Ultimate Assassin System: Chapter 5 – The First System Mission

PREVIOUS– INDEX – NEXT The First System Mission TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, JSmith — The alcohol content of the olive wine wasn’t very high, but due to the delicious food, Tang En ended up drinking quite a considerable amount. By the time he woke up, the sun had already begun to set. Tang En skillfully deflected the old

I Am A Killer: Chapter 3 – New Family

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT New Family TL: AmeryEdge ED: LtBeefy — Aside from eating, bathing, and a minimal amount of sleep, Qin Xuan was always cultivating her Inner Qi. Maybe it was due to her body’s weak constitution; no matter how much she tried, her Inner Qi reserve did not improve and her dantian remained

Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs Glossaries

YOUR HIGHNESS, I KNOW MY WRONGS 林珊 – Lin Shan Our main protagonist. Her soul has transported to Song Luo’s body after she fell asleep on her exam. 宋洛 – Song Luo The original female “Prince Consort” who was a male soul stuck inside a female body. What happened to him/her after our protagonist replaced

Zombie Girl, Where Are You? Glossaries

ZOMBIE GIRL, WHERE ARE YOU? 莫一岚 – Mo Yi Lan / 饭饭 – Fan Fan The main female protagonist. 白曦 – Bai Xi The main male protagonist. 变异种 – Variant Species A variant is an evolved zombie 一级变异丧尸 – Zombie Variant Level 1 Variant level 1 zombies have metal-like teeth. 空间戒指 – Space Ring A

Honey Let’s Go Glossaries

HONEY, LET’S GO 巧儿 – Qiao-er Our main protagonist. Her soul was transported to Song Luo’s body after she fell asleep on her exams. 小四 – Little Fourth The apprentice of the evil Daoist Chong Ling. 冲灵 – Chong Ling The evil daoist living on the mountain while preying on the surrounding villages. 河东村 –

108 Maidens of Destiny Glossaries

108 MAIDENS OF DESTINY Characters 苏星 – Su Xing – Shu Jing 108 Maidens of Destiny’s main character. Number one pilot of the country transported to another world. His name literally translates to Revival Star. 天雄星 – Majestic Star/ 豹子头 – Panther Head/ 林冲 – Lin Chong/ 林英眉 – Lin Ying Mei Shu Jing’s first

Honey, Let’s Go! – Chapter 2

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT The Disobedient Toy TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky — Night time in the mountain was extremely quiet, the moon was as round as a plate, radiating a silver light over the terrain. The stream continued to trickle, now and then there were sounds of bird calls echoing across the mountain forest. After

Assassin Farmer: Chapter 2 – Crossing Over

PREVIOUS – INDEX – NEXT   Crossing over TL: AmeryEdge ED: Azusky, LtBeefy, Jsmith — When Su Shuilian woke up from her stupor, the surrounding environment was not that of Spring 1923 Suzhou City’s Foreigner Hospital. Instead, it was a lush and overgrown jungle. A jungle? Su Shuilian’s blinked in confusion. She propped up her frail body