108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 4 – The Silver Blade Reversal

CHAPTER 4 – The Silver Blade Reversal
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editors: LtBeefy, Istaripanda

“Don’t be scared, being afraid won’t help you now.” The girl laughed lightly. Her eyes turned toward Xun Hou, waiting for his commands. “Master?!”

Xun Hou still held some lingering fear towards Lin Yingmei’s unusual calmness, but there was no room for hesitation. Sooner or later Star Knights would have to fight to the death, and this was a wonderful chance since the enemy was still newly contracted and had not yet reached a harmonious connection. Taking advantage of this chance would be for the best.

Xun Hou nodded.

“Red-Haired Devil” Liu Tang revealed a devilish smile. She raised her Blaze Refining Nine Hell Sabre, aimed at Lin Yingmei and slashed downward.

The blade shot out a scorching fireball, brightening the surrounding area.

Clang clang!!

Torrents of freezing air burst out in retaliation.

Before Liu Tang’s first sabre attack could even reach her, Lin Yingmei instantly accessed her Star Knight mode, her forehead shining with the star symbol. Quickly stepping forward, her spear was like a venomous snake swallowing Liu Tang’s fireball.

Icy killing intent overwhelmed Liu Tang like a tidal wave.

She quickly shifted to a defensive stance and her movement slowed, lacking the strength and clarity it previously had.

Lin Yingmei who was on the offensive suddenly stopped and changed her technique.

A cold blue light shot out in a strange arc, sometimes straight and sometimes curving, heading towards the Red Haired Devil.

A loud blast reverberated throughout the mountain.

Lin Yingmei’s curving light collided with an emerald ring that came from the third person who entered the battle. Lin Yingmei would indeed have to risk facing two people at once.

This third person was, of course, Xun Hou.

During this time, Deviance Star Liu Tang had already retreated to a safe distance.

Lin Yingmei gave chase, but Xun Hou’s true aim was to only distract her away from Shu Jing. When the timing was right, the emerald ring suddenly changed direction and headed directly towards Shu Jing.

Lin Yingmei leapt from her spot.

In a blink of an eye, she was in front of Shu Jing. With a single slash, she pushed the emerald ring to fall back.

“Lin Chong, it turns out you are Lin Chong!!” Deviance Star (Liu Tang) Liu Qing shouted in surprise.

Xun Hou expression changed, unbelieving. He stared deeply at Lin Yingmei.

“Qing-er, you must be wrong, what kind of person is Panther Head Lin Chong? Why would she contract with such a useless Star Master? Maybe she is in love with him?”

Being evaluated as useless by the enemy made Shu Jing feel frustrated from the bottom of this heart, but he simply couldn’t refute their words.

He had been in this world for only ten days. Don’t mention Artifacts like the one Xun Hou just used to attack Lin Yingmei, Shu Jing didn’t even have any martial arts or sword arts. Even though he was currently a star cultivator, he could only stand by and watch Lin Yingmei fight for him.

“Master, this is the truth, that spear is the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, and she is Lin Chong descended!” Liu Qing smiled cruelly.

“If that is so, we can only take care of the Star Master first!”

Xun Hou said with no hesitation.

Based on his strength, they didn’t need to worry about Shu Jing, and as long as they were able to hurt him Lin Chong’s soul would also be affected heavily. After that, even if she tried to resist she would not be able to hold on for long.

Killing Lin Chong, he would be like a tiger who has grown wings.

With such thoughts in mind, Xun Hou slapped his bag and two jade swords shot out and flew forward.

“Worthless toys.”

Lin Yingmei sneered, her Arctic Star Serpent Spear lunged forward and shot down Xun Hou’s jade swords.

“Lin Chong, let me take a few moves from you.”

Liu Qing roared, her body moved as fast as an arrow towards Lin Yingmei.

The menacing blazing sabre continuously slashed forward but was immediately deflected by Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear. The wave of powerful Star Energy wrapped around the spear began to oppress Liu Qing. The constantly colliding forces finally caused the “Blaze Refining Nine Hell Sabre” to fly out of Liu Qing’s hand.

“Go away!”

Lin Yingmei spun around and appeared behind Liu Qing, aiming at her spine.

This was indeed a good move, and nobody could fault her technique. Unfortunately, the thing that met her spear head-on was a ball of fire.

The spear attack scattered streamers of flame everywhere.

Liu Qing and her extraordinary sabre technique once again resumed their pressure.

The Deviance Star was not simple, even the Majestic Star could not underestimate her.

Xun Hou stood on the side, waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch a lethal attack against Shu Jing. However, Lin Chong’s martial arts were extraordinary, even the both of them combined cannot defeat her. If she was so powerful when her Star Master was only at Early Stage Stardust, when she and her master grew more mature later on, their power would be unimaginable. This thought solidified Xun Hou’s intent of squashing Lin Chong here and now.

Liu Qing understood Xun Hou’s plan, so she immediately retreated, her hands slowly raising up the Blaze Refining Nine Hell Sabre.

Her maniacal flame and her sabre both resonated, and then slowly fused into one.

“Lin Chong, take my Phoenix Step Sabre Technique!”

