I Am A Killer – Index [Picked Up]



Author: 病蛙 (Sick Frog)

Chapters: 72 (Completed)


This story is about a female assassin from ancient times who became a part of the modern military special forces.
Mou Wa: I would like everyone to each take turns describing our Qin Xuan.
A: Amazing martial arts, is a “bull” loli.
B: Her face is always expressionless, she is like an ice crystal.
C: 10 out of 10, a reliable comrade.
D: She kills without blinking, a demon reincarnated.
Qin Xuan: Me? I am a killer!

Edge’s Note:

I am a Killer is the story of an ancient female assassin who reincarnated in a young girl’s body in current times. The beginning chapters follow her attempt of getting used to modern-day life as she juggle between her newfound dysfunctional family and school. There are battles with delinquents and criminals along the way, but it is not until the twentieth chapters does she gets drafted into the military special force, and that’s when things gets really interesting. A light-hearted comedy with action and romance.



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