Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 9 -Tang En’s Fury

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Tang En’s Fury TL: AmeryEdge ED: LtBeefy — When Tang En made his way back to the wooden shack, he immediately entered the system space. There, he could at least not constantly threw up like in reality. “Ding, congratulation assassin Tang En on completing the Killing York Mission. Difficulty: F Performance

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 6 – Spying on Father York

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Spying on Father York TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, Rainbowdash [Amery: Psst, hey kids, wanna not burn your eyes out while reading? Give these new-fangled options a try. Still being heavily tested, and do let us know whether or not to keep it. If you get lost and want to change back, scroll

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 5 – The First System Mission

PREVIOUS– INDEX – NEXT The First System Mission TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, JSmith — The alcohol content of the olive wine wasn’t very high, but due to the delicious food, Tang En ended up drinking quite a considerable amount. By the time he woke up, the sun had already begun to set. Tang En skillfully deflected the old

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 2 – Rookie Assassin

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Rookie Assassin TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, No1Fan — “Assassin System?” in his current predicament, being incessantly annoyed by the notifications in his head caused Tang En to feel flustered. However, a nagging feeling appeared in his heart when he heard this familiar name. In an instant, Tang En saw a bright

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 1 – Death From Boiling Water

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Death From Boiling Water TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, No1Fan — Dawn. Silver rays of light were peeking through the horizon. The wind that was carrying the scent of wet morning dew gently blew by a sleepy village. The village itself seemed unable to withstand the cold morning air and whimpered. Gradually,