Profile: GoodGuyPerson (Gravity Tales)

PROFILE: GOODGUYPERSON GGP is the creator of Gravity Tales (, one of the biggest novel translations sites around. Each month the site receive millions of views for translated works like Zhan Long, True Martial World and The Nine Cauldrons. They also host a myriad of original novels like The Divine Element and The Blue Phoenix.

Start Translating (Chinese Novels) : Part 1 – How To Choose A Novel

PART 1: HOW TO CHOOSE A NOVEL This article was adapted by AmeryEdge based on GoodGuyPerson’s original post on Reddit. [] The most important first step of your translations adventure begins with selecting a novel. Whether you are a native speaker or a machine translator, the novel you choose will have long lasting consequences on

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 2 – Rookie Assassin

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Rookie Assassin TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, No1Fan — “Assassin System?” in his current predicament, being incessantly annoyed by the notifications in his head caused Tang En to feel flustered. However, a nagging feeling appeared in his heart when he heard this familiar name. In an instant, Tang En saw a bright

Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 1 – Death From Boiling Water

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT Death From Boiling Water TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, No1Fan — Dawn. Silver rays of light were peeking through the horizon. The wind that was carrying the scent of wet morning dew gently blew by a sleepy village. The village itself seemed unable to withstand the cold morning air and whimpered. Gradually,

Your Highness, I know my Wrongs – Chapter 12

PREVIOUS CHAPTER – INDEX – NEXT CHAPTER CHAPTER 12 TL: AmeryEdge ED: No1Fan — From the Princess’s Palace, she searched and asked for directions. Finally she was able to find out where Lian Feng was, but an alerted guard came out and stopped her on her track. Seeing that the person was the Prince Consort,