108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 5 – Relic Blade Legacy

CHAPTER 5 – Relic Blade Legacy
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • Editors: LtBeefy, Istaripanda

With such a heaven-sent chance, why would Shu Jing pick now to grant his enemy mercy?

Lin Yingmei leapt, her Arctic Star spear thrusted straight forward.

“You are looking down on me too much.”Liu Qing face reddened as she retaliated with everything she had.

Liu Qing face reddened as she retaliated with everything she had.

Lin Yingmei’s spear and Liu Qing’s sabre collided, resulting in blindingly bright sparks.

While deep in the midst of their battle, a pink figure suddenly appeared between them. One could only see that it was a girl who gently dances between the sabre and the spear blades. A Yin Yang formation rotated into existence, gently separating the two maidens from each other, stopping only when they were 10 metres apart.

This turn of event caught Shu Jing and others totally by surprise.

“Little sisters, we should take care all take care of ourselves, please stop fighting.”

A young girl appeared. She wore an extremely intricately decorated silk dress that perfectly accentuated her slender body. She moved elegantly, her skin paler than snow, soft and tender. Her beauty was the kind capable of collapsing empires.

Even when she wasn’t trying, an aura of regality radiated from her that caused others to not dare look down on her.

“Step aside, don’t get in my way!” Lin Yingmei’s eyes ferociously gleamed, her killing intent covering the sky.

“Arctic Star Serpent Spear? Who would have thought that I would run into Lin Chong sis here. Ah, is that your Master?” The mysterious girl covered her mouth while evaluating Shu Jing in startlement.

Her body slightly moved, and even before Lin Yingmei could respond, the mysterious girl was already standing in front of Shu Jing.

Is that speed even humanely possible?

Shu Jing didn’t even have the chance to panic before a sweet smelling scent like exotic flowers invaded his nose.

“How did you get Lin Chong sis to contract with you?” The girl smiled mischievously.

“Master, retreat!” Lin Yingmei quickly spun around and shouted a heaven-defying cry as her spear attack shot out.

The girl’s body was light as a feather as she calmly flew backward, completely dodging Lin Chong’s attack.

“Which Star are you?”Lin Yingmei gripped her spear, her entire body tensed up considerably. Just in the past few seconds, Lin Yingmei could sense that the girl in front of her was quite powerful.

Lin Yingmei gripped her spear, her entire body tensed up considerably. Just in the past few seconds, Lin Yingmei could sense that the girl in front of her was quite powerful.

The mysterious girl only smiled and did not answer. She looked around at the devastated grass field and said: “Just now on the mountain I felt a sudden fluctuation of power. I never thought that it was due to the little sisters’ Star Duel. Please give me face and temporarily stop fighting.”

“What qualification do you have to give me orders?” Deviance Star Liu Qing’s overbearing voice shouted out.

“Just now, I saved your life.” The girl laughed and said: “If not for me, both you and your Star Master would be dead in the ground.”

Liu Qing and Xun Hou’s face turned extremely unpleasant.

Xun Hou knew that because he was injured by Shu Jing, he ended up affecting Liu Qing’s combat capability. If they continue to fight, it will mostly likely end in their defeat. Thinking so, he saluted: “We will do as you said.”

Liu Qing only gave a small grunt and resheathed her saber.

“And what does this Star Master think about my suggestion?” The girl turned her eyes towards Shu Jing, beaming with a smile as she asked. Her smile clearly signalled that she would not take any other answer than the one she wanted.

“We can’t beat you, so we can only agree”. Shu Jing understood and agreed begrudgingly.

The girl happily laughed: “Isn’t this much better? Let’s wait until you meet again on the Liangshan Maiden Domain to show off your powers.”

“What a busybody, poking your nose in other people’s matters for no reason.” Liu Qing said with a resentful tone.

“Master!” Lin Yingmei also did not feel very satisfied. Her hands still gripped the spear tightly.

