang Continent: “In order to contract with a Star Maiden, one must first conquer her.”

Of course, there were also cases of Star Maidens falling in love and contracting with common ordinary people, but the chance of this happening was truly small. What’s more, at the end of every Star Duel, these couples were the ones most likely to prematurely perished together.

Hearing this, Shu Jing sighed. These Star Maidens are also quite realistic.

“Are you are afraid I will drag you down?” Shu Jing frowned: “Is it possible to annul the contract?”

Lin Ying suddenly opened her eyes and looked strangely at Shu Jing: “Master, what are you talking about?”

“If Star Masters are so important to Star Knights, since I don’t know anything, I am not able to be of any help to you. Annulling the contract is also no big deal to me.” Shu Jing honestly replied. He originally came from the modern world, these types of whatever contracts did not really hold any appeal to him.

However, to Lin Yingmei, Shu Jing’s words set off a monstrous storm brewing within her heart. Mount Liang Continent was filled with countless star cultivators who would shamelessly employ any method or scheme to sign a contract with a Star Maiden.

To be able to contract with the Majestic Star Lin Chong was something these star cultivators can only dream of.

Seeing Shu Jing speaking sincerely without a trace of deceit, Lin Yingmei’s cold expression became slightly warmer. However, her tone remained stern:

“Master, you are insulting this Lin Chong, contracts are matters of fate. For the rest of my life, I will devote myself to protecting you, even to death!”

“Your words makes me so emotional, I can’t even stand up!” For better or worse, Shu Jing was still an Air Force military major. Cowering behind a girl wasn’t exactly what he wanted. “It’s better if you teach me how to protect myself.”

Lin Yingmei gently nodded at his words. Even though Yingmei had more than once regretted the fact she had signed a contract with this strange man, her master didn’t seem to be so useless. Maybe one day he could grow to truly take control of her, the Majestic Star.

“Your servant understands!”

A galloping white horse suddenly stopped. A young man sitting on the horse looked toward the rolling hills in the distance, his eyes concealing mysterious thoughts. Sitting behind him, the red-haired girl sneered:

“The traces are still fresh, they shouldn’t be too far away”.

“Qing-er, which star do think this Star Knight belongs to?”

Xun Hou wondered.

“No matter what star she belongs to, I will burn her up to the point where even her ashes won’t remain.”

The girl said in a haughty tone.

“Could Master be scared?”

Xun Hou replied with disdain: “Something seems abnormal. Why would a Star Knight loudly announce their appearance at Clear Wilderness Highland? The Star Duels have begun, all the weak Star Knights should be keeping a low profile while enhancing their strength.”

“Master think this Star Knight is possibly a Heavenly Spirit?”

Qing-er smiled cruelly:

“If so it would be even better, absorbing a Heaven Spirit would benefit Master’s Star Energy greatly.”

“Just to be on the cautious side, immediately use the Phoenix Step Tactics when we meet them and don’t waste time with words.”

“Ha Ha Ha”

The red haired girl laughed loudly in reply.


After traversing the flat plains of Clear Wilderness Highlands for 10 days straight, Shu Jing and Lin Yingmei were finally able to see a set of rolling hills creeping like dragons lying in wait. The mountain had a specialty called “Giant Iron Trees”. These trees were as solid as steel, and they covered the entire hill like armour. This made Shu Jing feel like the mountain was an impenetrable fortress. This was definitely the Unyielding Wall Mountain – one of the five great mountains of Liangshan Continent.

Lin Yingmei had come to the Clear Wilderness Highland with the goal of finding “Relic Blade Sand”. This material, when used to forge weapons, would greatly enhance the weapon’s toughness and strength. Even though the surprising incident of the signed contract happened on the way here, Shu Jing, who didn’t have any real plans due to having only just arrived at Liangshan Continent, was more than happy to just accompany her on her journey.

Just as they were prepared to ascend the mountain, a massive fireball screeched towards them.

Shu Jing quickly gathered his Star Energy on his finger and shot out a blue streak of light, blocking the fireball.

“Finding you two was definitely not easy”.

A man and woman stood in their way, blocking the path.

Basing on the fluctuations of the Star Energy, the man was definitely not simple, his Star Energy was at least at the Late Stardust stage. These past few days, Shu Jing also gained a deeper understanding of star cultivators, Star Masters and their powers. The capability of Star Masters could be divided into these stages: Stardust, Nebula, Galaxy, Stellar, Oblivion and Annihilation.

The bigger a person’s Star Energy’s reserve, the more advantage they would have in a battle.

Right now Shu Jing’s Star Energy was only at Early Stardust Stage.

“Do we know you?”

Shu Jing carefully asked.

Xun Hou glanced at Lin Yingmei and attempted to evaluate her. However, a startled feeling welled up in his heart when he was unable to see through her strength.

The red-haired girl ferociously spoke:

“Who could imagine it really was a contracted Star Knight. Great, killing you now would save us later.”

“I don’t want to fight with little sister.”

Lin Yingmei casually said.

“Who’s your little sister?”

The girl shouted, her entire body releasing a crimson aura, with red lights appearing from both her hair and eyes. On her forehead, a Star Symbol appeared, while a dark red sabre suddenly materialized in her hands.

The sabre split into nine parts, each part connected to another.

Blaze Refining Nine Prison Sabre!

“Deviance Star “Red-Haired Devil”?”

Lin Yingmei frowned.



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