108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 8 – The Majestic Star’s Symbol

CHAPTER 8 – The Majestic Star’s Symbol
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: No1Fan, Arch Requiem, LtBeefy

During their journey through the pitch black corridor, Shu Jing managed to learn several things from Lin Yingmei. It seems that the matters about Star Duels were not as simple as he originally thought, signing a contract was only the first step. In order to enter the holy ground of the Liangshan Maiden, Star Maidens would use all means possible to improve their strength. The girls usually hid their power and patiently bided their time, so it would be difficult for him to fathom their true strength.

And not only were there the Star Maidens, all of their Star Masters were also his enemy.

A light finally appeared at the end of the passageway.

Shu Jing and Lin Yingmei finally finished their conversation and came out from the passageway. The sun was dazzlingly bright, Shu Jing wasn’t able to adapt in time and furiously blinked his eyes.

In front of them were valleys surrounded by mountains completely covered in lush green vegetation. There were countless blooming flowers, and the wind carried with it a soft scent that penetrated deep into one’s souls.

“Lin Chong little sis, why were you so late? Did you discovered something interesting?” A gentle voice carried by the wind sounded out from a nearby willow branch.

Shu Jing looked up, who could it be aside from Lil’ Er?

The girl was relaxing on top of the tree branch, her body looking even suppler than the willow itself.

“Are we inside the legacy?” Shu Jing asked.

“Legacy?” Little Er laughed: “You are so funny, this is the other side of the Unyielding Wall Mountain.”


Shu Jing and Lin Yingmei were both startled.

This is the other side of the mountain? Shu Jing and Lin Yingmei lifted their heads, and the Unyielding Wall Mountain was towering above them like a giant.

“We came out just like that?”

Shu Jing was a bit speechless, wasn’t this Relic Blade legacy too simple? However, thinking back, Lin Yingmei had told him about how often legacies would contain only a single puzzle, and the moment one chose the wrong path it would pretty much be the end of the road.

“Did you went through all that just for this view?” Lin Yingmei asked.

Lil’ Er laughed loudly, “Heavens, Little Sis Lin Chong. This is the Unyielding Wall Mountain, which is part of Liangshan Continent’s Five Great Mountains, and is thousands of feet tall. It is almost impossible to cross even if one could fly, and don’t even mention walking. Thus, one must naturally make use of any shortcut they can find.”

“But of course, I also managed to reap some profit this time.”

Lil’ Er took out a bottle. The bottle was half filled with dark gray sand.

Lin Yingmei’s face darkened. This was the Relic Blade Sand she had been looking for.

“Where did you find it?” Shu Jing asked.

Lil’ Er pointed at the entrance they just came out from. Sure enough, there were some leftover digging marks on the ground where the sand previously was.

At the Relic Blade legacies, aside from the elusive Profound Astral Gem, the most valuable treasure is the small amount of Relic Blade Sand that spawns near the legacy itself.

Even though Lin Yingmei coveted the material, since the other party was one step ahead, she could only give up. However, when she heard Li’ Er spoke about the Profound Astral Gem, a trace of pride welled up in her heart.

“Oh that’s right, I didn’t come to talk about this. Deviance Star Liu Tang was looking for you guys, but I deceived her and said you headed towards the west. She has already left. You guys should be careful, she won’t let you go. I hope we will be able to meet once again.”

Lil’ Er chuckled, from her fingers appeared a bright ray of light, and her figure vanished without a trace.

Using her Divine Intent to search the area, Yingmei discovered there wasn’t even a breath of Lil’ Er was left behind. She had really left.

“Even Star Knights have consciences?”

Shu Jing was surprised. He thought that with Lil’ Er’s formidable strength, since sooner or later all Star Knights will have to fight to the death at Liangshan Maiden Domain, she would use this opportunity to get rid of them. It seems like she didn’t plan to do so. “Perhaps all Star Maidens who have not entered a Star Duel Covenant contract all act this naive?”

Lin Yingmei’s did not reply. She was just as confused as Shu Jing.