Liu Qing shouted as her body shot high into the air with the Blaze Refining Nine Hell Sabre aimed squarely at Lin Yingmei. A slash containing overwhelming power shot out.

A strange black fire streamed out from within the sabre and quickly converged at the tip of the blade, the fierce flame looking almost untameable. This move was flying directly at Lin Chong.

In that moment, the entire world seemed like it was consumed by this powerful flame.

This was Deviance Star Red Haired Devil’s Phoenix Step Tactics!

“Nine Consecutive Hell Fire Demonic Slash!”

What a mouthful.

“Master, be careful!!”

Lin Yingmei gripped the Arctic Spear and gathered her Star Energy while facing the flame attack head on.

Fireballs showered Lin Yingmei as the hundred meters surrounding grass field transformed into a desert.

It took only a moment for the fireballs to swallow Lin Chong up completely.

Feeling the intense heat from a hundred metres away, Shu Jing was anxious and wanted to help. But aside from the short pistol he always carried, he had not a single weapon.

Shu Jing had no idea if mere bullets will have any effects on these star cultivators, but the only thing he can do was draw the silver pistol out. The body of the silver pistol were etched with ancient decorative patterns. The gun was given to him as a commemorative gift when he was promoted to become the country’s youngest Major. The pistol also had a sharp, solid knife attached to it. The name of the gun was “Silver Blade”. [1]

Xun Hou saw that Liu Qing had surrounded Lin Chong with her ultimate move. Without any hesitation he immediately leapt towards Shu Jing, his fingers curled up into a claw attack to take Shu Jing’s life.

No matter how one looked at it, Shu Jing was a weak and vulnerable Early Stage Stardust cultivator. He didn’t even have a decent Artifact to protect himself.

“Bang bang!!”

Shu Jing immediately shot out two shots, but the bullets were not even able to penetrate Xun Hou’s Star Energy barrier.

“Are you trying to tickle me?” Xun Hou laughed loudly.

Shu Jing was very annoyed, on Earth no matter what he was still a renowned Military Major. Getting lost in this Liangshan Continent now meant that he head to rely on a woman to protect him. This was such a frustrating turn of events. However, Shu Jing suddenly thought of something.

Shu Jing’s agility was quite good, and he was able to dodge several palm attacks from Xun Hou. With his finger on the trigger, he infused it with all the Star Energy in his body. He then aimed at Xun Hou and fired.

A silver bullet shot out surrounded by an aura of light.

Against this seemingly pathetic attack, Xun Hou simply sent a palm forward in jest. However, something unexpected happened.

The bullet shot right through his hand and then penetrated Xun Hou’s shoulder.

Xun Hou screamed.

Shu Jing’s heart lifted, and he immediately unleashed two more bullets.

The Star Energy bullets were extremely ferocious. Xun Hou risked his life defending against three of these consecutive bullets using all of his Late Stage Stardust cultivation. Instead of retreating, Shu Jing pressed closer and hit him with an army punch. [2]

Without any Artifact, he had used his fist. Xun Hou had not anticipated that Shu Jing was so bold. His punch nearly caused Xun Hou to threw up.

Xun Hou became enraged and lashed out with his all of his Star Energy in response.

Suddenly a beautiful figure appeared in front of Shu Jing, casually deflecting Xun Hou’s attack.

“Master, are you alright?” Lin Yingmei looked at Shu Jing, her eyes grim, her heart genuinely worrying about Shu Jing’s safety.

Shu Jing nodded, he had never thought that the “Silver Blade” in his hand could be so useful.

“What kind of trash are you, not even able to take care of an Early Stage Stardust cultivator with no martial arts,”

The Red-haired Devil Liu Qing cursed while looking at the injured Xun Hou.

“This person has an unnatural Artifact.” Xun Hou had never felt so ashamed.

Liu Qing glared at Xun Hou with a look full of hatred. Not a shred of worship was left in her eyes. She turned towards Lin Chong, smiling: “You are indeed worthy of the title Majestic Star Lin Chong. I already used the Phoenix Step Tactics “Nine Consecutive Hell Fire Demonic Slash”, but it only ended up burning some of your clothes. This kind of result really makes people feel frustrated.”

Because her contractor Xun Hou was injured, Liu Qing also suffered no small amount of internal damage. Shu Jing had already shown that he could defend himself, not to mention Ling Yingmei who still had more than enough fighting power.

“Master, do we kill them?” Lin Yingmei’s grip tightened around the Arctic Star Serpent Spear as it radiated an intense bone-chilling aura.

The temperature of the air suddenly fell dramatically and the burning grass became covered with frost.

Liu Qing and Xun Hou’s face suddenly changed.

Not good.

Not only did they fail to steal the chicken, they also lost a handful of rice! [3]


Shu Jing spat out coldly.


[1] Sword Pistol! Basing on future chapters, the gun have two modes, gun and knife. It does seems to be a weapon related to Air Force pilots, and is a gun and switchblade knife in one. Perhaps this, but silver.



[2] Basically a gut punch, often taught in the military and thus called an army punch by the author.

[3] The context pretty much explains the meaning, but basically the saying meant that even though they came intending to profit, they are the one who is taken advantage of in the end.


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