Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 9 -Tang En’s Fury

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Tang En’s Fury TL: AmeryEdge ED: LtBeefy — When Tang En made his way back to the wooden shack, he immediately entered the system space. There, he could at least not constantly threw up like in reality. “Ding, congratulation assassin Tang En on completing the Killing York Mission. Difficulty: F Performance

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 6 – Spying on Father York

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Spying on Father York TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, Rainbowdash [Amery: Psst, hey kids, wanna not burn your eyes out while reading? Give these new-fangled options a try. Still being heavily tested, and do let us know whether or not to keep it. If you get lost and want to change back, scroll

Assassin Farmer: Chapter 3 – A Month Among The Mountains

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT   A Month Among The Mountains TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, JSmith, Rainbowdash — On the tenth day. Su Shulian used a stone to carve another line on the wall. She couldn’t help but feel anxious in her heart. Escaping from this jungle would be in her best interest. Originally, thinking that

I Am A Killer: Chapter 4 – The First Day of School

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT The First Day of School TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, JSmith — Qin Xuan brought with her a large school bag as she stood among the sea of people in front of the school gate. Looking up, she saw large words shining in golden colors “B City Secondary School”. Qin Shuhua reached

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 5 – The First System Mission

PREVIOUS– INDEX – NEXT The First System Mission TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, JSmith — The alcohol content of the olive wine wasn’t very high, but due to the delicious food, Tang En ended up drinking quite a considerable amount. By the time he woke up, the sun had already begun to set. Tang En skillfully deflected the old

I Am A Killer: Chapter 3 – New Family

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT New Family TL: AmeryEdge ED: LtBeefy — Aside from eating, bathing, and a minimal amount of sleep, Qin Xuan was always cultivating her Inner Qi. Maybe it was due to her body’s weak constitution; no matter how much she tried, her Inner Qi reserve did not improve and her dantian remained

Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs Glossaries

YOUR HIGHNESS, I KNOW MY WRONGS 林珊 – Lin Shan Our main protagonist. Her soul has transported to Song Luo’s body after she fell asleep on her exam. 宋洛 – Song Luo The original female “Prince Consort” who was a male soul stuck inside a female body. What happened to him/her after our protagonist replaced

Zombie Girl, Where Are You? Glossaries

ZOMBIE GIRL, WHERE ARE YOU? 莫一岚 – Mo Yi Lan / 饭饭 – Fan Fan The main female protagonist. 白曦 – Bai Xi The main male protagonist. 变异种 – Variant Species A variant is an evolved zombie 一级变异丧尸 – Zombie Variant Level 1 Variant level 1 zombies have metal-like teeth. 空间戒指 – Space Ring A