Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 2 – Rookie Assassin

Rookie Assassin
  • TL: AmeryEdge
  • ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, No1Fan

“Assassin System?” in his current predicament, being incessantly annoyed by the notifications in his head caused Tang En to feel flustered. However, a nagging feeling appeared in his heart when he heard this familiar name.

In an instant, Tang En saw a bright flash of light, and suddenly he discovered himself inside an empty hall.

At the center of the hall stood an upright man wearing a tuxedo, his combed back white hair indicating that he was a refined man. This sort of clothing definitely reminded Tang En of old Western films with butlers.

That man wearing the butler outfit crossed his arm across his chest, turned towards Tang En and bowed: “Welcome, the latest generation Assassin System inheritor. What can I call you?”

“Assassin System?” Tang En looked around and then pointed at himself, “Are you talking to me? Are you sure you are not mistaken? I am Tang En, can I ask where this is? Also, who are you?”

“Greetings, Tang En. You can call me the Housekeeper,” the old man calmly spoke, “This is the Assassin System Space. Simply put, we are currently inside your mind.”

“In my head? Scary!” Tang En was frightened. He immediately recalled where he originally heard of this name. It was the game he was trying to play before he was to this world.

“Combining space with mental cultivation, have you heard of it? This is such a method.”

Tang En nodded, indicating that he understood. He has, of course, read enough stories to understand what the meaning of this space was.

“What is the Assassin System’s purpose?”

“Training you into an assassin.”

“Huh, training me into an assassin?” Tang En eyes were wide open, “Are you joking around? I haven’t even killed a chicken.”

“Assassins do not need to kill chickens, only humans,” The butler evaluated Tang En, “Furthermore, you are already a genius in the preliminary stage.”

“Uh… I’m a genius?”

“That’s right, your visage and aura is exceedingly plain. This is a great starting point.”

“Ha ha, thank you for your praises!” Tang En obnoxiously laughed on the outside but on the inside he could only grunt.

“You are welcome.” The Housekeeper paid Tang En’s sarcasm no mind, and he continued, “It’s a shame that your eyes are a little narrow, it stands out too much, this means you don’t have a perfect score.”

What is wrong with your vision? These are Phoenix Eyes, okay? From head to toe, I can only rely on these to attract the ladies… Tang En was screaming from the bottom of his heart.

“Well, it’s not a big problem. We can disguise you…”

“Wait! First off, I sincerely thank you for your intentions, but…” Tang En paused, and then said with determination, “I’m not going to kill people! I don’t even know why I must become an assassin!”

“The Assassin System rarely chooses, and if it has already chosen you, you will grow to become a killer no matter what.” The Housekeeper ignored Tang En’s rejection. He had full faith in the System.

“Haha.. really…” Tang En didn’t know what to retort with. You want me to learn such dangerous things like killing people in cold blood for no reason? Are you making fun of me?

The butler said seriously, “Yes, really. Taking a step back, this Assassin System will also not let you die from hunger.”

Ah… Tang En went stiff. He immediately remembered his current situation. He just crossed over to this new world, he knew nothing and was familiar with nobody. There was a real chance of him dying from starvation.

“Could it be that this System can provide me with food?”

The Housekeeper said, “Of course not. But the System can help you get your own food. For example south of this Little Stone Village is a small forest, the system can teach you to hunt game there.”

Tang En heart shook: “You can see the outside world?” Before, he really did seem to see a forest in the corner of his eye.

“Of course, everything you can see, I can see. However, if you don’t enter this Assassin Space, we cannot communicate.”

Tang En nodded and said, “Quick, teach me how to hunt.” Right now the most important thing is finding food. Tang En didn’t want to immediately starve when he just came to another world.

“With pleasure. But before we begin, I advise you to leave first and find a place with no one around. You must know that you have been standing next to the well for some time now without moving.” The butler saluted and spoke casually.

“Oh, how do I leave?”

“Silently wish to exit the Assassin System in your mind, and it will happen.”

Exit the Assassin System…

A flash once again appears, and Tang En safely returned next to the well.

Seeing a woman staring at him strangely, Tang En scratched his nose and quickly left.

The Little Stone Village was not very big, and only around 200 people lived here. The only architecture that stands out here was a small church. This small church’s roof was supporting a statue of a naked handsome man holding a torch. Tang En stared at it closely, making sure that it was not a normal statue of Jesus Christ or other deities.

After a while, Tang En left the village and headed directly to the southern forest. At the edge of the forest, he looked for a quiet corner, leaned on a tree and silently wished to enter the Assassin Space.