“Forget it, we must get out of here quickly.” Shu Jing thought their current situation wasn’t exactly optimal. Inside the Legacy, most of their Star Energy was absorbed by the Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragons. Right now, they were at their weakest. Even if they had the Profound Astral Gem, against the Deviance Star, they might still be at a disadvantage.

Thinking so, Shu Jing and Lin Yingmei left towards another direction.

The night fell, and the mountain became quiet.

Shu Jing flipped the Profound Astral Gem back and forth, but still couldn’t figure anything out. He also tried to inject a small bit of Star Energy into it, but nothing happened.

Shu Jing laid on the grass while far away on a hilltop, Lin Yingmei was practicing her Spear Technique. Moonlight was shining upon the Arctic Star Lone Moon Serpent Spear, each spear thrust caused a chilling breeze to be emitted. Lin Yingmei’s determined expression caused Shu Jing to quietly praise her.

Suddenly, Lin Yingmei stopped her training, turning to Shu Jing and asked: “Master, do you also wish to train?”

“I lack talent in this area.” Shu Jing shook his head.

“No, since we are connected through the contract, some of my experience have been transferred over to you. All you need to do is practice and this latent power will awaken.” Lin Yingmei said.

“Really? I can become just like you?”

Lin Yingmei nodded affirmatively.

Shu Jing wanted to ask about what he needed to do to awaken this power, but seeing Lin Yingmei standing in the battle position, he immediately understood. The best way to stimulate his potential was through fighting.

“Be careful.” Shu Jing pulled out the Silver Blade.

“Do your best!” Lin Yingmei spoke icily.

Before she even finished speaking, a chilling streak of light shot out towards her.

Shu Jing went ahead and attacked.

Lin Yingmei’s hand shook, blue light radiates from her attack as it flew towards Shu Jing.

Even with Star Energy reinforcing them, the bullets were not able to oppress the blue light. Instantly, the light roared to life like a snake and pounced at him. This attack did not allow Shu Jing even a bit of time to breathe.

This is Lin Chong’s spear technique?


Without any hesitation, Shu Jing’s continuous bullets shot forward, each like a terrifying assassin.

The sounds of the bullets and metals continuously colliding rang out in the air. This was the first time Lin Yingmei were already displaying her true strength.

Not only were her attacks swift, but even her defence was impenetrable.

Afterimages of both bullets and blades formed a freezing whirlwind in the surrounding thirty feet area.

Under this intense pressure, Shu Jing’s hidden potential began to show itself, causing his movements to drastically improve. Even though he was sometimes forcibly cornered, with mere inches away from a fatal attack, he always managed to narrowly escape. In the blink of an eye, his figure was already upon Lin Yingmei.

A punch filled with freezing power struck out, and in the girl’s eyes a blue glint of light was reflected.

Lin Yingmei remained calm. Her feet became as fast as the wind and casually sidestepped the punch. But the attack suddenly changed direction and swept horizontally, its speed and power increasing by several folds. However Lin Yingmei was even prepared for this, and her spear instantly deflected Shu Jing’s side sweeping strike.

The chilling sharp spear point forced Shu Jing to retreat.

In an instant, Lin Yingmei had shifted the tides of battle and gained the upper hand.

Even though he was mentally prepared, Lin Yingmei’s tyrannical attacks could not be underestimated. Her strength exceeded his by far, and with her overwhelming momentum, Shu Jing was pushed back several metres. But the moment his feet touched the ground, he immediately regained his balance.

A soft humph sounded out.

The trigger was pulled.

Several rapidly rotating bullets shot out, creating disturbances in the air akin to a venomous serpents’ fangs.

Lin Yingmei was ready. She jumped high up into the air as the bullets swarmed towards her.

Lin Yingmei didn’t even stop to think, as her Arctic Star Serpent swept down and sliced the incoming bullets in half. “Master, you are on the right track.”

Shu Jing’s strange attacks had managed to impress Lin Chong.

The Star Symbol on Shu Jing’s forehead began to shine, bringing with it a deeply comfortable feeling that spread throughout his entire body and meridians.



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