Shu Jing shook his head and stepped forward to hold her back. Now that this mysterious girl had intervened, they could only restrain themselves. With her power, even if the Majestic Star and Deviance Star were to combine their strength, they were still not her match. Even if they weren’t willing, there was nothing they could do. He only regretted missing out on the one in a thousand year chance — this time they only won due to the other party’s overconfidence. Later on, he doubts they would have such a good chance again. Perhaps it would be even more dangerous next time with them knowing his strength.

“How are your injuries?” Shu Jing looked at Lin Yingmei’s body full of wounds. Liu Qing’s Nine Consecutive Hell Fire Slash was no joke, and it obviously took some effort to escape from it.

Lin Yingmei shook her head and retracted her spear.

“Now that you guys have made up, this Lil-er have some business that I hope both of you can help me out with.” The mysterious girl who called herself Lil-er said and then laughed loudly. She was asking for their help, but everyone knew it was an order that was impossible to reject.

“What can we help you with?” Shu Jing asked.

“When I was at the top of the mountain, I discovered an ancient Relic Blade legacy monument. Unfortunately, there was a protective seal around the place, and it requires at least three Stars to unlock the seal! This matter has caused me much grief.”

“If it’s really the Relic Blade legacy, then I guess we can help you out this one time!” Liu Qing humphed and said.

Seeing that even Lin Chong was affected by this news, Shu Jing also quickly nodded in reply.

The group then headed towards the mountain. Thanks to having the mysterious girl lead the way, they were able to avoid any trouble.

The night descended. Everybody split into their respective groups to find their own resting ground.

Shu Jing leaned on a boulder, pulled out Silver Blade. He quietly practiced distilling Star Energy into bullets over and over again.

Lin Yingmei did a round of inspection before settling down across from him. She stared at the silver weapon in Shu Jing’s hands with a quizzical feeling. She had never come across this type of weapon. On the surface there was no fluctuation of energy, at a glance, it should have been nothing more than a useless lump of iron. But Shu Jing had used this lump of iron to injure Xun Hou, who had achieved Stardust Late Stage. Lin Yingmei saw with her own eyes.

The weapon’s penetrative power was comparable to a low-grade Nebula Stage Artifact. It could be used continuously very quickly, and without the need to be controlled by Divine Intent.

Not only was her Master odd, even his weapon was peculiar.

“Yingmei, can you guess who that Star Knight is?” Shu Jing finished cleaning the gun and then looked towards the mysterious girl who was sleeping casually on top of a tree branch in the distance.

Lin Yingmei glanced over and spoke reluctantly: “She hasn’t used her unique martial art yet, so there is no way for me to tell. There are few uncontracted stars under the heaven who could oppress me, but there’s always the chance that she have had other fateful encounters that bolstered her strength.”

“Could it be Song Jiang?” Shu Jing smile and said. Leader Star Song Jiang, the number one Liangshan warrior.

“Song Jiang?” Lin Yingmei asked with some disdain.

“Right now Master should be careful until we reach the Legacy. ” Lin Yingmei over at the Liu Qing pair, her expression serious. “Logically, Deviance Star Liu Tang would never agree to contract with such a useless star cultivator. He must have something that caused the Red Haired Devil to be swayed.”

“Let’s head inside the legacy and then find a way to separate from them.” Shu Jing said.

Lin Yingmei nodded, not disagreeing.

On the other side, Liu Qing coldly looked at Xun Hou: “You nearly sabotaged me this time!”

Xun Hou nervously said: “That kid’s Artifact is so strange, next time I will definitely be more careful.”

“Hmph, you better!” Liu Qing then stared daggers at the mysterious girl from the corner of her eyes: “Right now we should prioritise recovering from our injuries. When we are fully healed and the timing is right, we will kill both Lin Chong and her Star Master. This time you must remember to take out your Nebula Stage Artifact. Against the Majestic Star, we must not hold back.”

Xun Hou stared at Shu Jing with rising killing intent: “This damn Early Stage Stardust cultivator, I will definitely cut him into a million pieces.”

“That would be for the best!” Liu Qing spoke with a grim face.

Two days later, they safely reached their destination.

Relic Blade Legacy!



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