“Oh…” Tang En mouth was agape, in his sight the hall was replaced by a dense forest.

The old man standing next to him calmly spoke, “No need to be startled, the System’s space is capable of transforming endlessly.”

Finished speaking, the old man swung his right arm, suddenly a blue screen appeared in midair.

“This is the Assassin System Board, let me walk you through it.”

This time, Tang En was unfazed by the screen appearing out of nowhere. It can create an entire forest, don’t even talk about this.

Looking at the screen made of light and the tiny words it contained, Tang En suddenly felt like he was under the pressure of a mountain.

Rank: Rookie
Assassin Title: Tang En
EXP: 0
HP: 0
Skills Trees: Arrangement, Concealment, Camouflage, Killing, Condition.

The lights on the screen were concentrated at the Skill column, causing Tang En’s eyes to almost be blinded. The butler began to explain.

“Arrangement is simply put, the skill of planning the surrounding layout before making your killing strike. Not only should you plan your offensive moves, but you must also prepare retreating paths. Even though it may sound simple, you should not look down on these essential skills. Once your Arrangement reaches a high enough level you can kill completely invisibly.”

“Concealment. Currently you can only learn how to keep your presence unknown, using the surrounding objects and structure as cover and avoid detection.”

“Camouflage is simple. Right now you can learn how to create basic disguises, on the outside you will appear as someone else completely. Children, women, the elderly…”

“Wait a sec!” Tang En lifted his hand to interrupt the butler, “Disguising as an old man, even a woman I can somewhat understand, but pretending to be a child is too much. There are just obviously a big difference between… Ah!”

Ka, ka, ka…

Even though the Housekeeper was old, his back was always straight. Standing next to each other, the Housekeeper was ten cm taller than the 175 cm tall Tang En. But right now his body was slowly turning and morphing, cracking noises echoes loudly, his body suddenly became half its original height, only going up to Tang En’s thigh.

After that, the Housekeeper swung his arm, changing his tuxedo to a set of children’s clothing. That figure! Tang En could only stand there in disbelief as he looked at the current small child carrying books who was excitedly heading to school.

“Do you still doubt me?” The Housekeeper lift his arm once more, reverting back to normal.

“No, No I don’t…”

“Good, following that is Killing. This is quite complex, currently you have access to learning how to wield long range and short range weapons, close combat as well as poison. I suggest you learn the bow first. It’s simple to get started, the skills necessary are straightforward, and its power cannot be underestimated. Crucially, it can kill from afar, even if you fail you will have a chance to escape.”

“Finally, there is Condition. An assassin at his most focused state is a terrifying killing machine. Currently you are not capable of reaching this state, we will ignore this for now.”

“Among these five main Skill Trees, you can only attempt to learn some simple skills, but once you have levelled up the Assassin System, you can learn more powerful skills. Skill levels consists of Preliminary, Proficient, Skilled, Experienced, Intermediate, Master, and Grandmaster.”

Tang En’s was in a trance, he continuously nodded: “How do I increase the levels?”

Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of experience points and completed a special quest, your rank will rise. The Assassin System will give out no small amount of quests, and completing them earns EXP, while killing people earns you HP.”

“Vitality is extremely important to an assassin, it relates to the strength of the entire skill tree. The more you kill, the more your HP will be. These vitality will accumulate inside your body, when you fight, they will drastically increase your strength. The consumed vitality will restore everyday.”

Tang En quickly shook his head: “Again with the killing people. Let’s focus on finding food for now.”

“Very well, within the Arrangement skill tree there is an outdoor survival skill. I advise you to first learn how to build a log cabin, build a fire and create a small crossbow.”

“Yes, no problem.” When it comes to matters of keeping himself alive, Tang En was very obedient.


“Tang En, you are trying to build a hut for you to live, not a nest for birds!”

“Ah, this is the right size. But if you sleep in it for a single night you will become an iceman by morning.”

“Hm, this one isn’t wrong, it seems like a nice simple wooden hut. As long as you don’t mind it collapsing in the middle of the night and killing you that is.”


“Tang En, if you plan to create fire by rubbing sticks together, we will be here until tomorrow.”

“Tang En, if you start a fire here, this whole forest will burn down.”

“Tang En…”

“Shut up!”

“Phoo! Hah.. hah…” Tang En’s eyes was bloodshot, his face blackened with soot while coughing loudly, his mouth shooting out black dust.

The Housekeeper waved his hands full of regret: “Sorry, I was about to remind you that the angle you are blowing the flame was wrong.”



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